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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

Final Fantasy XIV : Scraping Your Skin with a Razorblade

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Saturday September 18 2010 at 3:36AM
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While our site is still in the midst of being completely redesigned, and we have slowed down considerably during this time, I thought I should still give folks a chance to wrap their heads around my experience with Final Fantasy XIV. Especially before they ran out and laid down money on yet another MMO with the early release looming. In fact, I’m really not going to edit this, I just want to get the word out.

First, I will say that I have no ill will towards Square Enix. None. In fact, I know little about them, except that they are responsible for a lot of the great RPGs. I’ve played a few, but I’ve never been much of a FF fan. I do feel, though, that the public should be informed about this game, especially the fact that it is nothing like other MMORPGs. There are some really archaic features here boys and girls.

Before I get into the mechanics (or lack thereof) and gameplay, I would like to say that I was shocked to find that quite a few Final Fantasy XI players are boycotting this game. I’m still not even really sure as to why, as I didn’t play XI, but I can tell you this. One of my guildies of many years has been talking about this game since it’s announcement. And even before that about how he flunked out of college because of XI. Knowing all of this,  I expected that if anyone was going to play this particular game, it would be he. Well, he got into the beta, and kept saying how much he loved it, though everyone else we knew was going through a living hell. And then, something happened…

About a week into beta, I called him, expecting to hear more about how great this grinder was. I was shocked when he told me that he wasn’t going to play, and that many of the players he knew from the golden days of XI weren’t either.  Again, I’m not really sure, this is the politics of XI players, but I do find it interesting.

I will say that the game is beautiful, the character animations are amazing, and there are some new and interesting features. I can see where Square Enix has put a lot of work into the game. That being said, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Any  fan boys who wish to blast me for wanting something similar to WoW would do well to read anything I’ve written in the past. I am not a fan of Blizzard, I was one of the first people claiming that AoC was a failure shortly after launch (though it’s an amazing game today), and I would be the first to play the original EverQuest over just about anything out today. It just so happens that I find the implementation of this game utter garbage.

I'm not going to go into bugs. Every game has those. I'm not even going to go into the fact that combat is as slow as you can get before you are turn-based. This is all about the implementation and UI of the game. Hell, I will only bring up the fact that there is no auction house without 14 paragraphs bitching about it. Wait, did mention you have no idea who NPCs are or who has quests? Or that there are no tutorials and that you are expected to be a FF expert upon jumping into the game? Sorry, off track again.

If you want something similar to WoW, Lotro, Warhammer, etc. then I would highly suggest that you do not buy this game. This game will only make you want to throw your monitor out the window if this is what you are looking for. And it’s not due to anything save design.

I will give you an example (and I haven’t played in a few weeks, things could have changed). Let’s say you want to form a party with your friends and you want to go slay some monsters.  We, to start any kind of /invite sluttyhunter doesn’t work.  No, sluttyhunter has to be standing within a few feet of you to invite them to the party, as well as a linkshell for that matter. Don’t get me started on linkshells. This is the most completely retarded idea in MMO history, which Is another example of why Square Enix is afraid to let go of old ideas

On the flip side, if you are looking for a deep game that is streamlined, has plenty of quests, monsters galore, and is hardcore, then don’t play this game. This game has none of that (at least in beta), except perhaps hardcore, and apparently their definition of hardcore is arcane. Grind 1200x monsters for 16 hours and maybe you’ll make some progress. The problem? There aren’t any f**king monsters. Mobs are sporadic at best. This beta basically comprised of 10,000 people running around like mad trying to find mobs in a huge open space.

I’ve been playing MMOs for more than 10 years, don’t give me this “Well, there are too many people in beta and they are killing them all.” No. There are no mobs. Ask anyone who has played this game in beta. They just aren’t there.

You’ll have to forgive me.  I enjoy difficulty, and the “old way,” but also don’t think that I want to run around for 2 hours to find one Crusty Crab Gobbler.

Sure, this might change with release, but I seriously doubt it. From what I’ve seen in this near-release beta, we’re looking at another Aion. An Asian company who thinks they know best, and they are going to tank in the Western MMO market. Hard. Why? Because it’s two completely different cultures.

In the West, we do not indulge in self torture. We also don’t like to be told what, how, or when we can play. Oh that’s right, you have heard about that? You can only play one hour a day in this game before racking up an xp penalty. After 4 hours you hit zero.

And good luck on them changing that any time soon, because so far (unless there has been an announcement I missed) Asian and American players will be on the same servers.

Still not scared? Are you a raider? Then move to Japan. They will have a slight ms lead over you on when a monster spawns, so if you think your guild… er sorry linkshell.. is going to get those kills, think again. This was a big problem in Final Fantasy XI. All of the Asian guilds owned because they had the drop being that the servers were in Japan.

In fact, the only reason  this game will continue is because XI players will be on board and the Asian market will go crazy over it, but even those may not be playing (see my previous statement).

So back to the interface. Why is all of this presented in this fashion? I can only guess it’s been rushed. They want to get the game out before Cataclysm and Star Wars, and it’s just a rushed project.  As we’ve seen, inviting someone to group is painful, and I didn’t even bring up the levels of menus you have to go through to do this.  And this is with nearly everything.

