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Koobluh's WotLK Beta Blog

This blog is about my experiences in the WotLK beta!

Author: bobafett573

WotLK Beta Blog -- Day 7

Posted by bobafett573 Friday August 29 2008 at 11:27PM
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Guess what the first thing I saw was upon entering Dragonblight?  If you guessed a dragon, you're wrong.  I saw a walrus.  These walrus were in a state of panic.  Dark omens and scary wulvar (which look like man-bear-pigs) have been haunting the residents of Moa'ki Harbor.  They are packing up and needing you to clear the way for them.  After gathering crabs from their ocean traps, killing sharks in the water and wulvar on land, I am sent to check on the nearby village that was destroyed.  Apparently an energy rift had been opened by the Blue Dragonflight (those are the bad dragons) and it either killed or drove insane the tuskarr in the village.  After redeeming their souls, you have one last must seek out the sea goddess and get her blessing.  As always, things don't go as planned.  The sea goddess foresees that Northrend will fall should the walrus run away.  Apparently the only thing holding the undead back is the walrus.  Upon delivering this message to the leader back in Moa'ki Harbor, they decide to stay and all your time was wasted.

Of course in a land of dragons, there's bound to be a little more trouble.  I head north until I reach Stars' Rest.  The night elf commander there is worried about the blue dragonflight and the ley lines (which are the energy rifts that flow into the Nexus in Borean Tundra) that are being blown apart.  The release of energy from these rifts is causing horrible problems across Northrend.  Also the undead and cultists at the Icemist Village to the north are causing the animals to become blighted.  I burn the animals to the ground and kill the cultists...blah blah blah end of story.  Back to the ley lines,  after a while you discover that the blue dragonflight and the ethereals are joining together.  This is a major problem as the two forces could destroy Northrend and possibly Azeroth as well.  I get sent to kill both ambassadors but I arrive too late.  The arrangements have already been made but I still kill them.  I then get sent to try to fix the ley lines, which I start to do but it's already been a long day so after the first one, I call it quits...

WotLK Beta Blog - Day 6

Posted by bobafett573 Wednesday August 27 2008 at 5:59PM
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Even though Howling Fjord is the other starting zone, I've decided to do it just to not miss the content. The view as you arrive here is amazing. The boat docks in Valguard, a town constantly under attack by the ruthless Vrykul (who look like giant cavemen). The first task of course is to thin their numbers. However there is much more going on than just an attack. The nearby Utgarde Keep is being explored by the Explorer's League. They are close to cracking some Vrykul secret plans but the decipher has been lost in the catacombs by the team sent in. The job: rescue the explorers. Unfortunately as the story goes on, you begin to realize that there's even more going on. Undead in the catacombs. Undead seem to sneak their way onto the scene everywhere! After retrieving numerous "lost" things in the catacombs, you finally get to the gladiator arena where you have to get the code decipher off the gladiator champion. Luckily, there were many players nearby to help with this task and the decipher was found. The only person in the region to decode the message lives up high on the cliffs above Utgarde Keep. I bring the message and decipher to the resident expert only to find that...umm...well it's not secret battle plans. (SPOILER ALERT: puos a rof epicer a yllautca si ti) Because of this, a new plan of action must be taken. Unfortunately at this time the follow up quest was bugged so I left it unfinished. However, more people need my help!

A fire is burning. Wildlife is dying. What could be the cause of this? Magic of course. I trudge along through the flora and fauna to discover a house surrounded by burning trees! The giant treant that walks along the area blames the dragons! I must kill the dragon leader...which I do easily and though it doesn't stop the fire, the tree gives me gold (not sure how he came across it).

At this point, I'm not enjoying Howling Fjord nearly as much as Borean Tundra. I decide it's time to move on to Dragonblight. As I head to the docks, I find that there are some walrus that need help! They're starving and need food! Who could resist helping fat, huggable walrus? I help them hunt their island animals and then hop on the boat to Dragonblight... for Day 6 Pics!

