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Online gaming trends...

It seems more and more today, players want instance gratification. Games were and are meant to be challenging and fun. When we get instant gratification is it actually fun to begin with?

Author: chaintm

Warhammer Online

Posted by chaintm Saturday June 21 2008 at 11:57PM
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See a few people voicing off about Warhammer and how it is this and that, how the game will be this and that. How the lore is this and that. I am here to voice my opinion.

As a gamer of 20+ years and sense gaming really hasn't been around that long you can guess I am a umm older guy, it irks me to no end when people are just plain wrong. This concept of "I am Bill Clinton and if I believe what I say that means it is true". Just irks me to no end. So no I am sorry junior just because you say the sky is green does not make it so; This of course goes along with Warhammer and other aspects.
Below is my personal opinion on the game take it , leave it, that is up to you, but many I believe will agree with me in the long run and in the end when and if this game is finally released. I will see these exact issues being spouted off here and yes, I am 100% sure of it. 
Warhammer is an epic battle of thousands, this is true, but even today in daoc, the one so many refer to as the end of all ends of rvr/pvp combat still has issue with above 50 players in one siege. Ask any player who has actually participate in an epic battle and had all settings on low to on our newest of rigs and still lag to no end.  It is far from perfect as so many would have you believe Warhammer will be.
While I believe they will improve this aspect in Warhammer, no one has yet to see it. I never will expect nor will you ever see a full out server mash, sadly our technology is still not there. If you believe so, keep dreaming and wait for release then judge that for yourselves.
Warhammer is blood, brutality and I am going to do you up the blankedy blank! There is nothing nice about Warhammer lore, there is nothing "cute" about it, (thou there is allot of funny stuff) if you really know Warhammer it is a very brutal and low down disgusting fantasy of war at it's worse with descriptions on how an orc would take an elf and blankedy blank her in a few thousands ways and of course other things that would make your mother cry.
So please don't go around spewing bs about how Warhammer is nothing about blood or the like, you are WAY OFF. Mythic has made Warhammer your friendly neighborhood WOW Clone and I "know" this comment peeves off more people then anything.
WOW is a rip of Warhammer, most now get the time line, but Warhammer Online is now ripping of WOW to keep it rated "K" for Kiddies. Hey they are doing something right after all, I get that, but to be an exact rip of it? Why even play? New stuff to see? New character builds? I guess if you consider what the actual classes and characters are, you would see umm... yea there is a differ..... never mind.
Now the only hype this game is getting is from the fan bots that can't see past the clone that this game is. I am upset and for a good reason, this is just as a previous company that attempted to make a Warhammer game a piece a dung waiting to be canceled. How do I know, well I do, take it or leave it , it's my opinion.
Mythic really dropped the ball on this one and sadly I blame the monolith that is known as EA. With all those resources and power at Mythic’s disposal, I believe they lost focus of their closeness of a team they use to have. I also think they went way beyond their means of what the game would have and can actually have and finally not having true goals etc as they did with DAOC in developing this title, you can see it all over the place.

Nothing I write or you write will change those who are all out crazy about playing the game or those that don't care. So why write this then? I love the Warhammer Universe just not the online game that is being boasted as such. Finally for Gamers Workshop for not pulling the plug on this catastrophe that will definitly kill the name as much as SWG killed the concept for a Star Wars game or the fine people over at Perpetual Entertainment who will kill the Star Trek franchise. (That was a pun)
Now many will ask, "Well what would you do to make it a game worth the Warhammer Universe?" simple answer..."Don't Make It" Why? Because the following reasons...
1. Technology is NOT where it needs to be for this sort of world to actually be in place along with the lore it has to offer or the actual concept of it's main design. Maybe one day when everyone is on quads or better and will have exact rigs like the next guy.
(Consoles anyone? no thnx, but having a consistent PC setup would make development a billion times easier)
2. Internet connection that will bypass the issue of the cutting off the upload speed to save bandwidth for those that provide said service like Comcast and the rest. Thus allowing enough communications between all clients to see were everything and everyone is.
3. When parents start being parents so development companies don't have to design a game based of baby-sitting their 10 year old who shouldn't be playing the dam game to begin with. Then able to design the world as brutal and ugly as it was meant to be or even not so, just so they don't have their hands tied because some parent decides to sue because little Johnny decided to commit suicide over a stupid game. Start watching your dam kids! (Sorry a little personal grudge there)
Of course I can go on and on, but this universe is just far to big to be thrown into a half made MMO that will kill the franchise. Sadly it probably will be launched and shall live a life that SWG did and in the end be something that "could have been" so much more. Maybe someday a company will come out and do something super extraordinary and blow our socks off in an MMO, but it won't be anytime soon. You can throw this title in with the likes of WOW, LOTRO, DAOC and the original EQ, time for something new, something innovative oh and something when you actually say it will have it, it does! For now this will be just another MMO to fill the gap till something better comes along.
Maybe I am just looking for too much in a new MMO and that I can openly admit. So many things thou in a Warhammer Universe MMO that will be A: not in the game B: never see the day of light, will just not make it the Warhammer Universe they are currently spouting it off to be.  
So in closing: Have your say, blab away, but in the end if you come on here with some stupid Spam, don't worry I will delete you! If you are against me and have viable and actual thoughts behind your posting, then it shall remain. You have been warned kiddies!