This game was designed for joystick, and SE, can’t seem to understand that we use a gorram mouse and keyboard, and while I’m at it let me address them directly. We’ve been doing it for 8+ years, jackasses.

I am amazed at the shortcuts taken in developing this AAA+ title. And I know plenty of developers. I know what goes into this.

Want anything example? I can give you several. All just as painful as the last.

Picking up quests: Holy cow, do we really need to click 1700 times to pick up one quest. Do we really need to removed the completed ones MANUALLY from our log to pick up a new one?  Yes, folks, once you complete a quest, you have to manually trade it out and remove it from your quest log to pick up more.

Talking to NPCs: First, another 1700 clicks. Last, if you want to just run away from them, forget it, you are in the SE tractor beam of death. Be prepared to smash ESC repeatedly to be able to leave, or go through all the menus. These are all the pointless menus you have to use to talk to them and purchase, also.

Basically there are too many menu choices and clicks that are redundant. They really aren’t needed. I should be able to click on someone and get a quest, not have to painfully go through three sub menus just to say Hi.

And speaking of questing, FFXIV has made a revolutionary step forward in questing. Are you ready for this?

<sarcasm>You get 8 quests in your log! That’s gotta beat the competition, hands down. </sarcasm>

Combine that with manual removal process, and the questing system is just a frustrating mess.

Still not scared away? How about the fact that you cannot do anything in this game unless you are out of combat mode. And to get out of it, you have to press another  button.  Another needless step, especially that because of this you are in combat nearly 90% of the time.

Another feature that millions of dollars couldn’t provide. I swear Square Enix is developing a game that is meant to punish people. How the hell could anyone enjoy any of this?

And last but not least, speaking of millions of dollars. This game has multiple classes one one character. This means that you can be all of the classes in the game. This sounds great at first, except, get this: The game will not change your spells or action bars for you. You have to use long and tedious macros (taking up more bar space) for each class. Why couldn’t an expensive game like this provide such a feature, but a game such as Runes of Magic could?

What have I learned from all of this? That Square Enix hasn’t learned from years and years of MMO evolution and they hate their player base. I have also learned that they have no interested in luring new players to their MMO and that they are not afraid to alienate the old ones.

Long story boring, this game is built on UI and interaction that is nearly 10+ years old and as frustrating as watching reruns of Lost in Mandarin.

If WoW (or any other f**king MMO on the planet for that matter) was a nice relaxing massage by (insert porn star) with a happy ending, Final Fantasy XIV is stabbing your eye out with a rusty screw after inhaling shards of glass through the exhaust pipe of your father’s Lincoln Mercury.

Yes, I know quite a few of you right now are saying things like, "He's crazy." or "What does he know?" I will remind everyone that these are the same people who said "AoC is the next big thing," and "He's a wow fanboy."  Only time will tell.

Have fun, and if you pre-ordered this game. I’m sorry. I truly am.


Love and Kisses,


The Angry Guild Leader

Apocalypse Now the Game? Really?

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Tuesday April 13 2010 at 12:44AM
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From The Angry Guild Leader

Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now could very well be getting a video game. Oh dear.

Earlier this January, Killspace Entertainment licensed the web domains and

The studio is currently working on an original title, but has admitted that it is also working on a yet unnamed licensed game. Rumor has it that the licensed title could be an Apocalypse Now videogame.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Apocalypse Now is one of the greatest films in cinematic history. One that is very dear to my heart. However, I’m not quite sure a video game of this film is warranted. On any level.

For those who’ve lived under a rock all of their lives, Apocalypse Now is a 1979 American epic war film set during the Vietnam War which was based on the Joseph Conrad novella Heart of Darkness (which I had to read in school). Inspiration was also drawn from various other pieces of celluloid. These include Michael Herr’s Dispatches and Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

The film was originally intended to be filmed in 1969, on location in Vietnam during the war, using 16 millimeter film with George Lucas as the director. Fearing that no one would survive the filming, Warner Brothers backed out of the project. Due to the controversy surrounding the war, no other studio would touch the script for any reason.

When Coppola reunited his film group American Zoetrope in 1975, they all decided to do Apocalypse Now as their first project, and filming began in February of 1976. The film’s original sixteen week shoot ended up extending to two hundred thirty eight days. Just an odd note of interest, this is post number 1975.

The cast of Apocalypse Now was nothing short of incredible, including such names as Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, (the then not-so-known) Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne (as “Larry Fishburne”), Robert Duvall (in a stunning performance IMHO), and more.

I won’t go into the plot or the adaptation. For that you can check out the Wikipedia article or Roger Ebert’s original review.

Initially, the film wasn’t known for the film itself, but for the problems that plagued the production thereof. This production was lengthy and problematic, to say the least. Some of the issues included:


  • Marlon Brando showed up to the set overweight
  • Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack
  • Extreme weather that destroyed several expensive sets
  • Coppola suffered writer’s block, and couldn’t decide how to end the film
  • Coppola admitted to having even considered shooting himself, or causing himself to have a great accident in order to get out of the “20 million dollar disaster”

All in all the result was fantastic, as much of the off screen emotion poured into the film layer after layer. Again, I suggest watching the movie if you never have, and I will just get to the point:

Do we need this? Really? I see this as nothing more than a way to cash in on another franchise because those in charge of entertaining us are losing even more of the creative ability that they were hanging on to by a thread. I can envision this being cooked up in an office somewhere in southern California or Austin, Texas:

“We need a game,” says Mr. Moneybags.

