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Author: beauturkey

Ryzom: the game I am pulling for!

Posted by beauturkey Saturday August 8 2009 at 5:27PM
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You know, as I sit here in game watching players interact for the new Player Marketplace that some players have arranged, I am just remembering all the great times I have had in this game.

It still looks great, mainly due to it's uniqueness and not it's texture res. The game has a wonderful feel to it, and makes me wonder how many more typical swords and sorcery games we need before someone designs a game that is actually based on a very unique world, with characters and systems that are nothing like the rest of the games out there. It kind of makes me uncomfortable to think that Ryzom is all alone in MMO Land.


It also makes me realise that I enjoy games for so much more than playing them. If a game is just a sum of it's combat systems, then I want nothing to do with gaming. The point of these games is to do things with other people, to forge friendships, to grow your character.  To me, at least, combat is nothing but another activity in the game.

And while I have done my share of fighting, in Ryzom my character has grown to be a combination of reporter, trader, explorer and (recently) digger.

But over the last three years, not so much has been done with the game along the line of anything new. Recently, the new owners have have done more than ever before, and it is much appreciated, but everyone has their dreams that they were like to see come true for one of their favorite games.  I wonder, though, if I missed something by not doing in this game what many players do in other games: get to max level several times. There are basically a ton of different skills you can have on your character, and all of them can be raised to 250. The highest skill I have is 170 or so, and that is with my hand-to-hand.

Even in Ryzom, those players that seem to have been able to raise their characters level the highest seem to enjoy themselves the most, even in the world that has hardly changed at all. And I am a little jealous. While my character has been forged through community involvement, exploring and through many adventures, theirs have been forged by performing the long hard grind not once, but several times. In a way, they have badges of courage I could never stomach.

It's something I have got to get used to, I guess. My inability to stick only with one game to the point of having the very highest in level (and gear in some games) has caused me to miss out on developing my character in that way, ever. The players that I watch and have watched in this game for the last 3 years would probably play this game and it alone for the next 10. I'm jealous of their characters deep history. Mine is always too busy to build himself up that way.

Oh well. I guess the trade off is being able to explore anywhere and anytime, and the sum of all my characters is pretty great, too. Plus, it's just how I am. Those players and their 5 year histories have gone through a long, boring process in some cases.

So, more power to them!