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Spouse Aggro!

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Author: beauturkey

Spouse Aggro #76 "Brisket, MMO's, avatars and YOU"

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday May 20 2009 at 5:07PM
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Spouse Aggro #76

Wed, 20 May 2009 13:45:00 GMT [download/play]

"Brisket, MMO's, avatars and YOU"

MMmmmmMMmm, here's what we ordered, and here's the BOOB CRAB!

  So, we decided to go have some BBQ for dinner. Beau is seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. Seriously...but AFTER this meal. Some beef, some beers, and some good MMO chatter. We are discussing avatars and how that might give a clue to who is behind the avatar. We use Shut Up We're Talking (a great VW podcast) as a jumping point.
 Then, this crazy young girl comes up and makes us a crab. A boob crab. She was very nice, and I felt bad that I had no cash for a tip. Then I felt bad because I indicated that her crab looked like it had boobs. Then one of his legs popped. I liked it. The part where we go "yayyyy" reminds me of A Christmas Story, the scene in the Chinese restaurant at the end. You know the part...the guy chops off the ducks head and the family goes "YAYYYY!"

 The sound of the crickets and stuff was from Beau playing Vanguard. I love background sounds...ambience. Send in your games' sounds and we'll pop it in a break!

  Who likes music? This weeks song is by one of my current sad song fav's: A Fine Frenzy. The song is called "Near to You."
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 The Turkeys

Xix13 writes:

Cool.  Dinner conversation between loves on MMOs.  Sure wish I was born a couple of generations later.  Women in my age group do NOT game (generalization, I know, but at my age, fairly true).  Anyhow...

For avatars (I'm male) I have 2 main tacts.  If I'm creating a character for RP or to represent ME, then I create a male character.  Being a confirmed altaholic, however, I often also play the MMOs as if watching a movie.  I won't RP these characters but "direct" them through the world.  Those characters are usually female.  They argue with me (the man behind the curtain) as to what they want to do, etc.  OK, so I spend a LOT of time alone.  Life can bring one to that point sometimes.  But I don't think it strange to have males playing female characters.  After all, since the majority of MMOites are male, the world would look pretty boring if everybody played their gender.  And, corporations being what they are, they'd probably take a look at character gender stats and decide they can save a lot of artist dev cash if they just eliminate female characters altogether.

Keep up the podcasts.  Definitely entertaining and thought provoking.

Wed May 20 2009 8:45PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Thanks for the comments!

 I like your tacts...I will play a female, mainly for representing one of my characters from my old comics or something. I like how you say you "direct" them..good way to put it.

 One thing, though..I think women actually might outnumber men when it comes to playing MMO's, there are some numbers out there to prove it. (I'll do a search.) But I think that takes into consideration ALL mmo's, social or otherwise. I know in EQ2, for example, the numbers show that women are definitely involved! :)





Wed May 20 2009 9:04PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I really enjoyed the podcast, very insightful on why some men would choose a female avatar vs a male. I started playing requiem and decided that a kruxena female rogue looked better, for the fact that the male sprite looked like an adrogynous french male model.

But I clearly state when I am a guy when people ingame ask, I do get asked quite a few times. 

Thu May 21 2009 12:10AM Report
Xix13 writes:

I wasn't taking the social, "real life" MMOs into consideration, so the numbers may be a lot more even.  And I know many RL females in combat MMOs who play MALE characters.  lol

I think the one that had the most RL females in it, at least that I ran into, was the old pre-CU SWG.  The abundance of non-combat professions, some specifically social in nature, I think appealed to a wider variety of players.  Of course, that was also an intro to the MMO world, and many women probably got to enjoy the genre, so you might be right about the numbers not being as skewed as before.  Never played EQ (or any other SOE offerring for that matter after they destroyed my beloved SWG), though I did play a fantastic EQ1 mod for quite awhile and enjoyed it immensely.  And I did find a lot more RL women in Warhammer than I ever expected.

Hmmm...if women are getting more and more involved in PvP...this frightens me!  lol  j/k

Thu May 21 2009 5:00AM Report writes:
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