“Well, first person shooters are popular,” replies Unshaven Developer.

“Well, we can’t be original. We don’t have the budget to hire someone with an imagination. What IP can we jump on?”

Unshaven Developer scratches his head. “Well, those other guys did The Godfather and Scarface.. What about Platoon? No… wait… Apocalypse Now!”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can see this being interesting. To a point. It could also be argued that this would expose the film to a new generation. That being the case, I am here to tell you that there is no way in hell that this game will capture the essence Apocalypse Now. It is impossible, and can never be reproduced. That essence was pure. Apocalypse Now was so infected with tragedy, angst, and grit, that it could never be reproduced in a million years. It was filmed in a place, time, and climate that will never be duplicated. This is merely an attempt to make a quick buck.

Since I know nothing about this new developer, it is probably unfair of me to say some of these things. However, you folks know that I shoot it straight. And fair be damned when it comes to meddling with, and even sometimes changing, the story of important films. Of course, I could be wrong. Happens all the time. But, I am willing to wager that this game will be vomited out in record time and contain not a shred of the spirit of this amazing film.

The absolute irony is that as I was growing up, this is what I wanted. Completely engrossing video games based on movie franchises that I loved. Games that added to the story and allowed me to feel like I was part of it. Fast forward twenty years. I am now thirty-nine years old and have come to see this done to death and without a shred of dignity. I no longer see this as cool, but as the butchering of a wonderful piece of art. What started with the Godfather and continued with Scarface is now happening to Apocalypse Now.

The Godfather game was a very risky gamble. While it might have paid off in the end, it still failed to capture the substance of the film. The same could be said of Scarface.
ANGLE ON dollar sign.

Electronic Arts wanted to find a way to cash in on the Grand Theft Auto craze, and in doing that tied it to an already existing IP. Re-creating The Godfather in all its cinematic brilliance is an almost impossible job to do in a videogame, and EA’s finished product conveyed just how vastly different the medium of videogames is from movies. Twelve to fifteen hours into game play, you have completely lost the flow and feel of the movie. Even IGN said, “When special, movie scenes are re-created, the game doesn’t deliver the same flair, style or feel from the movie. There are several times when the game tries to re-create pivotal moments in the movie and it fails.”

What does this mean? That the odds are stacked against Killspace, and we will see more of the same. I challenge them to prove me wrong. And, if they can’t, then I hope they end up in The Hell Where People are Skinned Alive.

What these games do is take a story and bend, warp and change it into their own abhorrent creation. It’s not murder, but it’s damn close. In creating the videogame, if The Godfather was Thomas “Babe” Levy, then I suppose Electronic Arts was Dr. Christian Szell. While this represents more torture than mutilation, I think some of you get my point.

Sadly, people will gobble this up like popcorn. On one hand I can’t stand that these companies do this, but on the other, they know that they will make money off of it, because good or bad, people will eat it up like a stray dog in the Purina factory.

What’s next? Citizen Kane the Game?!? Great, I just gave some wacko game producer in San Francisco an idea.

My Return to Hyboria ~ by Alicia Williams

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Friday April 9 2010 at 4:53PM
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From The Angry Guild Leader

Breathtakingly beautiful. Now that the game is no longer plagued with ridiculous bugs such as looting issues and getting stuck, zoning into Age of Conan for the first time in a year gave me the same reaction as it had initially. The skeptic inside of me scoffed, though. A pretty game will never mean a good game.

I believe a game should have an amazing grasp on three major aspects of the gaming world: PvP, PvE, and Community.

Before jumping right back to my eighty, I decided to take a few days away just to re-learn the game. I played multiple alts, and I have to say the difference between servers is dramatic. The RP PvP server, Cimmeria, was the first server I tried. The global chat of the game seemed filled of ignorant immature people, and it wasn’t until I joined a guild that I began enjoying the server. Eventually once I got a feel for the game, my main was on the other PvP server, Tyranny. Comparing the two PvP servers, I would have to admit that Cimmeria seemed friendlier – by a long shot.

I then tried the PvE servers out. I’ve never condoned cutting PvP out of my playing experience, and I have to admit – the community difference between PvE and PvP servers is completely worth giving up world-PvP. Fortunately mini-games and organized PvP are not effected by the type of server you chose.

In regards to PvP, Age of Conan started out terribly imbalanced. Eventually, after small ability tweaks, Funcom decided on an entire re-vamp of classes; shortly after, Funcom also decided that crowd control was too powerful in the game and made vast improvements on that system, as well. While no game with multiple classes will ever be perfectly balanced, Funcom has gone through extraordinary lengths to ensure that no class is too weak, nor any too strong. In all honesty, I am extraordinarily impressed how far their PvP has progressed.