******SORRY FOR THE DELAY*******  The actual website where I post all my blogs is and I then copy them here so I don't always do it on a daily basis.  For the most up to date blog, please check out my main website :)

WotLK Beta -- Day 5

Posted by bobafett573 Wednesday August 27 2008 at 5:56PM
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Servers are back up and I'm ready to go. As I left off before, I have just been sent to rendezvous with a death knight who is holding a big lich guy captive. The death knight forces the lich to give vital information about the happenings going on in the big giant undead fortress. I get sent to kill several vital people and then I get sent to the top of the fortress for a final battle. The lich king is here. Atop the fortress lies the lich king with many of his cronies. After a short dialogue, the death knight you met earlier helps you kill off a very bad guy that works with the lich king. The battle ends and you are rewarded with a very nice blue weapon of your choice.

Now I've completed the zone and am ready to move onto the next zone...Howling Fjord...but I'm gonna make a quick stop at Dalaran first. Dalaran is a very small city. It's surprisingly mazy and hard to get around despite its size. After peeking in a few shops, getting my gear repaired, and checking out the nine portals that you can take, I decided to log and get ready to head out to Howling Fjord in the morning. for Day 5 Pics!

WotLK Beta - Day 4...FINALLY

Posted by bobafett573 Saturday August 23 2008 at 12:57AM
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OMG you'd never believe how long it takes to get internet service set up in a new apartment.  It's been two weeks without internet but never fear, I'm back.  Back to the beta I go...LOTS has changed in two weeks.  Apparently I just found out that all the Blizzcon beta keys just went out so now the servers are packed full...and now they release a new patch.  More people + new patch = very unstable server.  Right now it's crashing about once every 20 minutes but hey, it's beta.

I start my journey back at Amber Ledge.  After working with the red dragons, we pwn the people holding a highly important sorceror captive.  While this may be decent storyline, the quest does involve using "enhanced interrogation techniques" that I find disturbing (see pic).  After I rescue the sorceror, it's off to take some geometric readings (BORING) but I run into a bunch of radioactive murlocs.  As interesting as that sounds, I was even more shocked at the funny looking murloc who taught me murloc-ese.  Now I can mgrrrrrrrrrrrrrgl all on my own.  I started on the quests to become friends with the murlocs...but the area was too camped so I moved on.  Next stop...time to visit some gnomes!
The gnome airbase is under robots.  Apparently while they were building stuff, they unearthed an ancient machine that turns living beings into robots.  Your the souls of the gnomes-turned-robots and destroy the giant gnome robot (see pic).  The whole thing takes actually a lot of work, mainly because there's angry robots everywhere you go.  Finally kill the giant gnome and I don't know where to go next.

I guess I'll just head back to the coast...and lookie there MORE WALRUS!  They need help!  They're being attacked by more seaweed monsters!  I gotta deal with more of their elders who think the ground is sacred and defend their asses.  Now I finally get sent to deal with some undead...who are the real problem in Northrend.  I get to assist a death knight in tormenting an undead...however that works.  Gotta invade a castle and whoops server crash...guess I'll continue tomorrow! for Day 4 Pics!

Day 3

Posted by bobafett573 Saturday August 9 2008 at 10:22PM
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Off I go to The Nexus.  However, first I gotta find a way to get there.  I head west until I reach Amber Ledge, a high plateau with a bunch of pretty flowers and dragonkin everywhere.  I ride a dragon over to the island of Coldarra.  Coldarra is a very icy place but, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places I've seen in Northrend so far.  However, there is a huge conflict going on here.  There's a dragon war going on.  Red dragons vs. blue dragons.  The blue dragons are gathering power in an effort to destroy Azeroth.  Powerful mages are protecting a little village with a magical bubble that looks very much like the Dalaran bubble that used to exist.  I run around the island multiple times gathering supplies, taking energy readings, and killing dragons until it's finally enter The Nexus.

