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Author: beauturkey

MxO's closing and it's possible effects on Vanguard.

Posted by beauturkey Friday May 29 2009 at 10:10AM
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I hate conspiracy theories, but we all have to admit that they are fun.

I hate conspiracy theories concerning video game companies even more, though, being that any evil corporate giant video game developer can simply be resisted by not buying their products. But SOE is my favorite MMO developer, so we'll go ahead and have some fun discussing what the closing of the Matrix Online might mean for my fav Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

Let's just get right into the lists:

a) More resources freed up for Vanguard: Nah. They have their dev team, and while everyone would admit that ANY dev team could use more help, I think the dev team at VG is not only doing a good job (especially considering their resources) but until VG gets more players, there will not be more team members. And, I would point out, that if dev team size equaled incredible gaming, then the hard-core lovers at VG should go play WoW, their favorite whipping boy.


b) More players for VG: Sure, maybe some of those MxO players will come to VG, but they will also likely go out into a million other games.

c) SOE is trimming the fat: Possible, and I wouldn't blame them in many ways. It's a new time, period. The old sub model will die out soon (within 2 years is my prediction) and will be replaced with cash shops/RMT, and I LOVE that. I have so much fun in a game that I can spend money HOW I want and WHEN I want, without my game-play or the game-play of others suffering. If you play any F2P game for a long time, you will notice that only a handful of players really think that the cash shop effects their game-play. The rest are just playing the damn game, something that is mirrored in SOE's titles that use RMT/cash-shoppery.

I would not blame SOE for getting rid of games whose main group of players are so against RMT. If they don't like it, and they will allow someone else's fun to ruin theirs, then ship 'em off. After all, players playing 10 years ago can make room for players that are used to, and enjoy, cash-shops/RMT. Hell, players before me moaned about (and some still do) the loss of the MUD.

Now, let's be serious. Well, I was kind of already serious, but let's get more serious.

The one thing that would guarantee ANY games future is MORE PLAYERS. Are more players. Uhm..whatever.

If the VG community is worried about their game and world being put to rest, they need to ask themselves a few questions:

1) Do I do something for the community?

2) Do I spend most of my time with the same 10 people, night after night, week after week?

3) Do I tell others, outside of VG, ABOUT VG?

In other words, (as I have been trying to tell people) SOE will not listen to your complaints (players) of "no advertising" or "can we get some SOE love for VG?"

That does nothing.

They are a corporation first, and must make money in this gaming business or they simply stop attempting it. MxO was probably not only not making enough money, but wouldn't be pulling in enough money to cover future costs. Also, it had 5 years, which is not bad at all.

The one thing SOE will listen to is the sound of more players playing their game.

Ask yourself this: what if every player in VG, say 12,000, each brought one player to the game? What if each player not only made a point to tell one other person about the game, but made a point to bring the game up in a blog, podcast, or in a gaming forum? That takes a few minutes.

You ever see news stories about some foreign country and how dastardly their leader is, and you think: " Why don't they do something about it? That's 20 million people, surely they can do something about ONE MAN??" And then you see a story about some country that DOES something about it, and you wonder "Who was the person that started THAT resistance?"

Point is, if you want the situation to change in your game, CHANGE IT.Who else will do it? (we all look at the other person.)

It is not solely the fault of the developer when a game closes. If the community is sitting on it's butt long enough, and the game stagnates (community-wise) long enough, the developer will cut it loose and let it die. That's understandable, and that's business.

VG needs more community members like the ones that have already been trying...players that put on events, tell others about the game, try to involve themselves IN the community. It needs more people telling more people, it needs less players spending the bulk of their time complaining about nerfs and how hard the game is, and spending more time advertising the game. (Yes, I said advertising it...I don't care if it's SOE's job. They have spoken on the matter.)  I think that SOE is responsible to do more for the game. But, I can see how much they have already done: saving the game, keeping it around, allowing the dev team some creative freedom, putting the resources that they have put into it (and they have, trust me) and (yes) letting players KNOW about the game.