In patch 1.07, which was released on March 30th, Funcom answered the wishes of all AoC PvPer’s when they released the Shrines of Bori. SoB is an ongoing outdoor conflict which is guild-based. It takes place in Cimmerian End, and has capturable objectives. The less players you bring, the bigger the rewards; although right now it seems almost impossible for a small guild to beat a large well-organized one. Like all experimented content, Funcom is waiting to see how it plays out before making any official changes. Personally, I see this as a huge stepping stone in end-game PvP content.

While organized PvP is starting to get more attention than before, one thing any veteran player can’t ignore is Age of Conan’s raiding system. Most raiding games have shifted towards an extremely fast paced, hectic raid style. AoC has stayed with the more traditional pace, similar to the original  EverQuest.

Every boss encounter immerses you into the fights and you aren’t forced to focus on one thing in particular. No one role is incredibly easy, and there isn’t some mod telling you what to do and when. The overall experience is simply fascinating, as it takes incredible concentration and team work during the entire fight in order to down a boss. Funcom’s developers hit the nail on the head when it comes to raiding. It has been years since I’ve enjoyed a scripted encounter like I have while raiding in Age of Conan.

Which leads me to my next topic: guilds.

Most gamers can look back to the very beginning of their gaming career and remember the name of the guild they belonged to. In fact, I bet you don’t just remember the name, I bet you remember the leader, the officers, and the good majority of players in the guild. In some sick and twisted way, your guild was once like a family to you. That feeling of community seemed almost lost with recent MMOs, including Age of Conan when it first released. A guild was once a place to achieve goals together. An environment in which to do things you never thought you could do. As MMOs changed, guilds evolved into a self-centered way to get what you wanted out of the game. If it helped the other people that you used, good for them. I never expected to come back to Age of Conan and find that guilds are once more what they used to be. Funcom has done an absolutely amazing job with the guild system, and I can only hope they continue building the incredible community atmosphere.

So what is it about this game that should make you want to give up your current game and character to invest more time in another game? I will admit, to the new player, or even someone who is coming back after a long absence, the world might seem dead. That being said, the population is growing daily.

Personally, I say see for yourself. As for me the answer lay in the company, Funcom. I have never seen so much effort put into a video game, and honestly, I’ve never seen a group of people care so much about one game. Their communication with the player base is by far the best I’ve seen on any forums. The company has class advocates that speak one-on-one with players and relay information, suggestions, and needed changes directly to Funcom.

Once a“WoW killer,” AoC was quickly narrowed down to four servers. That would be a devastating blow to any business, yet they’re still adding content. They’re tweaking balances for PvP. They’re working on a new expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. They’re giving it more than just a hundred percent – they’re giving it everything. After dealing with one company’s extreme indifference to the opinions of their customers, and another’s shallow words on hopes for the future, and even still one company’s inability to make a game worth playing in end-game – Funcom’s sheer determination, clear communication, and constant content progression is relief, to say the least.

While there aren’t many “original” ideas floating around in Age of Conan, they’ve taken every great idea from the prestigious games out there today and incorporated them with strong lore. Overall, the game isn’t the best game on the market. But it does by far have the most potential.

AoC Server Merges

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Saturday January 30 2010 at 4:45PM
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From The Angry Guild Leader

It seems Funcom has merged servers in AoC. I can only see this as a good thing, although I am sure some folks who have had to change their names will disagree.

This is still a great game with plenty to offer, and it really does need an environment that allows more people to run around together.

From what I can tell Ironspine was merged in with Set for PVE. Also for PVE Wiccanna was merged with Gwahlur.

Tyranny remains the de facto PvP server. While Cimmeria, Bloodspire, and Agony have been merged.
In regards to naming, apparently if several characters of the same name are all from active accounts, the one with the higher level will keep his name. If merged characters have the same level, the one from an account which is registered on a longer time base will keep the name (so 3 month recurring over 1 month recurring).

Guild cities were moved to the same playfield and spot they had been before. When necessary a new instance has been created. So every merged guild will have access to the same guild city on the new server.

You can read the FAQ at

There you will also find information about the free character transfer, and other items involving the merged servers that I haven’t touched on.

AGL Most Improved MMORPG of 2009: Age of Conan

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Tuesday January 26 2010 at 1:05PM
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From The Angry Guild Leader


I believe it goes without saying that the most improved MMO of the year was Age of Conan. I dare say that even the naysayers cannot argue this point, as plentiful as they are. Unfortunately, most of those who still knock the game only tried it at release. And even then, they most likely quit shortly thereafter, having never returned. Regardless, they still knock the game, most likely never having reached level cap, and definitely clueless as to the leaps and bounds the game has made over the course of the last year.

Creating an MMO with great game play is a challenge, let alone one with a lasting impression that has plenty to do at level cap. These days, MMO consumers are typically spoiled by the quick and easy, thanks to Blizzard, Mythic, and a few other companies. If they don’t get what they want immediately, they move on. Why? Because they are used to games that are polished over the course of three to five years. They just don’t want to wait. That being said, a game should be on solid ground at release, and admittedly, AOC was not.

