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Rantings Of A Madman

No, I'm not "MAD", but I do think more than what I would consider healthy. For that reason I write, I vent, I try to resolve. Well I guess this is a Ranting Of A Madman (ROAM)

Author: Ceredwynn

Retardation & Video Games

Posted by Ceredwynn Saturday July 26 2008 at 3:55PM
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Ok, this is basically my recollection of a discussion I had with a friend, but mainly just the parts I was saying so this isn't going to be a huge dialogue between two people. Just to set it up my friend Jeff was going off on how video games will lead to retardation. Mainly cause he knows how I like to defend video games and gamers from this kind of nonsense and an argument ensues... oh and my statements are kind of all over the place so bare with me.

There been no clinical proof of retardation as a direct result from video games. The best I heard so far is that it may cause metal illnesses, but that's still being researched and therefore inconclusive. Anyways, this is no difference from the argument that video games is the cause of violence and/or the rise of violence. Video games do have subtle yet small impacts on peoples lives let's just get that clear.

From what I've seen games may cater to someones anti-socialism, bad diets, and poor hygiene. However I've seen games improve peoples reading, logic pronunciation, behavior, understanding, and their vocabulary. You have to study across the board from all video game genres and the impacts they may or may not have. There are about several main genres of games and about 3 to 4 sub-genres under those; your statements are based off of a small percentile of stereotypical gamers which you ignorantly generalized to every single person that indulges in a video game. I'm not trying to knock the hardcore gamers cause many of them don't fit the description you just posted. These guys or girl have jobs or makes a living off video games, they have relationships, children and live a life with chronic gaming which to me is amazing.

To really grasp what it is that you're claiming to to know. You not only have to only sit down and play the various games, but you have to involve yourself in the gaming community. Both Online and Offline, at the various events. Chances are you'll find exactly what you're looking for which are those guys that take it too serious, but that's no different from the Trekkies. You'll also find people that aren't in that stereotype, which for a person like you probably can't comprehend. Really what you're saying is retardation isn't; someone that is anti-social generally doesn't develop that behavior directly from video games. That's something they usually have prior and therefore you can't blame video games or movies or the cult followers of something they hopelessly passionately like. People that are anti-social aren't so because of the Comics, Movies, Video Games or whatever you want to blame it on. These medias cater to it, but they do not develop anti-socialism. Even if a person is considered anti-social chances are they are conversing with hundreds if not thousands of people that have the common interest of that video game or more. Sure it may not be considered as a valid form of communication based off a video to the masses, but it still is a form of communing.

Now let's talk about this business about people loosing themselves in the video game and being detached from reality. This is probably the biggest load of crap I've heard. Unlike Trekkies, Matrix or Star Wars Fans there isn't a following like them in the video game world. The only time people come close to that are at the conventions when they more or less Cosplay. Generally the only time people Cosplay are at events and don't usually Cosplay in everyday life. Getting back to the whole reality vs virtual reality and the damages of perceptions is a joke. The entire purpose of a video game is to emerge the player into the creative universe of the game they are playing. This is generally the reason why people do play video games, other than various components of the video game itself. This doesn't mean video games are outrageously fictional since there are a huge mass of games based on our reality or our history and strive to be as realistic as possible. If you knew anything about video games you would know that not all games detach you from reality, there are many games that either reattach you or attach you to reality and get you thinking during the process.

I don't know what more to say other than you knew your post was going to be an ill-informed attack on a group of people. Maybe you like attention regardless of what kind of attention it is.

The 4th Generation Pokemon

Posted by Ceredwynn Friday April 25 2008 at 6:43PM
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Ok, so I borrowed Pokemon Pearl for about 2 months and I'm now finished the game and honestly Pearl and Diamond are the best Pokemon games yet. The storyline is rich and doesn't give for plot holes as well as being entertaining. The vocabulary in the game was surprisingly at a higher level then I thought which leads me to believe that this game was intended for the audience that would have grown since the 1st generation release in the 90's. The mini-games are very entertaining, the multiplayer mode of the Underground function is the best addition and I highly enjoy mining, disengaging traps and capturing flags from other players bases and decorating my hideout. I wasn't surprised that there were cut-scenes I just didn't know that the graphics were going to be that good and allowed the cut-scenes to play out very well with a story telling feel to it. I would've like an eight axis form of movement other than the old 4 axis with all the many improvement, but it doesn't take away from the game and there are some points where it needed to be a 4 axis form of movement. You can now run in the game which is something that made me happy. I disliked how games of this nature would restrict you to a slow walking speed without any special upgrade or feature that needs to be attained to increase the movement speed. Not only can you either walk or run, the bike has 2 speed settings as well. You can increase the speed of the bike to enable it to climb hills or just move faster in general.

Speaking of climbing there are more HM's that have been added to the list yet again. Originally it was Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash. In later generations they added Waterfall and Dive. Now there‘s two more additions, Defog and Rock Climb for a combined 10 HM‘s from the original 5 HM's. On that note the number of Pokemon jumped yet again from 386 to 493. I don't know about you guys, but I missed the original 151. Before that used to seem like so much and the rare Pokemon felt rare, but now with all the new rare Pokemon and legendary Pokemon I just feel bombarded with Pokemon now and I feel that the high numbers of Pokemon are taking away from the uniqueness and value of all the Pokemon. Anyways If you're a serious collector then you'll have to do quite a bit of juggling with all the previous games to attaint all if not most of the Pokemon and Rare Pokemon such as previous legendary Pokemon and so forth. I think they should cool off adding more Pokemon to the game with newer releases just for the fact that they added so much and there can be problems. I believed that if they indeed needed to add more to the Pokemon index they shouldn't have added so many for each generation.

