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Author: beauturkey

Making room for a subscription.

Posted by beauturkey Saturday September 26 2009 at 4:23PM
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I really enjoy paying my bills. Granted, I would rather have more money to pay them, but I still enjoy keeping track of where our dollars go. If you want to see how wasteful some humans live, do your books and do them well. You will see that over the years your money generally goes into the drain, but it is a very fun drain.

And that's fine, to me. If you want to spend your money on entertainment, or cars, or savings, go for it. You worked for it so do what you want. But here's a list to illustrate how many bills I keep track of in a month, and I am sure I am missing some:


1) Rent

2) Insurance

3) Food

4) Electric Bill

5) Cable Bill

6) Gas Bill

7) Cell Phone/Netbook Bill

8) Skype

9) Credit Card Payments

10) 2 Libsyn Accounts

11) Website Hosting

12) School Loans

13) Ad-Free services

And there are a few more I might be missing. Most of these are essentials that break down into eating, drinking, cleaning or pooping. You can see that tacking on a subscription or 5 (we have had 6 at once before) could be a headache. Don't get me wrong, we can afford them, and we do maintain Leala's WoW account, but other than that this is a F2P household.

This does not mean that I do not pay any money into the system. I pay plenty. I have spent 100 dollars in Mabinogi alone. This means that I choose when and if my money goes in, and despite that I am still allowed access to the games. Many of these games, if only subscription-based, would have lost my cash a long time ago. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the subscription based model and even sub to my old fav's every few months, but for me it is literally about not wanting to tack on MORE bills for things that I might not use that much.

And, to be honest, I could keep track of them just fine, or just let them hit the cards and we would never notice, but that's how you can very easily get yourself into trouble.

It is literally the mental weight of the subscription, the simple existence of that clock ticking down, that prevents me from paying for subscriptions anymore. I can sit down and throw 20 bucks on one of my cards in order to get some virtual cash-shop items, but once I have paid that I can set the game down for a month or 8 and can always come back and log back in. In fact, I like re-discovering a game after I have taken a hiatus from it, seeing all the new content that has come out.

And, as someone that has experienced at least 100 F2P games and almost as many p2P games, I can tell you that F2P's generally (I said generally) have a faster and more reliable update schedule. Many F2P developers talk about this need for something new on a very quick schedule, since the player did not pay for anything to play the game they can very easily leave it behind to find a game that does update fast. Look at Mabinogi and it's incredible update schedule, or Runes of that to a WoW or a Ryzom. Those games, while fantastic, release new content in a very slow pace especially compared to many F2P games.

So, even though I could, I choose not to make room for any more subs than we maintain now. I don't want the grief. As someone that writes about games, and tries out a few or several in a month, I need to be able to put them down without the worry about the subscription running out. I don't need a timer.

My situation is pretty unique, and I can say that I also occasionally receive a sub without having to pay for one, but overall I am skipping around games like a kid trying to pick  out just one toy at the toy shop to buy.