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Author: beauturkey

What is this Ecks Bocks you speak of?

Posted by beauturkey Sunday July 19 2009 at 7:32PM
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Ok, ok. I broke down and got one.

We went to the store, looked at how cheap the games were and bought one. There it sits, while I am on my computer and while Leala is playing "Rock and Roll all night (and party every day.)"

My new Xbox 360.

So far it is a brilliant gaming platform, something millions of gamers already know. I am impressed by the online uses, and look forward to even more. If there is one thing that I agree on, it's that consoles are PERFECT for MMO's. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about upgrading, adding to or spending more money on the box. You open it, plug it in and GO.


Already there are three major MMO's for the Xbox: AoC (well, supposed to be soon? I need to research that. Been a while..), Final Fantasy XI (otherwise known as our favorite torture) and that crazy Phantasy Star Universe thingy. While I would love for AoC to come out on the Xbox, FFXI is going to stay off my console forever. I had enough of that on my PC. But, seeing how beautiful the graphics can be, and the brilliant multi-player options for the Xbox, one can dream of a day soon coming that will have several MMO's for the platform.

While I am enjoying games like Guitar Hero and the must-have Saints Row (or any other of the run-around-and-shoot-people-in-the-face-games), I am a little dissapointed upon discovering that most of the FPS's, and many other games, are the un-original idea stealers that I thought they would be.

How many more of these FPS's will come out before one comes out that is ORIGINAL? I want something different. I played BioShock and a few others, and they are all just the same stuff within a different skin. ( I have played more on my PC, but stopped about a year back. They were all the same.)

How many more games with aliens will be rip offs of the original Alien? Oh look, another long headed things with claws. Oh, and look! Another "giant bug" type! Oh, can we say "chitin"? Hey, let's name them something like "The Acrid."

Point being, for every great game on Xbox there seems to 10 crappy ones. Sure, they all fill in one of the generic groups of gaming emotions:

1) Adventure

2) Blowing stuff up

3) Shooting faces while giggling about it

4) Fighting

5) Shooting aliens

6) "Scary games"

And there are these great mini-games, downloadable little bits of originality and fun.  And all the demos that let you try out a game before you buy it. Great stuff, for sure! Xbox is perfect for what I use it for: fun, basic emotions and moments of sheer gaming joy.

I fully expect the system (and others) to eventually have games that bring out the same deep emotions and chin-rubbing moments that games like EVE, WoW, Vanguard or Ryzom do. In fact, I believe that within a few years most PC's will simply be a console..a box that you just plug in and go. Essentially, the Xbox is just a computer that games are specialized for. It would be nice to be able to not worry about buying a new one every year to keep up with tech needs.

So, do I love the new Xbox? Hell yes. It's a digital toy store, and the online elements make it much, much better than you would expect. Now, as soon as I get the new TV this week, it will be even better.

Now, developers, go out and make some MMO's for it!!

And hey, any recommendations for games?


Artursl writes:

Have an xbox360 myself, an awesome, awesome gaming system.

But I never understood how can MMO's work on console controllers? When playing MMO's on PC most of people tend to use all the numbers and even combinations like ctrl or alt or shift + number. I think you can ofcourse buy a keyboard for it (from what I have heard) But not everyone is willing to buy game + bonus peripheral to play it.


Game recommendations?

Lost Odyssey is a good one if you're into JRPG's with stories. Though I hate all the "So Kawaii" asian stuff, this one was really serious and the short stories they had in it were great.

Then there is GTA 4 with it's dlc's, Resident evil 5 if you like that series, Dead Space which is sort of like the last only creepier and in space,Fight Night round 3 or more recent one round 4 if you're into box, Grid or Burnout if you like racers, Mass Effect  (Really love this one), The new Riddick: Escape from dark athena (2 games in one) Condemned 2 - Face mashing/horror, Fable 2 and umm...yeah those are the ones I really enjoyed, though most of them are multiplatform, but just in case you haven't tried them.

