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Candy's Agora

Just about anything under the gaming sun.

Author: candycoated

Knowing When to Stop MMO Addiction

Posted by candycoated Monday July 12 2010 at 9:45PM
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For this entry, I'll skip the usual feature article about games and game updates. I'll share an experience I had last weekend. Let me ask you these questions first:

Have you ever experienced paying for either a monthly or yearly subscription but only consumed not more than 50% of the purchased gaming time? Maybe only 40% ? 30%? 20%? And probably for the busy gamer, only 10% of the purchased gaming will be used.

Moreover, have you purchased something from the Item Mall that you regret buying? And eventually became a piece of junk in your storage?
Last weekend, I was experiencing a bit of budget crisis. Being a part-timer and a graduate school student, I had to spend wisely the money that I have left.
Moreover, I have experienced all of the questions I asked. I invested on memberships that I wasn't really able to enjoy (due to my busy schedule)^^ And I've also experienced running out of money just to be able to buy something from the Item Mall which eventually became junk in my storage.
Then last weekend came, an announcement from the game publisher of the MMO that I'm playing announced that they will remove a certain item in their Item Mall. Definitely, the ingame value of that item will go sky-high. I had to think of a plan so that I can have that item before it disappears. Eventually, I ended up having to ask my friend to share half of the amount and we'll just share the item.
Did I feel happy afterwards? Not really, I felt that I was no longer playing the game. I'm the one now being played. Right after, I realized that I needed the money for my research work. Then I felt terrible.
I felt terrible because I've done that mistake a lot of times in the past and always promised myself that I would stop. And once again, I promise myself that I would cut the spending on games and focus on my studies and work.
What I'm trying to say is that even though that the stop signs are all around you, let's face the fact that gaming is an expensive addiction. The cost of it is not much that different from alcohol addiction and drug addiction. So on a final thought, why isn't there a gaming addiction rehab?^^
Take care everyone!
Mother Peach: Spend wisely.
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