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Author: beauturkey

So, where to watch fireworks, and in which game?

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday July 1 2009 at 11:08PM
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Fireworks are quite the experience. When I was a child, they were all about pop-bottle fights and possible trips to the hospital. They were about running around our pond with the smell of gunpowder in the air. My dad would set off entire packs of thousands of Black Cats as he laughed, and all me and my brothers could think was: "All those ant piles we could've blown up...gone, all gone..."

Now that I am older, watching fireworks is pretty much like Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday. They're fun, but even my nostalgia for the holidays is waning. Similar to when someone dies, you find yourself nostalgic for the nostalgia, rather than enjoying the holiday. Anymore, holidays are just another day.

Except in game.

I don't know exactly why, but when you log into an MMO holiday, I feel a different kind of holiday joy. It's similar to the joy I felt as a kid (Christmas as a kid was INCREDIBLE) but a little alien, probably because most in-game holidays are much like the real life ones, but with a twist, The same, but not.

That alien feeling is closer to the wonder I felt as a kid than holidays are, now. There are your friends with you, in game, but they are not besides you. There is food and cheer, but it is made of pixels. The holiday fun in an MMO is more pure, maybe because it is NOT real, and made of nothing but emotion and camaraderie.  I can actually say that I have spent more holidays in a game than with my family. Granted, they live in the next state over, only 3 hours away or so, but the price of gas and the cost of a pet-sitter usually leave us in-game to celebrate.

So, with the 4th of July holiday coming up, what do we do?

Leala, of course, will want to spend it in WoW. I am game for anything, but want some fireworks that are INCREDIBLE. Ryzom has, hands down, the best fireworks in the virtual world (watch this film near 2:45), but I want to be in game with Leala, and she only does WoW.

We COULD, I guess, go up to the local big-ass annoying mall to watch them like last year. They were nice, minus the mosquitoes and crappy "proud American" music, but after-wards it took us literally 30 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. This was 10 minutes from our house.

So yeh, screw that.

If anyone has a suggestion, shoot. Just remember: they have to be loud and boomy.