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Author: beauturkey

I am easily THE BEST pvp'er in Darkfall.

Posted by beauturkey Friday June 12 2009 at 6:12PM
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I want you all to know this, before I become so good that I pwn you, like, as you are reading this. Hear that? No? OF COURSE NOT. Watch as I completely destroy this NOOB I found at a base I wandered into. I watched him as he hit this...thing...and I SWEAR it was a zombie looking guy standing in the corner, facing away from this human. I didn't even think to film until I had already shot him.


Ok, seriously though this guy looked like he was whacking on a bugged mob, so I asked the players. They said, of course, that he was exploiting. To be honest, I was a little excited to be involved in my first "HAX" conversation, but still I decided to ask the guy:


Turns out I was not filming the WHOLE thing, although I thought I had filmed the mob in question. ( I hoped my lies would actually get more exciting conversation out of it.)  The only thing you can see left of it is a blood spatter on the far wall. Still, I believe the guy, and it goes to show how quick people are to report someone or to call someone a cheater. Hell, I would have too, being that he had just stabbed my freakin face off.  But, like I said to him, I didn't care..I was just asking for the sake of "DIY journalism." :)
The only thing is, I meant to say "At least you were my first NON-affar..." but instead I gave him the impression that I didn't even know my races. Hell, I probably don't. Either way, the NEWB title does fit, very well. Still, this didn't stop me from asking about any RP guilds that were active:


I like the "lol RP" part, but I have a feeling that guy was answering in the same way someone answers with "...your mom.." which, by the way, I hate not only because I don't pattern my life after Napolean Dynamite like so many of today's yoots do, but also because my favorite decade was the '40's, and back then if you said that you got smacked. Not by me, of course, but by James Cagney.


I don't like to stop up normal chat with non-game talk, but if I didn't I knew they would be on to me as the newb that I am. In fact, you will stick out worse if you don't speak of none-game related topics in chat. On a side-note, I am talking about System of a Down, because I think that a lot of Darkfall players like them. Just, again, a gut feeling. Here they are, and please note the bass player, indeed, "looking up":


Look at the dude behind him! He's TRYING to look like he doesn't care about you know, photo shoots, but it's hard to look like anything but annoyed when you are looking around the annoying bass player. My gut feeling is that the bass player is trying to create the Nu version of the "dramatic lookaway":


And gimme' a break..I just got pwned by probably the most shirtless avatar in my entire history of gaming. I have been in a LOT of pvp...from EVE to WoW to UO to LotRO (don't tell me, that doesn't count?) to Puzzle Pirates to Shadowbane to YOU NAME IT. If the game had PvP, I have tried it. PvP is one of those things that never changes: the players learn how their character kills fast, and they wiggle around (I jump for CRITS! (tm) ) really fast and make me LOOK for them. Then, they do it again and again. Good fun, sometimes, but like anything else I need it to be toned down with some role-play, some gaps between fights, or some reason FOR fighting. I am not sure I have much reason at this point, being that Darkfall's lore is .....Hell, I don't know where it is!


So, in the meanwhile, I am just an evil half-demon-half-man-half-vampire guy that runs around hating almost EVERYTHING. But I don't just hate it because I am evil..I hate it in the same way I hate real life things like parents that yell across Wal Mart for their children, or bad drivers: BECAUSE I AM GRUMPY. My character needs no other reason, he just has too much anger in him. Really, it's physical. It's in his genes.


So, if anyone knows of any RP guilds (one of you posted some info in a comment, but I am lazy AND forgetful sometimes) that ARE active and perhaps NOT laugh-at-able, then let me know. Or, tell them that the worlds GREATEST DAMN pvp'er is looking for them.


Beau Turkey