SOE has done their part, but the community can always do theirs. I am by no mean placing the blame OR the burden on the players (as though my opinion would matter) but I am just telling a simple truth. ANY game will benefit only from more players, especially a game that is using a subscription model.

SOE has said nothing, or even hinted at, any type of closing for Vanguard. I do not think that MxO's closing and VG are connected in the inner-workings of SOE. But, I think that if if MxO had 200 thousand players, it would be sticking around.

That's simple math.

Beau Turkey

luciusETRUR writes:

I think a big difference between VG and MxO is that, VG has the ability to have a huge increase in numbers, as I don't think MxO did. I have never played it.. but I know a few who have and they hated it. 

Fri May 29 2009 11:51AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I liked the game, but yeh without the role-play it was pretty darn repetitive.

 A great community, though.





Fri May 29 2009 5:09PM Report
Soara writes:

I remember MxO was the first time I've ever seen an MMO besides Runescape! I thought it was amazing, especially since at the time i loved the Matrix games, and naturally got into the entire Matrix schabam and movie series. A world where you can fly/walk/run around in an immersive enviornment boundlessly? The MATRIX? ONLINE?!?!?!? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG:):):)!!!!!!!!!!! I never got it, for some reason, when I eventually saw preordering for it at my favorite Fry's electronics (with greek sculptures and fountains and stone flooring). For some reason, i also never played it....i think i forgot about when i soon, a year later, realised what MMOs were and that they existed and had the same feeling to a Star Wars MMO when i found out about it (AKA Star Wars Galaxies, which i still played, because of being in a Star Wars MMO).

Recently I've been randomly not playing MMOs or games of any sort, but i've been wanting to immerse myself back into Vanguard. But anyway this is a comment on your blog post (LOL)...

I agree with the idea that Vanguard is doing very well. Optimistically a game that will last forever, as it is just such a great game in general...the feeling of immersion is so wonderful in Vanguard.
As well as the feeling of first coming into the game (the only game i can ever say i've pre-ordered :D) that lasts inside you...the WORLD and detail of the world (structural AND graphical). The team has really worked it together so well and i don't see Vanguard going anywhere but either slowly up/down or completely neutral in subscription rates.

The Matrix Online is a great group of community, just like almost any great games that for some reason their old players went to WoW or something else. If I saw that kind of community breaking off and spreading out, I would see them add to other great games.

As they've stuck around that long in loving something, they'd want to look and find something equally as fun and like Vanguard.

Fri May 29 2009 8:40PM Report
Soara writes:

LONG POST lijooLolOolol >_________<

Fri May 29 2009 8:41PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Thanks so much. Long posts are fine. :)





Fri May 29 2009 9:53PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Admittedly, I played MXO during the closed beta and preordered to jump right into the launch. I was part of one of the most famous factions, Children of the Code, and as such we were involved in massive dev-made events. We met Morpheus several times, and I'll never forget how good that made me feel. Meeting Seraph was great too, and hell I enjoyed my meetings with Niobe. The best time to be had in MXO was the closed beta. The game was buggy as shit but the community was strong and devoted.

I think the game started to die when a few things happened:

The game launched.

Factions weren't as heavily involved in dev events like in beta, and we didn't see the level of roleplay that was displayed either.

They killed off one of the most iconic figures besides Neo, his name was Morpheus (though we still don't know if he's truly dead or not).

I also believe that adding melee weapons, vehicles and player "housing" or faction bases would have greatly increased MXO's playability. They never did this and as such the game just got increasingly more repetitive and boring. I do miss the old days, but I think it's for the best that MXO is laid to rest. The only thing I could think of that would revive MXO is player-made content, and the ability to add in features the community so desperately needed and wanted.

Sorry to highjack your blog, I know it's mainly about VG. As such, I believe that VG just needs a bit more of a nudge in the right direction. More players would certainly help and I think I am doing my part by playing the game and telling folks about it. I even have a blog I've just started here on that will go over roleplaying in VG and other such games.

Anyhow, good read as usual, thanks Beau.

Sat May 30 2009 2:27AM Report writes:
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