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Author: Equilibrium_JW

The 2008 Jackass Awards ~ Diablo III

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Monday June 30 2008 at 3:31PM
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It is time for the 2008 Jackass Awards. This year they are in regards to the recent splash pages posted by Blizzard Entertainment to stir up interest in the release of Diablo 3. Now don't get me wrong. This is not about being vindictive. In fact, I could give a rat's ass about Diablo 3, but what I do care about is elitist pricks who want to throw their weight around simply because they can hide behind a computer screen. No one seems to do anything about this for the normal, sane players of any game, so we dedicate this year's awards to these very type of jackasses.

Even when I had been guessing that the splash screens on Blizzard's site were for Diablo III for a few weeks, I stated that if I were wrong, I would be the first to post that here on the site. Not saying I told you so, I had merely accessed all of the data that others were coming up with in regards to the viral marketing, and came to a conclusion.  That conclusion happened to be right. But what I didn't do was insult people who had their own opinions, and I certainly didn't think I had all the answers. Again, I don't care too much about Diablo 3, but this was the logical conclusion that I came to.

These awards aren't for everyone. Sure a lot of people thought it was this game or that, just as I did. We are all entitled to our opinion. If you thought it was Lost Vikings Online, then more power to you. These awards go to the worthless bags of filth that seem to think they know more than everyone else, and they were convinced that it was Lich King. These putrescent masses of walking (or typing?) vomit had the nerve to believe that they, above all others, knew everything there was to know in the universe, and even more so when it comes to game announcements. These degenerate, noxious and depraved cowards even had the nerve to insult others who didn't have the vast amount of intelligence that these witty wonders had exhausted to come up with the conclusion that it was a game that was already announced, and was being announced AGAIN! This about being rude, elitist, and treating others as beneath you, when in retrospect, your opinion fell flatter than Limp Bizkit's last CD.

There are going to be people upset with these posts. Don't let that discourage you. These are the trolls, and like infant children left without the bottle that is their ego and the warm blanket that is their avenue of expression, they always cry loudest. They don't want people to stand up to them, they don't want to be exposed, and you will even start to see them stick up for each other.

The only thing worse than their delusional self-important statements of unknowing is their manners. I can't say enough about these self-appointed, egotistical, balls of slime who have the appeal of walrus shit on a plate. However, I believe if I say anymore,  I will find myself in a corner, applying paper cuts to my eyelids.

If you know of a jackass that's been missed and deserves to be mentioned here, by all means leave a post with a link to the thread.

Please keep in mind that the runners up were not necessarily found to be jackasses or rude, they were just entirely too full of themselves.

Without further ado, the douche bags of 2008:


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