Instant Gratification or casual vs hardcore

Posted by chaintm Tuesday December 18 2007 at 1:34PM
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There seems to be a growing trend in the users of entertainment online. From the need of wanting or having what the other guy has or able to get it now then work for it later. Being a gamer of many years now sense the birth of the arcade machien. I have seen a trend that has me honestly worried were our gaming goodness is going.

Look to any forum on any game on any website and you will see two main themes that seem to represent themselves daily. The need or desire to gain something within a limited amount of time or even better for free. Then enabling the use of that item to out do the other player, but wait! Only I can have such an item, giving it to another player who hasn't put in the time I have isn't fair!

This ofcourse brings us to the main reason why I beleive this trend is happening. As MMO's have grown so has the audiance. Today we have two known descriptions that describe larger player bases. The power gamer and the casual player. Power gamers as you know (or if you don't ) put hours upon hours of dedicated game play which usually is 40 or more hours a week. While a casual player who might put in say 14 hours in a given week of game play.

Because of this dedication to the game, the hardcore player recieves "uber loot" (items in the game considered better then most if not the best) for what he does in game, while it will take the casuel player months to get such an item or even never because he can't find the group to do such for time restraints.

We have seen the split of the player base in this way. In your online gaming I am sure many of you have seen or heard these following quotes before.

"how can I compete with that guy?"
"I can't play as much as he can, so were is the fairness in that?" 
"My time is just as important as the other guys time. I pay the same fee he does, so why should I be penalized for the time I can play compaired to him?" 

It is a catch you see, the catch here is falling for it. Feeling for the "casual player" has been a growing trend in most games, however this will in the end fail. The facts may be that the casual player is a bigger presences in todays online entertainment, but there will always be those "hardcore" players who will dedicate time beyond what any casual player can and compete on a level far superior to most due to the time dedicated. Restraining these players ofcourse kills the game in the long run and in the end means the death of most MMO's that have attempted to aim their game to the casual player.

How can I make such a bold statement? Well lets look at games in general, we play them to be entertained. When the emphises becomes "ok devs, give me instant gratification or don't give me a game" the games being developed can be completed in record time even by the most casual player. This in essences leaves us with incomplete, no depth in the game and coming down to "my item is better then your pixil item". Great! now we are getting games about collecting pixils like trading cards instead of games that emphize story and complexity. No longer do I have to think about how to get threw that swamp of deadly undead. Just look at my map! Now I have a perfect path to take! instant gratification! Oh wait! dam now I did that, now this game sucks, im bored!

We are in the essence, our own demise. We wanted things like mini maps, fast travel, faster leveling, more variity , simple interfaces and now we have them. But because we got these things we so screamed about, we are now bored and  the game is to quick to be finished. Another excample, "hey devs this mob is way to hard!"  dev, " ok sorry about that, we will fix it!" player "great! that was awsome, got anymore?" dev" ya, in a month or so we got new content coming" player "thats not fast enough! I am bored!". So in the end we have made the game we want, instant gratification within a few days finishing said game and moving on. A game that takes years to make finished in hours, because again, we had to have it easy to use or fair for everyone casual or hardcore.

So in the end fellow gamers, we have made the games today what they are for our own constant request have made it such. A great game I think on the horizon known as Pirates of the Burning Sea is going threw such termoil at the moment. There are nations within that game (currently beta) that have variances that players are feeling that are "not fair". So because it isn't fair, we should nerf the game to make everyone on a even feild because a certain rout might be easier for the hardcore player then the casual. SO CHANGE IT NOW! is the screams on their forums. Thankfully these devs realize exactly what I am blogging right now. Doing so would kill the game in the long run and sadly, not everyone will be happy. if they did so, the game would be that which is described above.

I hope this trend of instant gratification fades in a quick death. I am in essences a casual gamer, but I don't want instant gratification. If a power gamer want to finish the game I am playing with them in a month that is their choice. But I want a game with depth, with varity, with challenge. I don't care if Joe Grinder has better gear , I would like to get that gear someday, but I don't need it now. I want to be entertained for years, not months, not days. You want my dollars? Make a deep emmersive game that isn't handed to me on a silver platter with instant maps, simple kiddie icons and uber items that make me invincible and I might just stay long enough for you to actually keep developing your title for years to come.


My 2cents,