The difficulty level is very real, unlike the previous games. Since there are more types of Pokemon and sub/combined types it brings a whole new level of strategy and battle tactics to the game. Items are much more vital than the last games towards the survivablity of your pokemon. I also noticed that the further you get in the game, the more the enemy's/opponent's Pokemon stats increase. For example even though your Pokemon man out level and be the advantageous Pokemon type, it would still be a struggle to take the opposing Pokemon down. This was most likely added to prevent one-shot kills in battle. Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are hands down the best releases since the 1st generation (original 4 releases) in the series. I felt that even though the 2nd and 3rd generation were average games, they did nothing for the story, so I'm happy that the 4th generation was everything and more.

Youths, Violence, and Games

Posted by Ceredwynn Wednesday April 2 2008 at 10:28PM
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Last Week I was berated, well maybe not "berated", but I was ganged up against by my University friends on how games have this huge impact on society and modern culture. We all can agree on that, but that's not the issue, so let me get to the point. They claim that it's because of that strong influence it has on our culture that makes the violent games another axis for breeding hate and more violence into today's youths. Well I held my ground and I decided to write this over talked about issue, which for all us gamers is an old, old topic not worth discussing, but I'm writing about it anyways...? (contradiction)

The video games are the modern equivalent of the 50-60s Indians vs. Cowboys or the 80-90s Cops & Robbers. Here we have kids forming a gun like shape with their hands or have a plastic replica to shoot down their friends. These actions potentially have an effect on the children before they play, while they are playing and the affects after they played the game. I find that those games are strong forms of acting out violence, but nothing really spawned from those kinds of games. Ask you parents ask your grand parents, because anyone can take anything out of context like I just did and make it seem so vile. People recently have an issue with violence in video games, but are we that naive? Violent games have existed far before video games came along.

Youths at the age of 3-5 shouldn't have developed a heavy care about things like video games it doesn't factor unless the Parent brings it to their home. Also in this age group kids are fairly developed in terms of being able to tell from reality and the virtual world. After all they should be doing quite a bit of pretending and using their imagination with stuff like power rangers. Not saying all kids develop the same but for the average child they should be able to diversify between the two by the age and after 6. Cause what are video games? It's a physical extension of another person(s) creativity and imagination.

In addition Developers and Publishers don't produce games that are graphic for kids that are 10 or under. Those games that come out have certain age group ratings conducted by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (E.S.R.B). The Developers only make certain games with certain content depending on their intended target audience. If the Parents are buying these games regardless then who is at fault? It's the same as parents taking their kids to the 18a+ movies, but that seems to be more accepted in our society.

Video games are no different from a movie, a television show, the news/newspaper, or content on the internet. If you fear the nature of these Medias then take the actions to censor them from your kids and educate them about them. Don't just shield them from it, give them the mental tools to deal with the media and what they will see and experience from them. Cause I believe that we all agree that the terrible things that happens outside your front door (or sometimes indoors) are far more influential than a virtual game.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that video games have a minuscule impact on a violent person's motivation to be violent. If that kid is violent analyze the kid's environment (home/school), how he was raised, the people he/she interacts with, the emotional and physiological stability of that kid. when ever a kid does something terrible and, oh wow, they played Medal of Honor everyone goes wild. People just want a scapegoat for the fact that many of these kind of kids go unnoticed, or ignored and no one wants to take responsibility for not acknowledging the troubled kid and getting him/her some help. this is no different to how people reacted to the kids involved in columbine tragedy listened to Manson and everyone pointed the finger of blame at him. No one is a puppet, Manson didn't guide them and made them do anything that they would've done on their own without his music and video games are on the same the same level.

Love, The Meaning

Posted by Ceredwynn Wednesday March 26 2008 at 2:22PM
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Is it simply a chemical reaction that occurs within the human body? Or is it a potent uncontrollable emotion? I think Love is something that's as confusing and vague as the vast and unexplored universe. We know it exists, but like the universe there are questions that we cannot answer. Simply for the fact that we do not have the answers for the questions, questions like why do we fall in love? If love is special and wonderful why does love not work for everyone? And why do people not seek love or not fall in love?

Many believe Love is bliss and wondrous. They are the ones that will come up with countless amounts of explanations, metaphors, and examples of what love is. Then you get the counterpart of how love is projected. You get the people that despise love because it has caused them pain. They speak of the lost, the depression, the corruption, the anger, and sadness that they have had or is presently enduring. From what I can tell love is powerful, but it can go either way and I've seen that. I have experienced both afflictions of love and that does give me a sense of what it is, but nothing defining.

Whichever way you look at it Love is unpredictable. You cannot foresee who you are going to fall in love with and when for that matter. You can however choose to follow your love or part from it when it is offered to you. The ramification from that choice will be seen in the aftermath. As unaware as we are when love will occur and I find it essential for people to have love presented to them.

I believe that love is essential to people because there are so many things that are produced from it, Products such as amazing pieces of artwork and literature. Emotional/Mental Products of love, or at least should be are companionship, improvement of self concept, family, and etc. etc.. There is so much that can come from Love and so much that we can learn from/with it. Those in Love do extraordinary things, things they probably wouldn't have done normally. This is why many say it makes you do crazy things. I can safely say that Love will always have a general ideal and it will always have a powerful impact on our lives, but it probably can't have a definite meaning.