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MMO rants

I like to blog about things that I've found bothersome in current MMOs. So expect a lot posts about things I dislike and about how I feel they should be changed.

Author: beregar

Dark Revelation Time

Posted by beregar Monday December 6 2010 at 12:27PM
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I blogged earlier about my likes and dislikes as an online gamer and how they lead to what I jokingly call as ”dark revelation” (dun dun dun)... or rather revelations. Well, here is what I learned about myself when filtered through some of the more vocal community opinions.

I realised I don't actually like MMOs!

(and yes, it deserved larger size, bolding and underline all)


Get ready to shed some light to all that darkness:


What I like is co-operative online games with persistent worlds.... err what? Let me explain: competing over limited resources is not my idea of fun. Camping for spawns is not fun. Not truly achieving anything even temporarily because of persistent nature of the world is not fun. Playing with other people is not fun if they are viewed more as competitors than allies. Does their presence really matter while fighting if they are more of a nuisance than help? I don't even like forming parties but I still like playing with other people!

I'd rather see the open ”persistent” world portion as a place where I socialize, craft, trade, play minigames, and work with other people through public quests and events where everyone is rewarded. Put the actual ”story content” and quests into adventure packages that are basically instances. Places where you go alone or with a group of allies. Places where you don't have ninja looters, killstealers, or spawn camping. It looks to me like most people prefer going through this content solo or in small groups anyway. Just make them actual adventures, not spots for railroad slaying.

I also realised I like a lot things that people say do not belong to MMOs such as ”console combat” (read: action combat) and I don't even own a single console. The best part of all is that I realised it's all utter crap. What people are actually saying is that ”feature x does not belong to a game because I don't like it”.

Why is a MMO massively multiplayer anyways? What makes game a MMO? Supposedly it is the way how they potentially allow multiple real people in same spot at a same time. Yet, even in the best case scenario there are rarely more than a few dozen people in same area unless it's some sort of hub of activity – usually a city, end game area, or a raid situation. If the game has centralized server with hundreds of people interacting through hubs but most of the content is experienced by small teams in instances, doesn't it still mean the game is a MMO? Or is it combat areas that determine the nature of a MMO?

In the end it shouldn't matter under what category the online game is. If you enjoy the game you should play it and leave nitpicking to people who have nothing better to do. I wholly support MMORPG.Com's articles that touch any kind of online games. I for one won't be judging games based on some vague ruling system but based on how interesting they appear to be.

Okay. So maybe I like MMOs after all...


- B writes:
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