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English mutha*%&$*... do you speak it?

The state of online linguistics, or why people who had to learn English as a second language have better grammar and spelling than people born to it.

Author: brento73

I fear the future...

Posted by brento73 Tuesday February 5 2008 at 4:48PM
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First let me say that this isn't a simple matter of typos. I know that, in the heat of flamewar battle, sometimes you don't take time to proofread before you post a reply. No, what irks me is people who don't seem to know their own native tongue.


I realize that there are many posters here who hail from Europe, and for them to post in a foreign language is certainly more than I could pull off. I speak a (very)little Spanish, and there's no way I could communicate on a Spanish-speaking forum. For the most part I think those who come here as non-native English speakers do a good job of getting their point across.


Those who ARE native, however, are another matter entirely.

Here are some examples:

THEN is not the same as THAN, you can't use one for the other.

"If the devs would fix the bugs, THEN it would be a great game." (used to indicate a time relation, or a conditional response)

"I think it's better THAN the other games in it's genre." (used to compare things)

See how that works? Great!


YOUR and YOU'RE, also not the same thing.

"I think YOU'RE super!" (it's a truncation of YOU ARE)

"Maybe YOUR video card is bad?" (it indicates possession)


I really can't even get into all the times when people leave out entire words, or use the wrong tense of a word. It's just sad. I'll tolerate the 'teh' and 'roxxorz' stuff because it's part of the dialect of the modern geek, but PLEASE try, even a little bit, to make sure your posts make sense!

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