This can be the kiss of death, as spoiled gamers love to go on and on about the games that they hate. Personally, I find something (or many things) that I love in all of the games that I test or play, but most people just love to be negative when it comes to MMOs. Sadly, these are the first people to put WoW on a pedestal. While I won’t argue that World of Warcraft is a great game, it has turned into an arcade game of sorts, and is now an amusement park thanks to the merger with Activision and the loss of Jeff Kaplan. But I digress. My point is that if you don’t have a solid release, gamers will never let you escape their constant abuse, no matter how great the game turns out to be in the end. We’ve seen this time and time again on and other sites. If someone posts anything positive about ANY game, they start in with the bashing, even though they are playing something else and five games postmortem. Granted, this does not encompass the entire spectrum of MMO players, but it is the loudest (and brattiest) bunch. Hell, my site is based on me bitching about games.

MMOs have a responsibility that other games do not. They are required to grow as time moves on. There must be content additions, changes, tweaks, expansions, and unfortunately nerfs. This being said, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when looking at the most improved game. Remember that any game can improve greatly, no matter what year it was release, so if SOE had pumped $10 million into Vanguard last year, even it could be the most improved game of 2009. I think in the end, it comes down to the bulk of the changes, as well as the amount said game is changed. Without rambling on further, this prize definitely belongs to Age of Conan. For me, especially if there is a bad launch, the most improved game is always going to be the one that is finally able to become what players would have liked to see at launch.

When the game was released in May of 2008, word spread quickly that the game was deep, cinematic, beautiful and polished. Unfortunately, the farther into the game that one got, they found this was not entirely true. Yes the game was beautiful. In fact, it is in my top 3 for most immersive MMOs. But, in the end, the higher one’s level got, the more the game began to fall apart. Especially when it came to the grind. Most players didn’t even make it to 80, quitting in the mid 50s. And, of those that did, most quickly disappeared. The game managed to maintain a loyal following, but only with painstaking changes and periods in which the customer base started to believe that Funcom was completely ignoring them. Even I, in the beginning, thought that Funcom had turned a deaf ear to it’s paying customers, but now I see them as one of the few developers that actually listens to and communicates with folks.


Read the rest of this post at The Angry Guild Leader

The Fanbois who Destroy Games

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Thursday November 12 2009 at 3:27PM
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from :

You know the type. Their name may be Azeyus, Rawry, Likin, Draknar. They are the trolls. The guys who live on forums, and if you dare say anything productive or contrary to what they believe, they call you a troll.

Reality check, a troll is someone who trolls the forums. Someone who lives there. Take a look in the mirror, I say. Unfortunately, these types can't but help be a douchebags.

How can you spot a troll, you might ask? If they call you one. Now, while that can go back and forth, the proof is in the pudding. If their post is nothing short of calling someone a troll with no real discourse, no proof, and no real substance, they are a troll. Nine times out of ten, they will be doing so in response to someone who actually did have a valid point and was a part of the discussion. But then, it's always easier just to click on their name and see that they have 2,874 posts calling people trolls. In a nutshell, trolls are those who will attempt to undervalue anyone's opinion, that actually has one, by calling them a troll, and they will do so with utterly no validation or proof of the accusation, but instead for reasons of emotional distress.

God forbid you make a decent post on the forums, these lowlife losers will latch on to you. They have entertainment now in mommy's dank dark basement. They will now follow every reply and post you make, because they take everything personal, as the forums are the only thing they hold dear. This is the only thing that they are good at, since they can hide behind a computer screen and no one has to see the fact that their fact looks like it caught fire and someone had to put it out with a fork.

You know the type, every time you bring up something that is wrong with a game, something you don't like, something that needs fixed, they cry and scream, "Go back to Wow, you nub!" When in reality, they are logging into wow 15 minutes after. Sadly, 80% of the people they say this to don't even play Wow, therefore it shows their obsession with the game.

If you'd like an example, you can visit the thread here. This is the perfect example of two yoyos who troll the forums all day long, and have the gaul to defend a game infested with bots and broken mechanics. You yourself can visit the official forums, and it's something like a ratio of 200 posts of complaints and issues to every 1 post by a blind fanboi. And yet, they still think that they can convince people that nothing is wrong with the game. It's almost like they are trying to recruit for the People's Temple after the massacre at Guyana.

The typical excuses you might here? Hell some of them are even in this thread, but they are typical of every sightless fanboi post:

"...a vast majority of Whiney ex-wow players wishing this game was wow..."

"If you cannot manage to get Y done (in spite or around failed mechanic), while X ... You fail."

"suck it up and deal with it"

"less QQ and more pew pew"

"This game, nor any game, cannot make EVERYONE happy."

"There WILL be growing pains."

"This game just came out. WoW has been out five years. Give it time."

While some of it may hold true, these comments and more are usually excuses for someone in denial.

You know you've seen it. You say ANYTHING in LFG in a game, especially Aion, and the idiots scream, " this isn't WoW, go back to wow." The funny thing? Most times someone didn't even bring up WoW. They did. These f*$&tards have such a love/hate obsession with the World of Warcraft, that they just can't get over it. How dare a large company actually make a decent game that appeals to the masses. I myself am tiring of Wow and the watering down that has commenced since Activision took over (something Blizzard vehemently denies), but these guys take the cake. They think about the game, or the hating of it, so much that every word out of their mouths is simply WoW.