Sun Jul 19 2009 8:10PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Thanks man! I got Fable coming on my rental..I'll check out that jrpg one. I played a few back in the day.



Sun Jul 19 2009 8:17PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Welcome come planet Xbawx, over 22 millions served. All my local RL buds have xbawx's and have been trying to get to me into a console for years now. 


But seeing this sweet xb laptop makes me change my mind...

What, where and how much?

The reason I stick to pc is that there isn't alot of moddability amongst the xbox games, I play a heavily modded Oblivion and other games as well. Sometimes the player created content is better than the companies. Not in the sense of Fallout, but they're working on it. And I would recommend FO3, it plays and looks better on the xbox. Maybe one day if they can get an multiplayer mod for that game I would get back into it.

Good luck and enjoy it.

Sun Jul 19 2009 11:15PM Report
confuzn writes:

You say all FPS games are pretty much the same, but the same can be said for MMO's. It's not like as an audience we've seen extremely different varietes in MMO's (at this current point) except for maybe Age of Conan or a few others I can't name off the top of my head (sorry :P). They're almost all just the same thing with different skin. And as for FPS's I'm not sure how many ways you can make an FPS truly different for it to be exciting. Maybe you're talking about the stories they have? I mean the game mechanics can't be TOO radical otherwise it gets to be ridiculous. Oh and Inktomi in my opinion FO3 looks wayyyyy better on PC lol. Look at screens side by side you'll see the difference. Just my two cents. (Sorry if you didn't get that I understand it's late XD)

Mon Jul 20 2009 1:05AM Report
Inktomi writes:

I never thought of lining up two monitors with a magnifying glass, protracter and T-square to test fallouts graphics. I have it for pc and it just looks cleaner on my buddies box. 

I don't know, that's your opinion and your entitled to it.


Mon Jul 20 2009 2:08AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Well, art-design wise, and content usually FPS's are all the same.

 I see one too many examples of a game designed by a kid that worships other people's ideas. I am not knocking the entire genre, just saying that most of them that I have experienced seem to be copies of each, with a different skin.

 MMO's, despite having similarities to each other, have the constant change of the community, at the very least. The social aspects of them make them much more dynamic than a (an?) FPS.

 Granted, I ain't saying that I don''t enjoy just blowing the hell outta' stuff once in a while. I do. But most of the ones that I have played seem to come from the same train of thought: make some different weapons, put some monsters in there that have been taken from somewhere else, and got for it.




Mon Jul 20 2009 7:35AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I didn't mean different skin, I mean the same skin! lol



Mon Jul 20 2009 9:56AM Report
confuzn writes:

Yeah I can definitely see what you're saying, because in MMO's alot of content is the player while in FPS it's just you (exception being when you're online) oh and a good FPS for computer is Zeno Clash. It's probably more different than a lot out now. Oh and good games to play for 360: Crackdown, GTA 4, Halo 3, Fallout 3, Call of Duty 4. That's what I got off the top of my head. Oh and inktomi I was just talking about screens like pictures not like putting them side by side. Lol no need for sarcasm :)

Mon Jul 20 2009 10:57AM Report
sanders01 writes:

Just saying, but Bioshock is a bit differnt than most FPS :P

I'm suprised you would say it is just like a 'generic' fps like Halo, and it's clones (Remember, Halo = WoW of console FPS' ). And I've always thought MMOs would be great on consoles also, since it's great for any casual gamer, and it can still grab some hardcore gamers. Controller + Couch beats Computer Chair + Desk + mouse for me. Also, the no upgrades, isn't entirely true. They release a new console within 5-10 years, which is about how often you HAVE to upgrade your computer for MMOs, and the way I upgrade my computer, it cost around the same as a new console. It equals out, for me atleast, in the end.

