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My Review On Jade Dynasty

Posted by brolydss Tuesday July 14 2009 at 8:51PM
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Jade Dynasty is the third MMORPG to be published by Chinese publisher Perfect World International. Best known for their first and still most impressive title, Perfect World. PWI is rapidly ramping up their North American presence, first with the release of Ether Saga Online and now with Jade Dynasty. What sets Jade Dynasty apart from Ether Saga is the more realistic graphic style. But even with the more realistic visuals, Jade Dynasty is still much more similar to Ether Saga Online than it is Perfect World.

Unfortunately for some players, character customization is pretty limited in Jade Dynasty. The only options players have during character creation are a choice between genders and seven face and hair styles. Coming from the same publisher as its predecessor, Perfect World, this is a bit disappointing. All players start out as the initiate class and must wait until level 15 to choose between five factions to join. Each faction acts like a class: Skysong, Jadeon, Lupin, Vim, and Modo.
Starting Out
You start off in Sunstream where you can start some quests on how to play the game from NPC’s with hovering green icons above their head. You can navigate the game by using the mouse or WASD. You can change the angle of the camera by holding the right mouse button and dragging it around. Once you get the hang of the navigation system, head over to Tanis Ka and you get your daily buffs that last till lvl 90, and a Lunar Shadestone. After you get your buffs, do the mandatory quests and get an esper and a pet. After you get an esper you will have access to the invigorate function that lets you bot inside the game as long as the energy bar is full. You can fill that up with the Lunar Shadestone.
Early Game Play
As an initiate it’s not too much fun. There are a total of four skills available in the initiate skill tree, a buff, a passive resistance boost, a self heal and most importantly an offensive move called Heavy Blow. Heavy blow is your main nuke for quite some time. It does massive amounts of damage and can literally one hit anything around your level. Use heavy blow and finish quests quickly with it. With heavy blow you should be able to kill monsters far higher level than you quick and easily. The only way to tell the level of monsters you’re facing is by the color of their name. Monsters that are higher level than you are have their names displayed in red while weaker ones are displayed in blue, green, or gray. New players are encouraged to skip the creatures located just outside town and head deeper into the wilderness to find stronger monsters to one-shot. There are many kill quests available but completing the first few are simply not worth the effort. Choosing a faction at level 15 requires the completion of certain quests so keep your eyes open and be sure to accept any quests that come your way.
Servers and Community
Jade Dynasty entered open beta in late June 2009 and so far there is one server for each of three regions, US East, US West, and Europe. Each server has a multitude of channels, some of which are labeled PVE and others PVP and there is also a Trading Realm where business can usually be found. As you get to level 15, things get more exciting. Players make their faction choice and gain access to a whole new skill tree, one with many more options available. Players can actually see the skill tree of all the factions right from the start. Each faction actually has a total of five skill trees, each representing a different tier.
Special and Unique Features
Jade Dynasty has most of the standard features that gamers have come to expect of fresh new MMORPGs such as pets and mounts (including flying mounts) but it also has some more interesting features to boast about. There is a marriage system where players of the opposite sex can tie the knot and earn special romance skills. Players can also form Alliances (guilds) and team up or declare war with one another. Alliances that are at war can engage in Fort Battles with the winning side earning special skills and items. Like in Perfect World, there are some strange travel methods including flying swords but the most exciting feature for me was open PvP which was available on certain channels. PKing does come with consequences so things aren’t out of control but even just the knowledge that you could be attacked keeps you more focused on the game. Jade Dynasty has quite a high level cap, currently set at 150 but the game world is relatively small, there are just 10 zones but the one you start in is the smallest and there world map shows plenty of unexplored land which may be added in patches to come.
Overall: Impressive
Though Jade Dynasty comes short of being better than its predecessor, that isn’t to say it’s a bad game. The visually appealing graphics makes up for the lack of game play early on in the beta stages and the unique features like Alliance Wars and open PvP ensure lots of fun at higher stages of the game. Overall an impressive MMORPG and hopefully it will get much better. I recommend a definite try for anyone that’s into MMORPG’s.

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