But, I digress. My point is that these are the self righteous idiots who kill MMOs. They think that they know everything, when in fact, these are usually the types that 99.5% of the populace will disagree with. Most of their claim to enlightenment is never born of fact or in research, but pure egotism. Some may say this of me, but I read and I research, I voice my opinion, and I always listen. There is never anything wrong with someone voicing their opinion, no matter the view. But, oh, don't tell the Rawry and Yureina's of the world this. They will troll you to death with intellectual comments like, "You're stupid. GTFO."

Why do these pompous f@(&s kill MMOS? Because it seems that some of these companies actually listen to them, not only this but they chase good folks out. Folks who also have hard earned money to spend on an MMO. Conan DDR finger mashing is a good example. Due to the numerous conversations I've had with players, I am convinved that as great as AOC has become, if they were to go with standard buttons for combos and get rid of the finger DDR, they wouldn't be losing $23 million a quarter, they would be gaining it, because the rest of the game is great. Don't get me wrong, some people like it, and it's got a following. But, that following is estimated to be 80,000 subs. If that's what they want and don't want to be able to find groups, etc, that's great, but more subs = more money in the pockets of the devs and more people to play with. But if you bring this up, you are chastised and without mentioning the other MMO, you are accused of being from it. This is even though nearly every MMO in existence, except AOC uses buttons to cast their respective abilities directly. But, because Funcom is afraid of losing the small player base that it has (this is purely speculation, not fact) they wouldn't dare do this. Don't get me wrong, a game needs die-hard fans and players, but it's a business. Do you want 80,000 subs or 360,000?

The answer is always the same, no matter the MMO. "We don't want WoW idiots here. GTFO" Well, where in the hell do you think your subs are coming from? Odds are your MMO wasn't the savior everyone thought, no matter the game, to bring the subs in on its own. So, what makes you think your game is going to pull people out of thin air that World of Warcraft didn't already with word of mouth, a system developed over five years, and massive multi-million dollar advertising? The players have to come from somewhere, and with WoW having 10 million of the 17 million MMO players in exsitence, odds are at least half of the people trying your game will be coming from there.

My point being, these are the fanbois. They are blind to every single problem with a game, just because it isn't WoW. At the moment, I am pointing the finger at Aion, but it happens with most.

Don't get me wrong, AOC is a great game now, but the same people blindly saying that Aion is the savior and that I am crazy are the SAME guys who were saying AOC was the savior. Lest I remind you, these are the same guys who left AOC within 60 days of release.

Currently Aion has so many problems, I don't even want to list them. Just read their official forums or see my posts here on that subject. The fact is, it's riddled with little or no support, lies about the product, bots, and broken systems. Yet, these fanbois throw tantrums claiming the game is perfect and that we are just wanting a wow clone (which is ironic, because that's what Aion is, though they will deny it until their dying breath). They have even gone so far as to defend bots (see Deathx posts on the official Aion forums). So these self righteous assholes chase everyone out of a game and then wonder why everyone left and why the game and company are both fail. It's because they bought everything the company sold them, they ate it like it was chocolate cake with Meagan Fox sprinkles, and they were the only ones left at the table at the end of the day.

The only games I have personally never observed this with are EQ2 and Vanguard. Otherwise, these monkey asses are in just about every game. They will cling to anything that isn't wow, close their eyes tightly and pray, all the time proclaiming to the world that the overlord of MMOs has arrived. Doing this all the time denying any issues or problems, when in fact, it's a broken attempt at design at best. What's worse? Aion has been out a year in another country. At least Vanguard and AOC had horrible early releases. Aion is a great game, it really is, but don't buy into the hype, boys and girls, it has a HUGE mountain to climb to become a viable MMO, and that's putting it very nicely.

Do I think Aion will recuperate and get better down the road? I would like to believe yes, but that's hard to say. We are talking about a game that's been out for a month and a half, and there are still no GMs within the game. WTF?

I hope Aion succeeds. It got a lot of things right that other MMOs didn't. However, there is a lot broken, especially when it comes to anyone working on this game in the US. It's nearly all done in Korea. At this rate, I believe that it is entirely possible for Aion to hit 1 million subs with a miracle update or patch, however, I think in the end, it will hover around 300,000 subs.

I'm not defending WoW. I'm not bashing all MMO companies. I'm simply stating that it is my belief that these trolls and fanbois do as much damage to an MMO as the misgivings or bad judgments of the developer.

Get out of our club. We like that we have to push up 17 times to spin backwards while holding the mouse upside down to harvest. We love bots and broken mechanics. We love anything that isn't WoW. We like our little club of 25,000 people.

Well, I have news for you. Companies don't design MMOs and spend upwards of $50 million to garner 25,000 subs.

The Problems of Aion #4: The Mail

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Monday November 9 2009 at 5:38PM
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From :

Since Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert states that the NCSoft crew will be looking to blogs, websites, and the like for information on how to improve the game, I have decided to start a new series. I want to make it clear that while this will focus on the bad in Aion, it is a great game, and I hope to see it succeed. There is a great deal of good in Aion, or I would not be playing it, nor wasting my time with this series.

