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Author: beauturkey

Ryzom: A quest made JUST FOR ME.

Posted by beauturkey Sunday June 14 2009 at 8:26PM
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There is a strange guy that has lurked around my comments section for a while now, and he finally made a silly comment so I banned him. Easy enough to do, and I even re-directed him to a picture of one of those annoying Hot Topic bunnies.

So, when he attempts to visit the site, he sees only that picture. Har har.


Anyway, I know it works because he brought it up on Silky Venom, mainly because (according to him) things had became stale over there and they needed something to get their blood boiling again. Kinda' sad, really. But, the funniest thing is, he had a point in his comments: I do suck at video games.

To clarify, though, here is a small list of other things that I suck at. I don't suck at them because I couldn't possibly handle the intense pressure to achieve great things with them, but because I haven't taken the few hours to a few weeks to master:

1) Changing the timing belt on my car.

2) Building a birdhouse.

3) Making a cherry cobbler.

As you can see, those are all things that any human could probably do with time, and that many humans would consider easy to do. Yet, as each human started the process to learn those activities, there would be a challenge. Playing video games is like this. Even the hardest MMO out there provides mild challenge in the long run, but possibly intense challenge the first few times it is played.

To sum up, I don't "suck" at video games, I just haven't taken the week to become better at some areas of some MMO's. Especially areas that start off by boring me, like raiding, working on levels, or PvP'ing.

Then out of the gloom comes my old home game, Ryzom. The recent in-game events have challenged us Homins to help build new towers in each major land by digging for materials (gathering) or shipping bundles of goods to different areas. That's right, SHIPPING.

Yes, yes, I know...EVE has missions like that, and so do many games...but these will help actually build something, and to change the gaming environment. I have a feeling that the towers (used to defend against Kitins, giant insect creatures) will be put to some use soon after. Not only are they asking you to deliver goods, but the dev's have built a nice web page showing the actual progress of each tower! Such a simple thing, a web-page that updates as the event goes on, but why haven't more games used this?


So, as of this writing I am swimming in Tryker land, making my way to the second delivery spot. I am planning my route, printing out maps and having as much fun as I do in Vanguard while delivering goods there. But this time, the goods have an actual impact on the game. Granted, each delivery could easily take up an entire play session, but I can pause at the camps and have a little role-play, sit by a fire...get out of the rain. And this type of thing is perfect for groups, caravans of players all delivering goods.

On a side-note, you can skip the delivery and go for gathering materials. But, although I enjoy digging, I enjoy space-trucking more.

So yeh, I suck at video games. I will never be the best PvP'er or the best anything. That kind of work and drive I save for you know, real life stuff.  But, I am good at enjoying the Hell outta' my gaming. I tend to skip around, but I know a good route when I find one.

Beau Turkey