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Author: beauturkey

Thank you, where ever you are.

Posted by beauturkey Sunday June 21 2009 at 11:48PM
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Building the Towers in Ryzom is going very good. We are all surprised at how fast some are getting built, and looking forward to seeing them stand! Now, if we can all figure out what they are for we would be set. Many theories are out there, but most seem to point to new Outposts or extra defense against a Kitin invasion.

In case you have no idea what the Hell I am talking about, I am talking about a live event in Ryzom that will end up spanning weeks. We have been tasked with building extra defenses by digging certain materials and delivering packages of those materials from camp to camp.

Anyway, I logged in today bound and determined to actually contribute. I managed to avoid delivering the packages because some of the camps are in areas that are just too deadly. So I decided to dig. I'm not the best digger, but luckily I am good enough to dig what we need. But how would I know where to find the materials I needed? Well, I remembered the first two spots (but didn't mark them on my map) from a previous nights digging session with friends and also remembered that the last spot was somewhere in another area (that I missed, but knew the general area). Upon traveling to that area I started to look for where to dig, and frankly I had no idea how to find them.

Luckily one of Ryzoms very friendly players helped me out. I wasn't even asking for a volunteer, just asking some basic questions about the Towers, when she came to me and showed me where the last mats were. (Thank you Lomilmalia!) She even explained some to me about digging, and I knew right then that I should have picked it up over two years ago. Digging is kind of a mini-game, but also a crap shoot, an investigation and an expedition. It's originality reminds me of Vanguards diplomacy system.

So, I found out some information from her, organically. That means I used in-game resources for the information, preferably speech. I don't like just going to a website and gathering the information without even trying first. I am always surprised at a raider or hard-core crafters' dis-like for a cash shop because it is a "cheat," yet most raiders and hard-core ANYONE frequent sites that essentially give you nothing but cheats!

But she found out that information from someone else, more than likely. Or, at least, some of it. Before that, the person she learned it from learned it from someone else, and down the line it goes. Until, of course, we get to the first guy or girl that figured it out.

Another raider example: they are often proud of conquering a certain mob in a dungeon, yet most hard-core raiders require (and I mean require) a potential fellow raider to visit a site to "read up" on a raid. But look back in time: see that? That's the very first player to discover that without any one's help. And that's the player I want to thank. That's the one that did it them self and then started to pass the information on to others. Why? Because they were very helpful, just like Lomilmalia. Often, I don't want the information, but usually I don't mind as long as it is delivered in, at least partially, an organic way. Don't just send me away to a site and tell me to meet you at the dungeon. Take me in and show me the ropes.

That's what that first player did.

I've nothing wrong with anyone choosing to go to the website just to look something up. Hell, we've all done it in a pinch, and some of us do it before we even attempt the activity. But think about that guy that made that site, or that lady that first passed on that strategy. Maybe give 'em a buck or two, tell them thanks in some public way..send 'em some gold or dappers. Those are the players that many players would be lost without.

Beau Turkey