Problem #4 ~ The Mail System

Some people might think I’m a bit wacky to be attacking something as simple as the mail system. Personally, I think this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it’s another system that NCSoft has overlooked. Not only was it overlooked, it is now being used to punish players for the actions of Gold Sellers, just as nearly every other aspect of the game is.

First, I’ll just get down to the basics. Operability. Or perhaps, lack thereof. The system just functions horribly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of express mail. As far as I’m concerned, that was a homerun. The problems lies in the management of our mail. There are just too many clicks involved. A good example is deleting mail. Yes, I know that every time someone brings up WoW a kitten dies, but the fact is that they have a somewhat decent mail system. The same could be said of their auction house. What I find amusing is that Aion finally got it right with a lot of things that the other MMOs had been missing, but then they decided to reinvent the wheel on the systems that are actually quite solid in WoW.

A good example. In Wow when you receive a mail that contains an item, and you receive said attachment in your inventory, the mail will delete itself. At least if it’s coming from the auction house. Even still, it’s just another click to delete it. Within Aion you have to go through a myriad of clicks to get rid of your mail. Quite honestly, it’s a pain in the ass. Especially when it’s lacking a radio button for clicking multiple messages to delete at once.

Next we move on to items. At this time, you can only send one item at a time through the mail. Again, I thought that Wow had nearly perfected this with their system of allowing up to 12 items. Any time an MMO has a breakthrough, the others should copy it. I’m sorry. It’s like Ford coming out with a car that has square wheels. It’s assbackwards. Why is this a problem? Because you can now (if my count is correct) only send 10 items an hour to anyone. Why? Oh, because Gold Sellers use the mail system to send gold and items. Therefore, we should punish you. Which brings me to my next point.

Limiting mail? Give me a break. NCSoft has already punished folks by allowing botters in the game (yes, allowing, see forthcoming post), by limiting the auction house, limiting your bagspace, and now by limiting your mail. The problem? Why the hell can’t I send mail to myself? I mean, honestly, even if I were a gold seller, what would it hurt if I were sending things to my alts? They should have instituted this, but what should have been done would be that you can only send 10 mails to OTHER PLAYERS within an hour, however, you are free to send to your alts as much as you like. This would assist NCSoft in fixing their problem with the Chinese Mafia, yet not punish the players in doing so.

Will someone out there throw $60 million at me? Seriously. I’ll give you the MMO of MMOs, because apparently these companies have forgotten what it’s like to be a player, and it’s all about the dollar sign. All it takes is a little common sense, a knowledge of what people want, a story that people can identify with, an understanding of the mechanics, and the imagination. You throw me the bucks, I’ll give you the game. Until then, I guess I’ll have plenty of business complaining about the companies who can’t get it right.

Another Gold Farming Legion – Blood for Blood ~ Fregion

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Monday October 26 2009 at 3:10AM
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As NCSoft moves to counter gold farming, these corrupt Chinese organizations seem to think they have an ace up their sleeve. Typically, in the past, these individuals would almost always be guildless when power leveling or gold farming. They have a new strategy, it seems, which is to form guilds. I suppose they believe this will bring them under the radar, however, a farmer is always a farmer, and a bot is always able to be spot. This will be a continuing report here on, as well as our usual commentaries on, etc. We will only be able to spot those on Fregion, so if you would like to report kinah farming legions on your server, please contact us with the pertinent information and screenshots.

Today’s legion? Blood for Blood. While out farming for Flux and watching a dvd movie, this little group ran around amok pulling everyone’s mobs in site. It was clearly evident they were upset that people had encroached into “their” little spot. Even though folks asked them to leave, they kept it up, even going as far hitting people’s mobs when they were half way into killing them, and even using Inescapable Judgment on mobs tagged by other people. Seemed like some of them could even have been dual boxing or botting, as there were five and only a few spoke broken english and told people to “stop whiny.”

If you have gold farming legions on your server, be sure to report them here or on

The Problems of Aion #1: Gray Loot

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Tuesday October 20 2009 at 4:59AM
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To read this and more visit The Angry Guild Leader

Since Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert states that the NCSoft crew will be looking to blogs, websites, and the like for information on how to improve the game, I have decided to start a new series. I want to make it clear that while this will focus on the bad in Aion, it is a great game, and I hope to see it succeed. There is a great deal of good in Aion, or I would not be playing it, nor wasting my time with this series.

I am not sure why companies can't just make good games, nonetheless, this is merely to give insight to the devs as to what needs be done (in my opinion) with the game. Some of these items will be gamebreakers for tens of thousands of people, and some will be minor issues at best. It is my hope that this will make Aion a stronger game, and I hope that NCSoft in the US can actually make changes, as I fear that they still must only access when is designed in Korea.

Problem #1 ~ Gray Loot

I came upon this just recently, having hit level 30, and please, by all means, correct me in comments if I am wrong. It seems that you do not get any loot off of mobs that are gray to you.

This is a serious problem, as eventually subs will settle down in Aion, and people won't always be leveling up. This means that the resources will either become impossible to get, or you would have to level a new character to farm them. And even that character will eventually out level the farming.

