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Fightin' the MMORPG Fight

Your friendly neighborhood blogger. Writing about the games out there you play, with a sarcastic spin.

Author: blooblob

State of the War: How every Game System is doing and my (Very Late) Reviews

Posted by blooblob Saturday November 29 2008 at 7:33PM
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             Yes it may be late, but I have finally decided to put in my opinion about the consoles, their hardware, and how well they are doing financally. Most who read this won't care what I say about the consoles, so I will jump straight to the PC review.


       PC Review Part 1: The Games


           Well in the games category it is a mixed bag for the PC. There are many terrific games out there, but the PC has it's share of junk, shovelware, etc. My favorite genre of game on the PC is the one with some of the best and worst games for the PC, The MMORPG genre. It has many styles of game for many people to play, but it is also filled with buggy messes and games that are just plain out not fun. It also has those gems that are just the best ways to communicate with friends or do whatever you want.

Games section final verdict: 4 Out Of 5

PC Review Part 2: The Hardware


Here is the hardest part of the PC to review: the hardware. It has the most advanced technology to play games in it, but it is also the most expensive thing to buy and maintain. You could spend thousands a year just upgrading you PC so you can play games that are classified as "Next Gen"or you can keep it the same and still enjoy the older games. Overall, the most technologically advanced platform.

PC Hardware Final Verdict: 5 Out Of 5


Now onto the game systems, let's start with my personal favorite, the PS3.


PS3 Review Part 1: The Games


      The PS3 has a wide variety of games, covering many genres of games. You have LittleBigPlanet, a very creative platformer that allows you to design your own levels and download other user created levels. Then you have Resistance 2, a FPS of gigantic proportions. 

      But alas, you have the other horrible games that demote this consoles score in this category. You have Vampire Rain: Altered Species, which is a port of the awful Xbox360 version. Then you have other 3rd party games which help deminish the score of the PS3

PS3 Games Final Verdict: 3.5 out of 5


PS3 Review Part 2: The Hardware


The hardware of the PS3 is where it beats the other 2 consoles in terms of technology. The PS3 has a lower hardware failure rate then the Xbox 360 and the Wii, and it also uses advanced technology that has remained untapped by developers. It is only beaten by the PC, which will always be lightyears ahead from consoles.

PS3 Hardware Final Verdict: 4.5 Out Of 5


Now onto the choice of most hardcore console users, the Xbox 360.


Xbox 360 Review Part 1: The Games


        The Xbox 360 has many great games, but it also has a lot of crap too. One of the better games I have found is Gears of War 2, which doesn't have a very mature or long storyline, but it is at it's best when played online. The 360 also has many family orientated games, which have helped sales go up.

            The 360 is also plagued by many bugged filled messes too. One such game, Two Worlds, had one of the worst framerates I have ever seen. it was like watching slideshow, except in a video game. Another is Fuzion Frenzy 2, which is a horrible collection of minigames that will bore you to death.

Xbox 360 Games Final Verdict: 3 Out Of 5


Xbox 360 Review Part 2: The Hardware


       Hardware is where the 360 utterly fails. (besides one little thing called Xbox Live) the 360 doesn't have BAD graphics, it's just it's success rate. When Xbox 360's were first coming off the assembly line, they had 1 in 4 Xbox 360s suffering from this hardware failure called the "Red Ring of Death" which would prevent games from playing on the 360.


           The part where the 360 shines in the hardware catagory is Xbox Live. It is the best online console service out there. It has streamlined searching for arcade games, and it has also added Mi... I mean Avatars to the service. It also has brought a great feature that lets you watch movies directly from Netflix on your Xbox 360.


Xbox 360 Hardware Final Verdict: 2.5 Out Of 5


      Now onto the system of choice for casual gamers, the Wii.


Wii Review Part 1: The Games


      What to say about the Wii's selection of games...... all I can say is that most of the games for the Wii are Shovelware designed to take advantage of people who haven't played games before. There are only a few games I could recommend to people, and they may not be some people's preferred game.


