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Author: beauturkey

A return to Vanguard.

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday May 13 2009 at 3:32PM
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I haven't been playing Vanguard for quite a while. It wasn't the game...the game has always been fun. There were two main reasons:

1) I had to distance myself from the community, namely arguments with other players. I just can't sit by and let dumb comments fly by, but I need to learn how to. Trying to convince someone that has gone so far as to come up with conspiracy theories about a video game developer that they are wrong is just a massive waste. Also, just not fun anymore.

2) I had to get away from the sub. 33 bucks a month became less justified when I wasn't playing as much. I like all the Station Access games, but I had 457 games on my plate, most of them freebies.

Also, I missed my main, Rikoo.




I got more joy out of playing him than I did out of most of my gaming alts, save for maybe my Ryzom main. Even though I deleted him because of my (at the time) perma-death rules, I soon after made an alt and named him the same. At the very least I wasn't about to let someone else grab my name! Also, I missed the interactions between Rikoo and the other players. I met a player (I still haven't figured out who he was) that gave Rikoo a boat along with a wonderful back-story, a player that posed as Rikoo's long lost brother (not sure where he went either) and so many other players that played right along with my role-play and my shennanigans.

I didn't miss the 17 year old kids that followed me around on Sartok calling me names and I certainly do not miss how serious most of the community is, without actually doing much towards building more community. Don't get me wrong, I met some of the most passionate players in any game, but many of them would rather complain then to attract more players to the game.

Then, with the recent RMT silliness, I had to definitely call break-time. I support the RMT, and I am happy that some players can buy a character or gold if they want. The game hasn't blown up or imploded due to the RMT (as some had predicted) and the only thing that some of the players accomplished was to fill up the forums with the same 6 complaints.  Being that the podcast is no longer game-specific, I feel more relaxed about playing again...more like when I first played. When i first started, the game immediately felt HUGE, immersive, epic. I didn't need to go after the best loot or the highest level...the game itself was a prize.

But slowly I found out that most players do not want to play that way. Most would rather level quickly, get to the top, and go straight into conquering the same dungeons 5 nights a week. What a bore!

But I look forward to meeting people again, people that take their time and have a good time while they do it. People willing to role-play and to take time to smell the pixels. Granted, the game can be very lonely because it suffers from a smaller population, but on the Isle of Dawn (one of the default newbie starting areas) I have found many players running around and having a good time. Let's hope the game continues on long enough for them to see what I had seen.

And no more perma-death. That experiment taught me a lot about attachments to your character, game mechanics and gave me good ideas for my own MMO design. But no more. Rikoo has his second chance, thanks to Grin, and he is going to take his time once again.

He'll just stay away from Rhinos this time.

Beau Turkey

Caab writes:

 I feel bad for games like Vanguard and AoC.  Undoubtedly they have improved immensely since release but because they had poor releases most players will never experience all they great things those games now offer.  Love your blogs Beau.


Wed May 13 2009 3:48PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Thanks, G. Yeh I kinda' like the smaller populations, but at the same time want millions to play! lol





Wed May 13 2009 4:11PM Report
Caab writes:

 I think the smaller population leads to a better chance of a tightly knit community but it really sucks when you run around for an hour and don't see anyone. So yeah good and bad sides to having a small pop.

Wed May 13 2009 5:46PM Report
Sortis writes:

Yeah I agree, I wont an MMO to be alive with players like a real world. At the same time I agree sometimes in small pop games the community is much nicer. I think the main thing that dragged me away from Vanguard was Endgame. The idea of "deathruns" just makes me ill. I like to really work for what I get in MMOs. Although the game itself is amazing if I cant see a future for me in an MMO i dont usually play it. :)

Wed May 13 2009 8:00PM Report
Annwyn writes:

" But slowly I found out that most players do not want to play that way. Most would rather level quickly, get to the top, and go straight into conquering the same dungeons 5 nights a week. What a bore! "

The WoW syndrome. Most players think the only fun part in a game comes from the end-game as it's the only moment you can truly run dungeon/join raid/PvP in WoW. They often want to reach the cap level too quickly and get the best gear in hope the become the next "big thing on the server". Which is quite sad since many MMOs offers amazing features that allows players to enjoy the game from the very beginning without worrying about reaching cap level to raid. (WAR is a good exemple, I liked the fact that it was very accessible even though the Mythic has made tons of bad moves)

It's really sad that many players just skip the story and only aim to be #1. Many won't even bother trying to understand the story RPers have created which is one of the thing I like the most about MMOs and especially sandbox, the ability to create your own history (of course it is possible in linear-based but I always hated all those restrictions)

Sadly, I was about to try Ryzom but I heard a couple of hours before I started playing that the game was about to leave the micro-transaction model and go back to a P2P model which sort of turned me off. 

Wed May 13 2009 8:26PM Report
cag1980 writes:

Hey Beau,

Great read, i have just started VG again, when i used to play i always listened to your pod cast with Luper they were always a fun listen.  Good to hear your back in game pity your not on Halgar though.

I agree IoD is lots of fun plenty of people running about aswell,  would be nice if the game was re-released in some way as imo it is the best PvE MMO out at the moment.

Thu May 14 2009 5:18AM Report
beauturkey writes:

Yeh man, back on Xeth, but I made a Rikoo on every server! lol

 We'll see about a re-release. I think we have established that SOE isn't putting anything into until the game gets more attention, or more money probably, so it's up to the players.

 Maybe? lol





Thu May 14 2009 7:30AM Report writes:
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