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Dragon Oath Official Developer Blog

Developers of ChangYou's Dragon Oath, the F2P True Martial Arts MMORPG, write about Dragon Oath and the gaming industry. We'll also bring you insights about MMORPGs made in China and published in the West. Share your thoughts with us!

Author: changyou

Blade Mystery Egg and Xmas Updates!

Posted by changyou Wednesday December 22 2010 at 8:32PM
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Blade Mystery Egg
Limited time offer! Introducing the Blade Mystery Egg for only 99 Tokens! Crack open the egg to reveal an item hidden within, 34 items in total (teaser of some of the items in the egg below). Unlike the previous Dragon Mystery Egg, the Blade Mystery Egg contains the elusive Blade Wind Mount that will be permanently bound to its owner! 

As many of you know, this is a HUGE deal! Currently, only one person in each server owns this mount. So, keep in mind that this will not be easy to get, but they're many other cool items also contained within this egg. 

To obtain a FREE Blade Mystery Egg, visit our Facebook fan page for your chance to win this extremely rare mount!

Blade Mystery Egg Items 
Blade Wind
Super Sacred Jade
Light Dust Capsule
Blossom Rain

...and much more 

Also, the Christmas season is here and it's all about giving! So for the next few weeks, the Token Shop will be refreshed with new and exciting items that you can purchase and share with friends. 

News Events Schedule

Snowman Chess Challenge – Dec 23rd- Feb 24th, 2011
Introducing the Chess Challenge! Complete the challenge and you will gain access to a special instance occupied by hordes of snowmen. Defeat the snowmen and earn bonus EXP! 

  • When a player takes on the Chess Challenge before and after Christmas, there's a chance of them entering the Snowman Chess Challenge Instance. There are many snowmen In the Snowman Chess Challenge and they offer more EXP than other monsters. There is a chance you may or may not meet the snowman during the instance.

Christmas Snowman Making Event – Dec 24th, 2010
A night watchman has been spotted patrolling Luo Yang on Christmas Eve. Gather snowballs around town and throw them at the watchman to receive a mystery prize! 

New Year Bell Ringing Event – Dec 23rd – Jan 20th, 2011
The Bell of Happiness has appeared in Luo Yang. Strike the bell with special hammers dropped by monsters will grant your character new outfits and a generous boost in EXP! 

  • Bell will appear in Luo Yang (160, 113) on Dec 23rd 
  • From 12/16/10 to 1/13/11, all monsters in the game drop Wooden hammers when killed (bosses drop gold hammers). 
  • Players can obtain a Silver Hammer from Zhuge Cai in Luo Yang (172, 115) every 2 hours from 12/23/10 to 1/13/11. 
  • Players can use their hammers to ring the bell in Lou Yang (160, 113) for EXP. 
  • Wooden hammer can be used 3 times, silver hammer can be used 5 times and gold hammer can be used up to 200 times. 
  • Gold Hammers are also available in the token shop beginning 12/23 to 1/13. 
  • Players will receive some new outfits on the 100th and 200th time using the hammer. Players will receive bonus EXP using the gold hammer

New Year’s Celebration – Dec 28th – Jan 3rd, 2011
Ji Chen has a delivery task for you. He needs your help to deliver gift boxes filled with fireworks to Zhuge Cai in Luo Yang. The gifts will be used to light up the night sky of Luo Yang with spectacular fireworks [gifts will be placed around the Bell(160,113) in Luo Yang]! 

  • Ji Chen in Su Zhou (131, 230) 
  • Zhuge Cai in Luo Yang (172,115)

Powdery Snow – Dec 23rd – Jan 7th, 2011
Prepare for server-wide snowball fights! A blizzard will cover Luo Yang on New Years Eve, and you can attack your opponents with snowballs to slow them down or gain a recovery buff. 

  • Players can obtain snow balls from Ji Chen in Su Zhou (131, 230) and Zhuge Cai in Luo Yang (172,115). 
  • Snow balls can slow down your opponent and restore your HP when used in "Snowy Weather" 
  • Players can use Blowing Snow Fireworks to create Snowy Weather in the game

Christmas Thief – Dec 23rd – Jan 13th, 2011
Someone has stolen from Santa Claus! Find the thief and defeat him to unveil secret treasure chests!

  • The Christmas Thief will appear in 3 map areas and escape in one designated route. Players who are over level 30, you can obtain an item from Luo Yang Santa Claus (160, 150) to throw at the thief to damage him. When he is damaged, there will be a treasure box to open to get some treasure.
  • Time of the event is at 7:30pm PST

Rice Cake Event – Dec 23rd – Jan 23rd, 2011
Team up with a friend for a chance to win cool items or gold! You need to assist each other to make rice cakes by combining different ingredients. 

  • Players who are over level 30 can obtain one of many rice cake ingredients. You will need to find a player who is compatible with this ingredient. You and the other player can then make and eat the rice cake for a chance to obtain bound gold or an item.