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Author: beauturkey

I just woke up from this INCREDIBLE dream.

Posted by beauturkey Friday May 15 2009 at 6:52AM
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 You know, the usual story...aliens are coming or something and it is scary and all that. But, as dreams do, it morphed quickly into supposedly friendly aliens coming soon, and bringing with them technology that we could use. The world was thrilled!

 But soon, me and my wife were faced with joining a "revolution" to counter the recent announcement that the aliens wanted to register all humans, kind of like a social secuirity type thing, 'cept with aliens.

 So the dream kicks into high gear with me and my wife grouping with some of our real life friends, going to a weapons shop (gun shop) and picking out a sword for each of us. They only had one between me and my wife, so I let her take it. It was small and very sharp, but it might save her life.

 She learned to fire a gun really well, and when the action started all I felt like (I was dreaming, so it seemed real enough) was looking out for her and making sure me and her survived. Everyone else, average Americans, had to worry about themselves. At one point the aliens were converging on a bunker type building we were in, and I felt so sharp-minded as I went over what we needed, making sure me and the wife were set with weapons, armor..all that. Even my dogs had appeared at this point, and in that magical dream way I knew that I had taught them to get down low, when not to bark, and how to hunt (we ate squirrels.) 

 It was thrilling, absolutely. I felt total fear for my wife, but it was thrilling. Usually, if dreams get to be too much for me (I rarely have scary ones, but can have dreams of realistic accidents or something) I will wake up with a start. The body and mind seem to be in agreement that neither of them should be harmed at all during the process.

 I even went back to sleep and continued the dream, and when we finally found a group of actual soldiers, I felt such relief and told my wife "Let them take over."

 Now, the cheesy part.

 Perhaps the nerves that were tickled during that dream are a smaller version of the ones that fire when real life soldiers are doing their job. Perhaps that's why we play these games and go after exciting moments, some players doing it every night and every week. Maybe that excitement has a cleansing effect, the same as a good massage or a exciting movie? Our imaginations are that powerful, to give us a small glimpse into the real lives of heroes or monsters.

 Either way, I admire those real life soldiers. Because I just had a dream. There had to be some part of my brain on guard duty, making sure that if things got too real or too scary that I would be startled awake. A soldier does not have that choice.

 So, in the meanwhile, I will play my games and find excitement when I can. From the safety of bed or office chair. But wow, what a freakin' DREAM that was.


 Beau Turkey