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Author: beauturkey

D.I.Y. Project: Making your own dual-boxing station.

Posted by beauturkey Monday April 27 2009 at 6:56PM
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This sounds much simpler than it is, and it will take at least an afternoon. Here are the items you will need:

1) One pack of Trolli Brand Gummi Bears.

2) One cup, glass or swig of Kool Aid. (It has a third less sugar that most sodas, according to sources.)

3) A desk that will hold at least two monitors.

4) Two monitors.

5) Two PC's.

6) All the crap that plugs into the PC's.

First step: Find the desk that you want to replace with your new wicked Nerd Epicenter of DOOM. In this case, it would be my old desk with my older (we have a newer one that I can't touch) PC on it. Stats of said PC:

AMD Athlon 64 Processor

2 gigs cheap ram.

GForce 7900 GS Graphics card.

Audigy sound card.

Some speakers.


Second Step: Clear off all the junk. Unplug everything. Put the dogs outside so they don't get tangled up in cords, and eat a few Gummi Bears. (Pronounced GOO MEE.)


Third step: Clear out the old spot and vacuum. Take time to marvel at the sheer amount of dust that has gathered on the floor and even on the walls. Take a break and enjoy some Kool Aid.


Fourth Step: Set all the old PC stuff (and some of the new) on an old futon that you have had for years that you now currently keep in your office in case you need to lay down suddenly because of a bad gaming session. Also set some lizard vitamins, toilet paper, and cords on the futon.


Fifth Step: Set the new desk (an old oak thing that weighs a ton) where the old one went, possibly in a new direction. I decided to face towards the window, so that the light does not reflect on my screen and if I need better lighting for vidcasts it will be on my face instead of the back of my head. Set older old PC on the floor. Bear in mind that it has the following stats, and that your brother gave it to you because he was just going to throw it away:

AMD Athlon XP, 1144 MHZ. (That's right, MHZ.)

2 Gigs cheap ram.

Audigy soundcard.

NVidia GeForce FX 5700 Ultra graphics card.

Some cheap speakers.


Sixth Step: Plug everything in, and load up Final Fantasy 11 on one PC and Wizard 101 on the other. Keep in mind that my intention is not to run two games mostly, but to run all my messengers and internet windows on one and the game I am playing on the other. I hate having to minimize or played in windowed mode all the time just to answer mesages or to check emails.

The OLD old PC actually runs a lot of games just fine. FFXI runs at full, all my freebie games do too. So, I might try out some actual dual-boxing for fun. Also, this will help a TON with my bank alts and trading stuff to them. (Before I had to run into the other room, hit "trade" then run back a few more times to the other PC.)


Don't skimp on the Trolli Brand Gummi Bears during this experiment, nor the Kool Aid. You need to stay hydrated and hyped up or you just might lose it halfway, only to get yelled at by your wife for "creating a HUGE freaking mess."

Enjoy. If you see two of me running around, you know why.

Beau Turkey