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Author: beauturkey

Champions too? So how many uses DOES this damn system have?

Posted by beauturkey Monday August 3 2009 at 12:12AM
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So the XBox 360 hurts the **** out of my hands.

I mean, as in normally I need to ice 'em down about...every few days, if I am playing a lot of games. This XBox makes me ice 'em down twice a ******* DAY.

So I am doing some re-thinking. I love many of the games, but will look into any possible mouse/keyboard usage I can get out of it. Also, I have been asking for games that require less button mashing and have received a few recommendations. At the game store, the kid even told me that "End War" can be operated almost entirely from voice commands! I'm trying it soon enough.


But the real thrill in the Xbox is the downloadable/streaming stuff. Honestly, I can do all of this stuff from my PC, but I like that the Xbox will always run the demos without worry and is constantly changing. I have it hooked to our NetFlix account and have been watching tons of streaming content like "B******t" and "This American Life." I even catch up on older movies like "Pan's Labyrinth", which was slightly above freaking pointless.

It's a great system, but having only one real MMO on the system just doesn't rise it above "streaming box thingy" in my book. So, I was very happy to hear about "Champions Online," another real MMO (none of that "but you can play with up to 6 friends" BS) coming out on the system. Granted, I would need to still bother with the painful controller, but I am finding ways around that, slowly.

Next they need a browser to check your email and that Twitter functionality they talked about. And when that creepy boy stuff comes out, I am sure I will put plenty of time into messing around with games that make me jump and duck.

What I like about it is the fact that it's so small, compact. I can unplug the thing and bring it to my little brothers house for some gaming. Funniest thing is that it actually works, while it's half-cousin the PC is almost guaranteed to mess up at some point. Dozens of times. I say abandon the PC and just make consoles that have a few of the options of a PC, Microsoft. Who cares about these bloated PC's that come packed with all this extra stuff that we don't use. Bloated boxes, bloated code, drivers, things that are bound to interfere with each other.

The PC, while haven given me hours of delight throughout the last 10 years, can go away and slowly die somewhere and I would not miss it.

What I WOULD miss are real MMO's, games that allow you to play in a persistent world with thousands of people. Oh, trust me, I am fully aware that within another 10 years we all will be ditching PC's for simple "do it all" boxes (that will be the size of iPhones) anyway, but that doesn't mean that I will just sit back patiently. I will always be on the lookout for the product that works, and that doesn't need to be replaced almost every year.

Just give me a box that works, and one that games will look pretty on because the systems are all the same.

And keep adding REAL MMO's like Champions (IF it does indeed come out for the 360) and I will be a long-time customer.

Oh yeh, looks like many of my predictions are coming true, if not off-date a bit:

Damn, that was fast. Soon, players will post "I'm bored" before the developer can announce the name of their top-secret "in development" products.