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Author: beauturkey

The WAR Tourists are leaving Darkfall, perfect time to try it!

Posted by beauturkey Thursday April 16 2009 at 2:12AM
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They came from WoW to WAR, and before WoW they came from any number of games (that are only mentioned for MMO cred, if they were indeed old enough to play something before WoW.)

You can already see the posts coming:

a) "This game actually sucks."

b) "I realize now that this game isn't the second coming."

c) "This game consists of good ideas poorly executed."

They will blame their boredom on the game, of course, instead of the fact that they not only obsessed over the game, but over every detail about the game before it came out.

Also, they will not recognize the pattern that goes like this:

a) Say "There's a new game in development, it looks like it might have meaningful PVP."

b) Collect screen-shots, make forum posts discussing possible game-play mechanics.

c) Write blogs about the upcoming game, and how it might fulfill something that has been missing from their gaming life (which is what WoW actually did, but they would save the "Hey, I returned to WoW" posts for later.)

d) Play the game obsessively when it comes out, write about it, form guilds, play it so much that the entirety of the game has been exposed (if not conquered) within a few months.

e) Get bored, blame the game, and move onto the next one that isn't WoW, because WoW is for wussies (but play it in secret.)

Whenever those players leave, the game will see it's true "hardcore" base. The term should be reserved not for those that play a certain style game in a certain style of play, but for those subscribers that stick with a game through thick and thin, ups and downs, waves of bored players looking for that next (non-WoW) thrill, because WoW is for wussies.

Now, if I could only BUY the game and get in.

I'll give it a few more weeks...the signs are there, but a lot of these players hold on until no one is looking. Hurry up, guys, I wanna' play without finding myself a victim of your boredom ("Hey! Someone new logged on! KILL THEM!")


stayontarget writes:

I guess you like being bored and abused at the same time, Well good luck with your adventure.

Thu Apr 16 2009 5:40AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I do?

 Not sure where you got that information, but thanks?





Thu Apr 16 2009 8:23AM Report
moozaad writes:

I completely disagree. Games are entertainment, not marriage.

Tue Apr 21 2009 5:59AM Report
Enigma20 writes:

 beau, do you like Darkfall, and why?




Tue Jun 09 2009 11:19AM Report
Enigma20 writes:

 oops, also meant to add:

I have been dying to play it!!! I mean it,dying, well I am not dying,yet, but I am disabled and very ill at the moment. Just as I was trying to arrange my finances to buy Darkfall my wife was laid off from a job of 11yrs and our medical went bye bye as well, enough sob story. I have been reading about this game for a year and really cannot wait to play, but I must wait for awhile longer :( I want to live vicariously through Tell me all about it PLEASE!!!!!! or here just please tell me, It seems to be similar to the glory days of UO, I loved that game them, before the Tram/Fell split, I was not a PKer, I just loved the realism, and I will debate anyone about realism in \WOW (there isn't any) LOL

Cannot wait to hear from you



Tue Jun 09 2009 11:27AM Report writes:
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