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Rantings Of A Madman

No, I'm not "MAD", but I do think more than what I would consider healthy. For that reason I write, I vent, I try to resolve. Well I guess this is a Ranting Of A Madman (ROAM)

Author: Ceredwynn

Love, The Meaning

Posted by Ceredwynn Wednesday March 26 2008 at 1:22PM
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Is it simply a chemical reaction that occurs within the human body? Or is it a potent uncontrollable emotion? I think Love is something that's as confusing and vague as the vast and unexplored universe. We know it exists, but like the universe there are questions that we cannot answer. Simply for the fact that we do not have the answers for the questions, questions like why do we fall in love? If love is special and wonderful why does love not work for everyone? And why do people not seek love or not fall in love?

Many believe Love is bliss and wondrous. They are the ones that will come up with countless amounts of explanations, metaphors, and examples of what love is. Then you get the counterpart of how love is projected. You get the people that despise love because it has caused them pain. They speak of the lost, the depression, the corruption, the anger, and sadness that they have had or is presently enduring. From what I can tell love is powerful, but it can go either way and I've seen that. I have experienced both afflictions of love and that does give me a sense of what it is, but nothing defining.

Whichever way you look at it Love is unpredictable. You cannot foresee who you are going to fall in love with and when for that matter. You can however choose to follow your love or part from it when it is offered to you. The ramification from that choice will be seen in the aftermath. As unaware as we are when love will occur and I find it essential for people to have love presented to them.

I believe that love is essential to people because there are so many things that are produced from it, Products such as amazing pieces of artwork and literature. Emotional/Mental Products of love, or at least should be are companionship, improvement of self concept, family, and etc. etc.. There is so much that can come from Love and so much that we can learn from/with it. Those in Love do extraordinary things, things they probably wouldn't have done normally. This is why many say it makes you do crazy things. I can safely say that Love will always have a general ideal and it will always have a powerful impact on our lives, but it probably can't have a definite meaning.