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Jade Dynasty Review

Posted by bjrotux Saturday June 27 2009 at 6:35AM
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This game is easy for both :

Newcomers to MMORPG and Profesional MMORPS players

And You can enjoy game like for 30 minutes before choosing ur class/faction

For new char is easy get level 30 because if "noob skill" which can 1 hit K.O. almost all same level monsters and at  5lvl with this skill you can 1hit K.O. even 15lvl monster , so you can fast reach lvl 30 then fun begins , PK also starts at 30lvl

3 servers make almost no lag for any ppls - with realms for PvP , PvE & Trading

All Realms got  their own BOSS , some have their own NPC , or Daily Events(theres lot of them! they help u get gold, level or items for pet)

Then you reach level 90 you can help other ppl gain level until 75level , and you get charity points which help you improve ur Espers ( its a somethink new for MMORPG! it adds HP MP(spirit) attack resistences and so!)

And theres nothink like Strengh , Agility , Vitality , Inteligence and so , you gain 1 skill point per level (1skill point = +1 skill level)

Theres so much quests that you wont run out of quests! Some of them Help you earn money , some give exp , some help u improve Clan Skills(yeah there is! they add Health , Spirit , Demage, and Passive skill: EXP SHARE!)

Clan can have 15people but Clans is part of ALLIANCE , and theres Wars for land(like in Perfect World ) But it costs alot , but would it be fun if it would be free? ;P

Also Theres PK Alliance Challanges , 1hour period but its really FUN! With massive AOE(are of effect) PK its really FUN!

But now lets talk about Factions!

Theres 5 Factions:

VIM ( Tanker have Long HP, Huge defence , Medium Damage , Melle attack)

JADEON ( Damage Dealer have Medium HP, Low Defence , Huge Damage , Range attack , AOE grinder)

SKYSONG ( Healer + Buffer, Damage Hp Defence all Low, range attack)

LUPIN(Assasin (Damage Dealer+huge critical rate) Long HP , Nice Defence, Huge Damage, Melle attack)

MODO( Curser ( poision , de-buffs , low HP , nice Defence and Damage, melle attack)


all faction have 5 stages = 1st stage at level 15 then evey 30 level tier/stage upgrades :)

And theres alot all-faction skills which is hard to obtain :)

Now Most Cool Features!


Flying on Acient Swords!

Auto-Path run! ( no need waste time seach mobs! just use green link in quest!)

Unlimited Bot until level 90!

Fight While On Mounts

Pets (they can evolve!)

Marriage ( well its not so cool xD )

Item Mall Items which decrease your Karma / Infamy (5$ to decrease 100hours of red name xD)

Item Mall item which make you no lose exp or items then died!

In-game Smile Pictures! no need use :) or xD just use a PIC! & You can buy even cooler smile packs instead of Kitty smiles!

review by Bjrotux



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