The Nexus is a very small instance, similar in size to Hellfire Ramparts.  There are four bosses.  The first two are just tank and spank bosses.  Our tank actually left after the first two bosses so we had to find a new tank...and the new one was no good at all so we struggled on the last two.  The second to last boss, Grand Magus Telestra, was difficult because she did A LOT of knockbacks.  The last boss was very hard.  The last boss is a huge dragon frozen in ice (very VERY reminiscent of the movie Transformers).  You thraw the dragon out and the battle begins.  The problem was that every 2 seconds you stand still, you get a debuff that does 100 damage per second that stacks until you move.  This proves to make any casting/healing extremely difficult.  Also, you have to stand on the side of the dragon.  Knockbacks occur in front of and near the tail of the dragon.  It took us 6 tries but we finally downed him.  Overall the loot in this instance is on par with Mount Hyjal/Tempest Keep loot.  At the end of the instance, I got to say something that hasn't been said in months...DING 71!

I only had about 15 minutes left before I had to go to work so I went exploring a little bit.  I headed south and saw a Horde village that had been completely slaughtered by the seaweed monsters...and then you'll never guess who I saw.  Kel'thuzad is just chillin' in Borean Tundra.  DO NOT GO NEAR HIM!  I made that mistake.  If he sees you, he sends about 30 lvl 72 undead at you that pretty much pwns you.  He's got some cool undead floaty buildings around him (hmmm Necrons from Warhammer 20k?). for Day 3 Pics! for The Nexus Pics!

Day 2

Posted by bobafett573 Saturday August 9 2008 at 10:21PM
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Marsh Walkers oh my!  The tuskarr seem to be under attack by a bunch of seaweed monsters!  The seaweed monsters actually shroud themselves in a mist that makes them invisible until you enter the mist.  I slaughtered the entire beach of monsters (called Riplash Beach, just southeast of Valiance Keep) and then went on to help a very interesting group of druids...

D.E.H.T.A. = Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals
A rather extremist group of elitist druids who believe that animals shouldn't be hunted.  You wanna know how serious they are?  If you kill ANY beast in Borean Tundra, you get a debuff saying that you got animal blood on you and that if DEHTA sees you, they will kill you (this even applies to aggressive beasts who attack you first).  They send you on various missions to hunt "demons" (who are really just hunters) and to help injured wildlife.

I keep heading north and end up at a mining site run by a bunch of Beryl cultists.  They've enslaved the Tuskarr to do some rituals or something.  Anyhow, I kill a bunch of bad guys and help the enslaved Tuskarr get their souls back and then die.  It's a very sad story :(

Tomorrow I shall enter the first Northrend instance, The Nexus... for Day 2 Pics!

Day 1

Posted by bobafett573 Saturday August 9 2008 at 10:20PM
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As I log onto the beta server for the first time, I find myself in Stormwind.  Before me is the brand new Stormwind Harbor.  The only word to describe it is "huge."  Anyhow, I hop on the boat and head off for Borean Tundra, one of two starting areas in Northrend.

The boat docks at the major alliance city in Borean Tundra, Valiance Keep.  The city is gearing up and recruiting citizens to join the fight in defending the city from the undead.  After doing several defensive quests, I discover that the city has an underground faction of cultists who are secretly helping the Scourge.  After purging the city of the infidels, I was sent to help a missing brigade of soldiers sent to the nearby mining village of Farshire.  The place is completely overrun by the Scourge, as seems typical of most of the land.  After helping drive back the Scourge once again, I was sent to help some walrus (actually they're called tuskarr but they're really a bunch of walrus :P ).  Fortunately for them, the Scourge had yet to touch their beaches but they had a different threat... for Day 1 Pics!


Posted by bobafett573 Saturday August 9 2008 at 10:19PM
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My first day in the WotLK beta...I'm still in total shock that I got in.  I remember when the BC beta started I was so upset that I didn't get into the beta.  I had so many questions about the changes and new stuff.  Because of that, I've decided to blog my journeys through Northrend.  Be warned: though I won't be getting into detail on any quests or lore, please be aware that some stuff I write *COULD* be considered spoilers.  My goal of this blog is not to ruin the "new-ness" of the expansion but merely to give you an inside look at what you get to look forward to.