Mon Jul 20 2009 1:38PM Report
confuzn writes:

Yeah but if you're not an mmo player it can end up being really costly, especially if you want to play a game like Crysis, so for a lot of people it doesn't even out (even though it's worth it to me because you can mod the s*** out of most PC games lol)

Mon Jul 20 2009 2:43PM Report
Inktomi writes:

It was a joke...relax it's not that serious. But you were serious enough to comment on it, so. I guess the world needed to know that FO3 is really better on PC, that makes me feel better about being a PC player. Anyhoo...

/sense of humor off

Beau, where did you get the xbox laptop, searching all over the net and can't find it. >.<


Mon Jul 20 2009 3:02PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Sorry about double posting, figured I' throw in something positive.

Gama just posted the top 5 console games for Xbox from Jan - June 2009. CoD:World at war came in #3. That';s a good shooter and online also, what I hear its' a ton of fun. You might also want to look into any of the Tom Clancy games, Vegas was the best from what I hear from TC gamer players. (strictly word of mouth there!)

Mon Jul 20 2009 4:14PM Report
DillingerEP writes:

He didn't buy that... it's just a random picture off the internet. (If you did buy one of em somehow, more power to ya.)

That's just a picture of the 360 MK2 laptop a group of guys built themself's. Last time i checked it out the guys that made it, don't make a bussiness of selling it. But if i remember right they will tell you how to make your own. You can just do a google search to find out more about it.

As for the 360,.. pretty good gaming machine. It's not made with quailty though.. but doesn't detour it from being a awesome gaming machine. Champions Online is supposed to be coming out for it soon, and as far AoC... given the games history.. i think the port is cancelled to the 360.

I agree with FPS's.. why i never could get into them nomore. They mainly always played out that same way. The last one i remember enjoying was Deus Ex... those were some bad ass fps's.

Mon Jul 20 2009 4:59PM Report
DillingerEP writes:

Oh damn... and i can't forget the half life games :D

Mon Jul 20 2009 5:05PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Thanks for all the comments, guys. Sorry I have been at work.

 Ink, I can't remember what that was from. I found it in a google search "xbox." Let's see....

 Here ya go:




Mon Jul 20 2009 9:03PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 geez, thanks for posting the link.  I terrorized my local gamestop about it, they had no clue; well it was a good idea and their reponse was "I like things that work".

I read some reviews for the upcoming Dragon Age:Origins and the xbox controls were wonky. 

 But a multi-funcitonal xbox would be nice, an all in one package hat would  make some pc -> xbox ports easier to control.

Mon Jul 20 2009 9:15PM Report
sfraden writes:

"it's that consoles are PERFECT for MMO's"

You could not be MORE wrong.  Ever wonder why there are not more MMO's out there for consoles?  First off, the hardware is limiting, It is good, but lacks the punch to truly do a full mmo, second there is no telling what hardware add-ons a player might have.  They could be a no HD user 360 player!

Lastly there is the matter of real-estate on the controllers.  There simply is not enough ways to use the limited amount of buttons, and you simply cant count on everyone having/using a chatpad or keyboard.  Just htink of how many keys you use on average alone in about any mmo now, and how much the timing counts.  You simply cant do that on a console.

Tue Jul 21 2009 8:06AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 FFXI, despite me having a love/hate/hate relationship with the game, has plenty of the "standard" controls covered with the controller. The game has housing, travel, all the "normal" things any other regular MMO has.

 Sure, a standard 4 layer deep hot-bar game might not work for it, but that is a question about developers game design, not the hardware.  The hardware would work.




Tue Jul 21 2009 11:27AM Report
April-Rain writes:

My xbox lasted 1yr 8months before it started red ringing, for the amount i actually used it and spent on it i was disgusted, all the games and extra's i gave to my bro and put the xbox where it belongs - in the trash!

Playstation 3 next time i get the console bug......

Tue Jul 21 2009 2:55PM Report
confuzn writes:

Yeah I agree with Beau. An MMO for a console doesn't have to be the regular hotbar sort,  who knows a different "system" for MMOs on a console might be a refreshing change of pace also.

Tue Jul 21 2009 11:29PM Report
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