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Author: captbasch

Top Twelve Best and Cutest MMO Games in China Joy 2009

Posted by captbasch Sunday August 16 2009 at 4:56AM
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The 6th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference took place between July 23 and 26 in Shanghai, and it’s also officially called ChinaJoy 2009. Like the US Electronic Entertainment Exp (E3) or and Japan’s Tokyo Game Show, ChinaJoy is now the most important industry get-together for the Chinese game industry. According to recent China Online Game Market Survey, most of Chinese players rated MMORPG as their favorite game genre, so this event provides the best opportunities for local MMORPG developers to present their product to the gamers and businessmen from home and abroad. Without further ado, here are the 12 most anticipated MMORPG revealed at China Joy 2009 after the break.

1. Weapons of the Gods

Based on a Hong Kong comics series by Wong Yuk Long, the Weapons of the Gods MMORPG promises to have intense Pvp action with sword fighting and firework special effects. The story revolves around four dominant pugilistic clans hailing from the four cardinal directions of the realms [North,South,East,West] In addition, the criminal underworld was dominated by the sinister Heaven-Earth Alliance, aka Hell Clan. Its countless minions infiltrate every part of society, and it was widely feared for its brutal methods enforced by most highly skilled members.

Official Site:

2. JX Online 3

As the original installment of the JX Online series, JX Online allows users to complete individual quests and adventures based on ancient Chinese swordsman legends. Apart from aesthetic visual treat, it also offers stealth free-roaming and and jumping to rooftops of your character just like a real ninja. Also one of the highlight is the unique Pvp system where you can show your advance skills not just in swordfighting but in martial arts, you can duel in and out of battle zone

Official Site:

3. Age of Armor

This battle planet siege based MMORPG, tackles the conflict among new races of human is sometimes happened owing to the difference between the normal human and enhanced human. A character’s “build” is a combination of their racial traits and the types of installed Armor parts. Make your guild well-known and feared by the enemy by sieging and ruling your opponent’s cities.

4. Yin Zhen Jing
Jiu Yin Zhen Jing is a MMORPG which reinterprets traditional Kung-fu culture. From overthrowing Ming Dynasty to Heroes hands in hands to create new Kong-fu land era, players is given full freedom to redefine history. Probably inspired from “Crouching tiger hidden dragon” movie as it involves a lot jumping and flying over rooftops and sea of bamboos

Official Site:

5. City of Transformer Online / City Fighter Online

Online game developer and operator “9You” utilized the “Unreal Engine 3″ technology for this mecha based RPG. It blends traditional fantasy elements with futuristic environment that puts you in control of a heavily armored, customizable Mech warrior. Pardor sir, no autobots and decepticons in sight.

Official Site:

6. Hunter Blade

You can surely say that the developer of this monster hunting game MMORPG is a die-hard fun of Capcom’s smash hit Monster Hunter. From the game concept to character built and from monster design to music, practically looks and feels exactly like the Monster Hunter clone. They are lucky enough Capcom has no plans to file a case against them. As they say imitation is the best compliment. Btw, did i already say they also totally copied the logo and map design?

Official Site:

7. Blade Online Hero 2 (DJ2)

This Chinese fantasy-themed MMORPG is being marketed as DJ2 but really shall be called BO2 because, in Chinese, its literal translation is Blade Online 2. Based on the video trailer, the plot is like an epic love tragedy about two lovers being torn apart as the guy comes from a certain race of beast. I don’t have full details of the gameplay yet but it probably focus on power struggle between two tribes, one the magical elves fighting to preserve the tradition, and the other, the misjudged beast seeking for justice and revenge

Official Site:

8. Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror (MAT) is an an online first-person shooter (FPS) where it integrated aspects of traditional Chinese culture and provides an exhilarating local element for Asia and for worldwide players. Players can join either the terror group, the counter-terrorist team, and even the legions of grotesque zombies. Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate (or eating them alive) the opposing team. Dolby’s Axon voice technology will be used for the live conferencing between users. You can consider this game as a non-official Counter Strike MMO counterpart.

Official Site:

9. Heroine Anthem Online

“Heroine Anthem Online” is a side-scrolling MMORPG which is different from most classic Chinese RPGs, being set in a fantasy land and not in historical China. I’m not sure yet if the battles will be turn-based just like the classic Heroine 1 & 2 but i can say the story revolves around legend of mermaids and we will be immersed with its realistic environments from its lush terrains to under the sea exploration.

Official Site:

10. Legend of Chusen

The record-breaking best seller novel, “Chusen” has the world view that features a story of love and hatred and meeting and parting for true love between the hero with dark past and the two beautiful heroines. The game traces the same plot of the novel including such factors as hero and heroine ,NPC, surrounding figures ,Quest and Dungeons. This is a high-grade MMORPG that players can experience the grand world view of that fantasy novel through unprecedented unique system,” Treasure System,” beautiful and powerful “Skill Graphic” and joyful “Family System” which you can enjoy communication through small units.

Official Site:

11. LDJ Online

LDJ is 2D cartoon Q-style MMORPG which has a lot of cute and funny characters in this game. There is still too little information for me to draw any conclusion but it looks like the pet system has a big role to play in this game

Official Site:

12. Yume Sekai

Japan made MMORPG game “Yume Sekai” is all about pets, mounted battle and transform system. I think this is the cutest MMORPG presented at China Joy 2009. You can ride on assorted adorable four legged creatures and bring your pets during your quests, as well you mutate yourself into savage beast but the good thing there still remains a slight cutesy in those monster’s built.

Official Site:


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