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Author: beauturkey

The Ryzom Podcast 22, or "How to Record Semi-Poorly"

Posted by beauturkey Tuesday July 17 2007 at 7:21AM
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So I finally hook up with Mad Sam again, and we record for the podcast 22. It's been a bit for us, so the audio quality is a lil up in the air. We'll get the bugs worked out, just like before.

 When you do a podcast it seems the best thing you can do for the quality is to get a good mic, and to get to know that mic pretty well. Even on this late podcast, I still am breathing on the mic ans wasn't aware of it. I've had this mic for a while, this headset I should say, but still I'm figuring out the best distance it should be from my mouth, how loud to have it, all that.

 I use Skype to record with. It's the easiest and quickest voice chat program I have ever found.

It's amazing when you think about technology: I can log onto a little free program, have a long chat with my friend from Germany (7 hours into the FUTUUUREEEE ooOOOoooOOoooOOoooooo!) and put it online for other to listen to, all within an evening. A few years ago and this wouldn't have been possible at all. I remember me and the wives first PC, a little 400 mhz machine that we used to clunk through Ultima Online. I remember the first time we had cable hooked up, and remember being so excited that I could call anywhere in the world for free, basically. All through voice chat. Technology is sure making the world smaller.

 An MMO like Ryzom is such a great example of an international community. Most of my friends in the game are from other countries. Most speak english, but still reside in such far off lands as Germany, France, even New York! :)

 So thanks to all this cheap and free technology (which will one day be laughed at just like we laugh at dial up modems now) the world is getting smaller. As I write this I sit here in the early morning, dog on the floor, and I'm having some coffee. I just got back from a short walk with the dog, and the sun was just starting to rise. The mornings here are so pretty. How are they where you live?

My original podcast post from the forums:

Download it HERE!

The Ryzom Podcast is a PROUD member of the Virgin Worlds collective.

Guess what? Guess who I found floating along the information superhighway? Mad Sam! That's right! He's back, and thilly as ever.
We talk bout what we been doing, what he's been doing, and some other funny stuff. Excuse the poor audio in some of the segments. We will get it figured out once again.
I also talk a bit bout what I've been doing, and some other cute stuff, then I talk about the Zorai race. To be honest I want the race segments to be longer, but there is so much to talk about with each one it's hard to get it all in. I recorded several segments, and lost one of the segments where I used some player contributed stories about the Zorai. Special thanks to Mugendo, for his brilliant post. I'll get you in next time, man, you rule.

This show's music:

Opening music behind Sam and Me: The Rocky Theme. Duh.
Then we have Regina Spektor with "On the Radio" from the album "Begin to Hope."
The intro song to the Zorai section is the Zorai creation music from the official site.
...and later, the last song on the 'cast, another song from her, titled "Field Below" from the same album.

Thanks again a million times to Brent from the Virgin Worlds podcast collective.

See ya in game!