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MUD Wrestling: The Travails of a Text-Based Existence.

An attempt to chronicle my experience as a player of text-based games from Iron Realms Entertainment, most specifically as Amunet on Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

Author: Chaos_Amunet

Bob the Builder has nothing on me.

Posted by Chaos_Amunet Monday September 17 2012 at 9:48PM
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So, it has been another rough week in Achaea. After I wrote my last post, a couple of good members decided to quit my House, and I lost even more to inactivity thanks to the beginning of the school year. It's very difficult to find new players who are interested in a heavily-aligned, roleplay-enforced faction - it's difficult to play an Occultist, I admit! It isn't a role that is for everyone. Still, watching my House become a ghost town is a bit disheartening, and I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Leave it to the Pentad to do that for me.

Iron Realms is pretty great about allowing their players to carve out their own niche within their games. Not only do player leaders like myself often play a considerable role in the planning and execution of roleplay events, but all players can leave a more enduring mark upon the game by helping to build some of the game's areas, whether for the enjoyment of the entire playerbase, or simply for the enjoyment of themselves and their allies. I don't have the time to be a mortal builder - I barely have the time to update this blog with any semblance of regularity! - but I still love to write, and the ability to craft items and build a house has become one of my favourite pasttimes when I need to relax from the tribulations of being the Demiurge.

My character has an enormous text-house. It's really more of a text-mansion. So far, I have twenty-one rooms and counting, all lovingly described, and fully-furnished. Today, Achaea unveiled a series of new upgrades for player housing, and I nearly wet myself with excitement. I've had a fountain in the description of my atrium for ages, and now I can finally have it made physical. I've wanted my own humgii since I was  newb, and now I can have one, all Chaotically-mutated, dressed up in servant's livery, and given a pretentious butler's moniker. I can stable my mounts, I can stick a sign in front of my house warning my neighbours to keep off my lawn (which is, for the record, nothing more than dirt, ant hills, and dead trees), and I can preserve the furniture in the dining room and chapel, which is always such a pain in the ass to replace whenever it decays.

To top it all off, a taxidermist has opened up shop in New Thera. He can mount the fish caught by players who enjoy fishing. My text-husband can finally flaunt his prize-winning minnows upon the walls of his attic man-cave, proving, once and for all, that he is a master angler. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

I can't wait to get my fountain. I'm wriggling with all of the excitement of a kid on Christmas. Days like these are the reason why I keep playing.