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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

New Series : Wow is Dying

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Tuesday July 7 2009 at 1:46PM
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We will have a new multi-part series here at The Angry Guild Leader, and odds are most of you are still too blinded by the almighty Blizz to read it, let alone get on the ball. However, as my predictions have been coming true more and more, I feel it's time to really let the cat out of the bag. This is going to include predictions, analysis, and even some shocking information as to how GMs and moderators are now working at Blizzard. All of this points to a decline and desperation.

Most of you will say that I am crazy in these new posts, but you are probably the same people who said I was crazy when I predicted D3, Lockout changes, Badge nerfs, Faction Changes (though everyone screamed no, blue says NEVER), and more. I'm content with the flaming to wait until most of it comes to pass.

Now that I read that Chilton has basically copied some of my comments that I've made as of late verbatim, it's time to dive into the inevitable. Everything dies.

Taeo UI : Thumbs Up!

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Sunday July 5 2009 at 2:40PM
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If you haven't heard of Taeo, then I would head over to the develeoper's website to check it out.

Aside from your standard raids addons, this is the first time I have suggested something new, let alone a UI. I have always thought that people should be left to their own devices in coming up with their own collection of addons. Furthermore, I have never been very fond of UI packages. That has all changed with Taeo.

As I am sure most raiders have, I have become frustrated with all of the changes happening at Blizzard. I needed something to do aside from standing around in Ironforge, so I decided to go through all of my addons and streamline everything. It was then that I came across Taeo.

In the past, when I have tinkered with complete UI packages, there always seemed to be something wrong. Either they would clutter up the screen, something didn't work, or just didn't "feel" right. Well, not only does Taeo feel right, it did wonders to clean up everything that I had going on during a raid.




Faction-Change Service in the Works

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Wednesday July 1 2009 at 2:06AM
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It seems I’m getting pretty good at the prediction racket. Maybe I should start charging tickets.

When everyone was crying “Blizzard said NEVER in a thousand blue posts!” I was telling you that this was coming, and within the year. It was inevitable, especially now that Kaplan is working on the new project. It’s all about $$ and survival now, my dear readers.

My next prediction? That this will coincide with the release of a major game. Whether that is Aion, CO, or Bob’s Online Grocery Adventure, it’s hard to say. I think it’s still too early in the game for CO, and perhaps even Aion. With the programming and everything else that is involved, I believe we won’t see this for six months.

With very few aces up their sleeve, and with their own Diablo 3 and Starcraft II poised to make a dent in subs and playtime, this will be a nasty gun to fire at some unsuspecting studio. I mean hell, I might even go Horde.

Blizzard Poster Nethaera

We wanted to give everyone a very early heads-up that, in response to player requests, we’re developing a new service for World of Warcraft that will allow players to change their faction from Alliance to Horde or Horde to Alliance. There’s still much work to do and many details to iron out, but the basic idea is that players will be able to use the service to transform an existing character into a roughly equivalent character of the opposing faction on the same realm. Players who ended up creating and leveling up characters on the opposite factions from their friends have been asking for this type of functionality for some time, and we’re pleased to be getting closer to being able to deliver it.

As with all of the features and services we offer, we intend to incorporate the faction-change service in a way that won’t disrupt the gameplay experience on the realms, and there will be some rules involved with when and how the service can be used. The number of variables involved increases the complexity of implementing this service, but we plan to take the time needed to ensure that it lives up to expectations before officially rolling it out. We’ll go into much more detail on all of this here at as development progresses. In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that because this type of functionality requires extensive internal testing well in advance of release, you may be seeing bits and pieces of the service in the test builds we use for the public test realms moving forward.“