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Author: beauturkey

The word "beta" is officially replaced with "released."

Posted by beauturkey Monday August 17 2009 at 3:47PM
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Thousands of gamers across the world are relieved to finally get the official nod that the word "beta" has been replaced with the word "release." For the last 5 years of major MMO development, gamers have been confused as to why their actions did not match up to what they were called to be doing.

Posts scream of  "..buggy play sessions that feel like a beta.." while all along players felt as though they were playing during the grand opening of a brand new world instead of helping out developers by reporting bugs and keeping track of issues.

Game developers have now changed "closed beta" to "open beta", will remove all NDA restrictions from the closed beta, and will use "closed beta" instead of "alpha/development/meeting at a coffee shop discussing an idea for a game."

So far, the "release" of Champions Online seems to going relatively smoothly, if not for a few minor issues, like the lack of a physical box on store shelves and no box art to go on those boxes.

Death1942 writes:

god i HATE how people use beta as a way to try out the game for free.  I dislike people who play the beta and never report any bugs and slam the game over beta issues.


Betas should be controlled (like Aion) and focus on fixing bugs instead of trying out the game

Mon Aug 17 2009 4:30PM Report
Annwyn writes:

I love sarcasm :D Great blog though a bit small :þ

Mon Aug 17 2009 5:18PM Report
Elethon writes:

Nice blog, I loled

Mon Aug 17 2009 5:55PM Report
Dedthom writes:

I agree, to many players view closed and open beta as a "Free Trial" and the come back months after release and complain about a buggy launch.

Also, stating that you have played a game since beta just doesn't mean much anymore since every Tom Dick and Harry seems to get in.

Tue Aug 18 2009 5:32AM Report writes:
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