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Diary of a small scale developer.

Personal rants and thoughts on the industry.

Author: calranthe

Auto Assault Going going gone Ncsoft irony.

Posted by calranthe Tuesday October 2 2007 at 1:14AM
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Hello all,

I am a small time games developer, mainly muds and small community games, never been in this for profit my primary aim has always been to run a game for a comunity, aslong as it didn't stop me buying food everything is fine..

I am a project manager but skilled in c/c++/mysql and java with a small team who have been with me for about 10 years.

Being an avid fan of Auto assault I was like some others sadened to see it die, it was flawed and suffered heavily from the population catch 22 "need more players but people who want to join need more players".

So when A.A was cancelled I began to develope a business plan with the idea of contacting Ncsoft about a restart and continued development of A.A.

After sounding out business/brand names I came up with a very simple plan if Ncsoft were interested, firstly the subscription model or formula:

As I said not in this for profit so, free to download, free trial.

1)Pay subscription: 5$ per month for that you get not only primary customer support but added in game packages which I won't go into them but it did include player run/guild run garages.

2)Free to play: nothing is ever "free" this would be paid by the in game bill boards carrying real world regional advertising, nothing intrusive but hey your playing for free.

Me and my team believed it would work experienced people who are use to creating heavy fun plot line driven events that even on muds had people walking away from there pc with there mouth open something to talk about for days.


Like I said a comunity idea with a cohesive focused roleplay not only created and started by us but a system of "nobles" players who wished to bring there own events and ideas.

But it has all gone south at the first hurdle and yes i'm pretty frustrated.

We made tentative inquiries to Ncsoft, most of these enquiries were it seemed ignored, but i'm not the kind of person to give up easily, finally we got a reply after getting past the low level customer support and employees.

A reply that was simple and to the point.


Response (Ben)     09/14/2007 03:15 AM

Thank you for contacting PlayNC Support with that information.

However, NCsoft does not accept any unsolicited business proposals. Please let us know if you

have any further questions.

Thanks again,


Basic meaning that unless we ask for business offers we don't accept them, this seemed a little strange and I wondered if there was some miscomunication.

So I contacted again through different channels explaining it looks like A.A is just sitting on a shelf doing nothing, explaining A contract in there favour with all profits from advertising/revenue except for a reasonable amount for bandwidth/development cost would go straight back to them for no effort.

So I get another reply



You will need to please direct your request to NetDevil®, as they are the development studio for Auto Assault. We are unable to provide any further information about that product.



At this point I feel like i'm chasing my own tail, but I think to myself *oh netdevil kept rights to A.A it all makes sense now, so off I go to contact the listed business contact at Netdevil.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we are not the right company to speak to. Auto Assault has always been published by NCSoft so I think it is best to contact them.
I am not sure who will be the right person to speak to but you might contact NCSoft Austin for more information.
This is their contact page :

Sorry that I can't be of much help in this. Good Luck!

- Grace


Thankyou Grace for the quick reply.

So That is the point i'm at, if anyone knows any of the high ups at ncsoft or has a contact details for anyone I could speak to or just send this post to them.

It is sad but seems like people involved would prefer A.A to just rot away on a shelf