Furthermore, this means that in a crazy scenario, if I have all 8 characters leveled to 50, there is no possible way for me to farm for crafting mats. Again, maybe I have been unlucky, and flux and other items do drop, but I have yet to see it. Every window has been empty, devoid of loot, and this includes several namers with loot tables.

I have made this problem #1, as this will be a game breaker for many, many people. If you can't prosper (which leads to the economy issues later), and you can't collect your mats, there is no point in crafting or playing further. I hope this will be remedied, as I believe it's a countermeasure to Asian criminal farming outfits, and it will in no way benefit the player base.

Armor pen nerf in 3.2.2

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Sunday September 6 2009 at 1:52AM
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Read more at The Angry Guild Leader



Well, it's official (well sort of). It seems Blizzard is going to nerf ArP in 3.2.2


While I can understand their reasoning, Blizzard is really starting to show how incompetent they have become and how large and feeble they truly are. I am not sure that one hand knows what the other is doing at this company any longer, given that everything is now done in the name of the holy Activision dollar.

The Greedy Blue Giant receives millions of dollars a month from the customer. It's already bad enough that they think we're stupid enough not to notice where the money is going. Their new MMORPG. But now they are showing that they can't even do math.

I have come to one conclusion. Either Blizzard is intentionally screwing people over to make things interesting in the name of the dollar (which has been long speculated for years), or they are the most incompetent multi-billion dollar entertainment monstrosity with an even worse team on their so-called testbed.

Really now, how hard would it have been to know months prior that the way ArP had been designed was going to trump all? This was, after all, the new little gadget in their arsenal. They knew, ladies and gentlemen, they knew. This is just another nerf to "keep things interesting." Blizzard has learned that they have the crack, and the more they piss people off, the more they keep coming back for more. Unfortunately for them, there are many top MMOs coming out (and some very soon).

I have to admit. It's sad when I see a company this great being blinded and making horrid decisions. I don't really mean the ArP alone, but this was either oversight and laziness, or an intention mindfuck. And that seems to b just about every decision that they have been making lately.

In the past, whether their decisions were great or horrible, I have always admired Blizzard for being a great game developer and knowing how to hook people and keep it going. However, the decisions being made since the Activision merger (which they claim have nothing to do with anything) are getting worse. They are truly burying this game, rather than saving it. Maybe they don't care. Maybe the end is in sight.

We already know and suspect that they have pulled nearly their entire development team to work on Cataclysm. This can be seen in the fact that all of our armor has looked the same, and is increasingly doing so. Anyone remember a few games named Starcraft or Diablo II? Remember, at the end, Blizzard just didn't give a rat's ass anymore and let the hackers run amok. While I don't think they will allow rampant hacking in Wow, I do believe that they are driving the game into mediocrity, and I honestly believe no one there cares anymore. This was a game designed by folks with a passiona, and now it's run by blue shirts who probably think a hearthstone is something you buy at Wal-Mart for your fireplace. All hail the Mighty Dollar. All hail The Greedy Blue Giant.

My suggestion? Take a small portion of that $150,000,000 that you make a month in subscriptions alone and hire someone who can do some math. Fuck, even EQ2 doesn't go through this much nerfing and math anymore. Find someone who can sit down and say hey, here we have monster, and here we have players. This works. Don't give me any BS about this being a surprise. You are caught in between a rock and a hard place. If you admit it's a surprise, Blizzy, then you admit you are clueless, if it's not, you admit you screwed PVE players on purpose. Regardless, it's ridiculous. You can't tell me ANYTHING has changed so drastically since this was instituted that it now requires a nerf out of the blue.

I won't even go into how much this pisses me off until my next post. I mean, really? Do we need the PVE aspect of a game to be completely pounded in the ass in the name of PVP, and then when you decide to make a change to PVE, you go to the trouble to find one that hinders us? Why should you give a fuck? It's PVE, and I don't hear too many people crying about ArP. Nerf what you will, I don't care because my class will come out on top because of this, but I really wish you guys would hire some individuals who can create some longevity into some classes. You make $150,000,000 a month. You can't afford better programmers?



Original Post:

The nerf to armor pen in 3.2.2 is intentional. Compared to the recent buff where we increased the value of armor rating to 125%, this nerf would take it back down to 110%. While we are still evaluating the effects of this change in the 3.2.2 build, we did want to let you know of the possibility in case you were about to spend a lot on armor pen gems.In fact, this was really the point. Several melee specs (and Marksman hunters) had begun to focus on armor pen at the expense of all other stats. Gear without armor pen was being passed over and gem sockets were increasingly being filled with just this one stat. While every spec has stats that are more valuable than others, this one felt like it was starting to trump everything. Not coincidentally, characters stacking lots of armor pen were starting to do more damage than their peers and more damage than we were comfortable with.

This change is largely for PvE reasons, though we won’t cry at all if melee damage in PvP drops a little as a result.

We’re letting you know now so that this doesn’t feel like a stealth nerf, assuming it goes live. While you might disagree or be frustrated by the change (though I also suspect it won’t come as a surprise to many players), we ask that you try and keep your response to something appropriate for these forums.

Lead Systems Designer