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Author: beauturkey

What is this Ecks Bocks you speak of?

Posted by beauturkey Sunday July 19 2009 at 8:32PM
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Ok, ok. I broke down and got one.

We went to the store, looked at how cheap the games were and bought one. There it sits, while I am on my computer and while Leala is playing "Rock and Roll all night (and party every day.)"

My new Xbox 360.

So far it is a brilliant gaming platform, something millions of gamers already know. I am impressed by the online uses, and look forward to even more. If there is one thing that I agree on, it's that consoles are PERFECT for MMO's. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about upgrading, adding to or spending more money on the box. You open it, plug it in and GO.


Already there are three major MMO's for the Xbox: AoC (well, supposed to be soon? I need to research that. Been a while..), Final Fantasy XI (otherwise known as our favorite torture) and that crazy Phantasy Star Universe thingy. While I would love for AoC to come out on the Xbox, FFXI is going to stay off my console forever. I had enough of that on my PC. But, seeing how beautiful the graphics can be, and the brilliant multi-player options for the Xbox, one can dream of a day soon coming that will have several MMO's for the platform.

While I am enjoying games like Guitar Hero and the must-have Saints Row (or any other of the run-around-and-shoot-people-in-the-face-games), I am a little dissapointed upon discovering that most of the FPS's, and many other games, are the un-original idea stealers that I thought they would be.

How many more of these FPS's will come out before one comes out that is ORIGINAL? I want something different. I played BioShock and a few others, and they are all just the same stuff within a different skin. ( I have played more on my PC, but stopped about a year back. They were all the same.)

How many more games with aliens will be rip offs of the original Alien? Oh look, another long headed things with claws. Oh, and look! Another "giant bug" type! Oh, can we say "chitin"? Hey, let's name them something like "The Acrid."

Point being, for every great game on Xbox there seems to 10 crappy ones. Sure, they all fill in one of the generic groups of gaming emotions:

1) Adventure

2) Blowing stuff up

3) Shooting faces while giggling about it

4) Fighting

5) Shooting aliens

6) "Scary games"

And there are these great mini-games, downloadable little bits of originality and fun.  And all the demos that let you try out a game before you buy it. Great stuff, for sure! Xbox is perfect for what I use it for: fun, basic emotions and moments of sheer gaming joy.

I fully expect the system (and others) to eventually have games that bring out the same deep emotions and chin-rubbing moments that games like EVE, WoW, Vanguard or Ryzom do. In fact, I believe that within a few years most PC's will simply be a console..a box that you just plug in and go. Essentially, the Xbox is just a computer that games are specialized for. It would be nice to be able to not worry about buying a new one every year to keep up with tech needs.

So, do I love the new Xbox? Hell yes. It's a digital toy store, and the online elements make it much, much better than you would expect. Now, as soon as I get the new TV this week, it will be even better.

Now, developers, go out and make some MMO's for it!!

And hey, any recommendations for games?