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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

The Problems of Aion #4: The Mail

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Monday November 9 2009 at 4:38PM
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Since Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert states that the NCSoft crew will be looking to blogs, websites, and the like for information on how to improve the game, I have decided to start a new series. I want to make it clear that while this will focus on the bad in Aion, it is a great game, and I hope to see it succeed. There is a great deal of good in Aion, or I would not be playing it, nor wasting my time with this series.

Problem #4 ~ The Mail System

Some people might think I’m a bit wacky to be attacking something as simple as the mail system. Personally, I think this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it’s another system that NCSoft has overlooked. Not only was it overlooked, it is now being used to punish players for the actions of Gold Sellers, just as nearly every other aspect of the game is.

First, I’ll just get down to the basics. Operability. Or perhaps, lack thereof. The system just functions horribly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of express mail. As far as I’m concerned, that was a homerun. The problems lies in the management of our mail. There are just too many clicks involved. A good example is deleting mail. Yes, I know that every time someone brings up WoW a kitten dies, but the fact is that they have a somewhat decent mail system. The same could be said of their auction house. What I find amusing is that Aion finally got it right with a lot of things that the other MMOs had been missing, but then they decided to reinvent the wheel on the systems that are actually quite solid in WoW.

A good example. In Wow when you receive a mail that contains an item, and you receive said attachment in your inventory, the mail will delete itself. At least if it’s coming from the auction house. Even still, it’s just another click to delete it. Within Aion you have to go through a myriad of clicks to get rid of your mail. Quite honestly, it’s a pain in the ass. Especially when it’s lacking a radio button for clicking multiple messages to delete at once.

Next we move on to items. At this time, you can only send one item at a time through the mail. Again, I thought that Wow had nearly perfected this with their system of allowing up to 12 items. Any time an MMO has a breakthrough, the others should copy it. I’m sorry. It’s like Ford coming out with a car that has square wheels. It’s assbackwards. Why is this a problem? Because you can now (if my count is correct) only send 10 items an hour to anyone. Why? Oh, because Gold Sellers use the mail system to send gold and items. Therefore, we should punish you. Which brings me to my next point.

Limiting mail? Give me a break. NCSoft has already punished folks by allowing botters in the game (yes, allowing, see forthcoming post), by limiting the auction house, limiting your bagspace, and now by limiting your mail. The problem? Why the hell can’t I send mail to myself? I mean, honestly, even if I were a gold seller, what would it hurt if I were sending things to my alts? They should have instituted this, but what should have been done would be that you can only send 10 mails to OTHER PLAYERS within an hour, however, you are free to send to your alts as much as you like. This would assist NCSoft in fixing their problem with the Chinese Mafia, yet not punish the players in doing so.

Will someone out there throw $60 million at me? Seriously. I’ll give you the MMO of MMOs, because apparently these companies have forgotten what it’s like to be a player, and it’s all about the dollar sign. All it takes is a little common sense, a knowledge of what people want, a story that people can identify with, an understanding of the mechanics, and the imagination. You throw me the bucks, I’ll give you the game. Until then, I guess I’ll have plenty of business complaining about the companies who can’t get it right.