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Author: beauturkey

Did I quit Darkfall at the WORST possible time?

Posted by beauturkey Friday July 10 2009 at 1:00PM
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After I let my Darkfall sub go, I heard about an upcoming patch (they're calling it an expansion) that fixed/added/tweaked quite a few things that would probably make the experience much more enjoyable.

I heard that there would be more PvE stuff added, but didn't find that as much as a few tweaks to the current mobs:

"We've been watching the PvE dynamic and taking in player and tester feedback while experimenting with the PvE/Monster balance on our test servers. We've decided to implement a massive re-balancing of monster hit points, stats, and loot tables."


Hmm. I had hoped they would just ADD some mobs around the landscape, but looks like they might just tweak with what they have. Of course, I might be missing something. Still, the "expansion" has a ton of great features added to it:

Housing: (this looks awesome)

"Houses offer house recall and can be upgraded to offer you benefits such as the capability of sharing your house with friends, the option of having a harvestable garden or a private workbench, and much more. Many feature an open window you can use to trade through more safely."

Character specialization:

"The Character Specialization System gives you the opportunity to enhance and customize your character based on your play-style. It features hundreds of options and thousands of possible combinations that can make your character a true specialist in what he does best.

The first stage of the character specialization system allows you to choose add-ons for many of your spells. Currently there are four customizations you can choose from: You may increase the damage your spell inflicts, its velocity (so it travels faster to the target), the range of the spell, or you can choose to be able to jump while casting it. You can choose one of the four options for each spell."

Hmm, very cool. Says they'll be adding similar tweaks to archery. Archery, basically, rules all.

Then, one of my favortie parts:

"The new Darkfall Weather system is extremely sophisticated and it simulates a real world weather system. Some of the weather effects you'll be seeing include rain, wind, variable cloud cover, fog etc. depending on the season and local conditions. Other than enhancing the beauty of the world and player immersion, the weather can affect visibility, making it a tactical ally or an enemy depending on the situation. "

The weather in Darkfall was pretty good, but I knew that if they added some more OOMPH to it, it would be grand. The shadows and lighting effects are already very nice, so I can't wait to see rain and other weather clouding up my vision.

Of course, I am skipping quite a lot.

For all the notes, go here.

The reason I quit Darkfall before was mainly because of lack of anything to do. Secondly, the bad apples in the community suck the fun out of it. But, community bad apples are easy enough to ignore, especially if you have something to take your play away from them. Also, the PvP in Darkfall was nothing special (up to the point I was playing at) and even though at higher "levels" or during mass battles the PvP might improve, I have played enough PvP (in all sorts of games) to know that fighting can only be fun for so long before it is rinse and repeat.

And yes, I know about the "politics" and the intrigue spawned by huge clans facing off with each other, I experienced that in EVE and other places enough to know that all that is not so exciting because there are no consequences if you do not participate. I have been camped on Sartok a few times, while players claimed I would be so scared that I would log and never come back ( I now have a level 38) and was warned that PvP in EVE would frighten me back to PvE land. It didn't happen. I DID grow bored, though.

So, if there might be enough distractions from PvP in Darkfall now, (or at least getting close) then the game might be worth looking at again. Despite the fact that players have argued with me that the game is not essentially just like a FPS multi-player map (while they tell me "This game was meant for PvP, quit looking for good PvE content!") , I think that PvE might be the only saving grace of this game, if there is one. Even in EVE most players do not PvP, and the PvE content is enough to keep them around.You need good PvE or all you have left is a multi-player map.

Anyway, the new website looks great. It looks like they decided to step out of, you know, 10 years ago. This is good to see. Underneath all of the chatter about "meaningful PvP" (as though that means anything) there is possibly a good game here. I thought so before, but I had to work too hard to find the good stuff. Maybe this new "expansion" will make it easier.

Oh yeh, I have been warned that starting out in the new odd little half-man-half-demony guys starting area was a mistake, and that I should roll a human, dwarf or elf.

No, no elves. EVER. Maybe I'll try a dwarf this time.