Wii Games Final Verdict: 2 Out Of 5 (Those few gems save it's score by a point)


Wii Review Part 2: The Hardware


       The Wii's hardware is modest, to say the least. It isn't plagued by hardware failures, but it isn't the most graphically supercharged platform either. It has by far, the worst graphic capability of any of the consoles out right now. The added problems of no hard drive, almost no online capable games, and the dreaded friend codes don't really help the systems score.

Wii Hardware Final Verdict: 3 out of 5


Well on to the last part of this blog entry, the state of each station saleswise. I'll put it as list form so I won't have to make anyone read anymore long paragraphs.

1. The Wii

2. The Xbox 360

3. The PS3

Unknown: The PC


Well I hope that everyone Enjoyed reading this and I hope it helps some out there who are still looking for that console of choice.


Feel free to comment on this!

toddze writes:

Well I have both 360 and PS3. I agree that the ps3 has much better hardware than the 360. What I question your review on is xbox live vs PSN. IMO xbox live has a bunch of worthless crap that I dont need/want. I want to go online and play my online games. That is where imo PSN beats xbox 360. For me, pay to play online or free to play online, is what it boils down to me. It is not a hard choice for me. I choose PSN. M$ is nothing but a money sink.  I know alot of users like all the junk that xbox live offers, and thats fine. But you should not have to pay to play your games online period. The cost of the game should cover that.

Sat Nov 29 2008 8:11PM Report
blooblob writes:

I see your point there. I agree that Xbox Live has some not needed features, but it still was the 1st online service that was easy to use on a console, and I think it gets a bit of extra credit for that.

Sat Nov 29 2008 8:19PM Report
nondogg13 writes:

my only dis on on 360 is any good game on 360 i can get on my pc and it looks better. xbox live had movies on it first but still doesn't have hd movies. xbox live was first console online service charging 50 dollars inorder too play onine, psn is free and sony runs multible dedicated servers for all there online games which anyone who play fps knows how much better a dedicated game server is then a match run on your console.

Sat Nov 29 2008 11:20PM Report
Moodah writes:

@ nondogg - that really is a personal preference. I also have both Xbox and a decent gaming PC, yet I use the PC almost exclusively for MMOs and play all the rest on the console. In my opinnion the immersion into any game is way better on a big TV screen, plus you get to drop yourself onto the couch after a hard day's work.

Sun Nov 30 2008 3:21AM Report
ManJunk writes:

These so called reviews stink so bad of opinion based evidence.


Sun Nov 30 2008 5:12AM Report
ManJunk writes:

I can't resist.

You shouldn't have to pay to play your games online?  Are you serious?
Useless crap on Live?  What... like movies, music, arcade games, news, etc...   Yeah, that's so useless!
Xbox Live has HD movies.
$50 for Live?  Never payed that.
Sony runs enough dedicated servers to host 100-500k players for free at any given time?  For one game?  Show this evidence.
I've probably played FPS games before most even knew what a computer was.  I play CoD4 and World at War constanty on my Xbox and with no issues.  Lag is almost transparent even with a bad connection.

Sun Nov 30 2008 5:22AM Report
Zahzul writes:

PSN far > xbox live...

And to Manjunk, it is obvious that you do not even own a PS3, lol

Sun Nov 30 2008 6:59AM Report
nondogg13 writes:

im sorry didn't mean to dis 360, those literally are the only flaws i see in the system its a great console far better then the gamecube with a motion controler uhhh. or wii and i have a 360 you do need to pay 50$ too play games online otherwise you can only download crap and no there are no high def movies on xboxlive. me personally i have a 28'' lcd screen 2 ms response times it kills my 52" lcd tv for gaming no ghosting at all and again just personal prefference but i am much faster at turning and targeting with a mouse and asdw. i still say this certain picture i saw online was the truest thing i've ever seen. How too figure out what system is for you. do you like videogames yes: go pc no: go console continue if you pic you have friends yes:xbox360 or wii no: ps3. conitnue if you picked yes. are your friends real or internet friend(iFriends) real: get wiii  iFriends:get 360

Sun Nov 30 2008 9:38AM Report
ManJunk writes:

Yes, there are HD movies on Xbox.  Look again... cause I'm looking at one right now.  The Xbox live gold service is like $8 month... not $50.

Obvious that I don't own a PS3?  You're right, I personally don't.  My close friends however do.

The XBOX live community is far greater than PSN.  What makes PSN better?

Sun Nov 30 2008 10:38AM Report
blooblob writes:

 Manjunk i was hoping you were sarcastic on the xbox Live community aspect. By far on a friendliness scale, xbox live gets a 4. PSN gets a 8. Xbox Live has one of the worst trash talking immature communities besides WoW. (couldn't resist) PSN  has almost none of the people I have listed.

Sun Nov 30 2008 1:57PM Report
ManJunk writes:

"greater" as in numbers.

I, as well as yourself, don't have the authority to deem one community immature or not.

Sun Nov 30 2008 2:06PM Report
toddze writes:

ManJunk. Ok let me break this down for you. I bought a PS3 and an Xbox360, to PLAY GAMES on. Not watch movies, not listen to music, or read the news etc. I can tell you that online play is no different on ps3 or xbox live. At least I cant see a difference thats why I dont have a gold account. 60 bucks for a game should cover the cost of online play period. And it does, It is just that M$ adds this worthless junk so they have an excuss to milk more cash from their brain dead customers. Why not let me get to play online for free on the xbox live and charge for that other stuff, if I want it? Ill tell you why, because no one would buy that worthless stuff if they could play online free.

Sun Nov 30 2008 10:45PM Report
Malkos writes:

Youre a little biast on the Wii it seems.

Games, only a 2.5? Yes, it only has a few games hardcore gamers would play, but you have to realize thats not what theyre going for. Wii is actually aiming to take over the market that no one else has touched. New and young gamers.


Hard ware 3 out of 5? The graphics arent ment to be great. The point of the wii isnt "Hey look! we have so awesome shiny graphics!" the point of it is the controls. The wii is the most inovative system out there on the market at the moment due to its control style with so many games.


I believe your scores for the wii could be a bit higher =/ its just youre not looking at it in the right light.

Sun Nov 30 2008 11:01PM Report
Xzen writes:

While I liked the review for the most part I just wanted to point out a couple things. Under the PS3 hardware you said that the PC is light years ahead of the PS3 hardware. The Cell processor that the PS3 is built around can only be found in one other machine on the planet and that's the Fastest Supercomputer currently in existence. It's called the roadrunner and is located in Los Alamos National Labs... How can a pc be light years ahead of a PS3 when the technology it's built on isn't even available for PC yet. In the Video game part for PS3 I noticed a couple good titles and quite a few I've never heard of and probably for good reason. However where is Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword, and Ratchet and Clank in your list of great games for the PS3?

Mon Dec 01 2008 12:35AM Report
blooblob writes:

 Malkos i do agree I was a bit biased with the Wii. I think the hardware is innovative it just needs to be refined more. With games I'm rating solely based on a technical standpoint and most 3rd party Wii games work, but they don't work well

Mon Dec 01 2008 7:17AM Report
blooblob writes:

Xzen the hardware on he PS3 is very advanced, but one piece of hardware doesn't make it the advanced ever. The computer's every other piece of hardware CAN be more advanced, but most computers are not. You have very good points about it and I have heard of the roadrunner. As for the games I was giving new examples of games, I wasn't trying to compile a list.

Mon Dec 01 2008 7:21AM Report
blooblob writes:

 Everybody try to keep the comments civil.

Mon Dec 01 2008 7:22AM Report writes:
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