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Author: beauturkey

Is SWG housing the bestest ever in the entire world EVER??

Posted by beauturkey Thursday February 4 2010 at 12:36AM
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OK, maybe not the best. But still, I bet I got a few NGE ragers to at least read this blog!

It's so cool to see the new updates arrive in my email every so often, but to be honest I never got that far in SWG levels. I explored a lot, flew in my space-ship a lot and played house a lot. Yep, house. As in "Where should I put this space couch hunny?" I played years ago before the NGE and after. The difference? It runs better now, has more options (even with taking away what it did) and still looks pretty darn good.

I happily downloaded the update and logged in to find all my confusing stuff, still sitting there confusingly. Just like in my re-visit to EVE, I had to make some goals fast or my wandering mind would get distracted by some other icon on my desk-top.

OK. Housing. Yes. I need to find a place to plop down a house. While we're talking about that, how many MMO's have housing that allows you to just walk up and put a house down? I mean, Vanguard has it's plots...Darkfall has theirs. WURM Online let's you put 'em where-ever you feel like, Anarchy is instanced, WoW doesn't have any, LotRo is instanced, EQ2 is instanced, I haven't seen much on Mortal's yet....hmmmm...oh yeh UO had open everything...

So I flew around on my space bike (I just want to be corrected here) until I found a sweet spot that sat underneath the shadows of some beautiful waterfalls right outside of Theed. Ah, Theed. Home of snobbish Jedi's that NEVER answer me as I go "Excuse me, how do I get my hot-bar back? Hey MAN!"

Cool thing is, the housing is cheap. Space dirt cheap. And HUGE, too. I had three houses in my inventory so I quickly unpacked the largest and set it down next a group of other houses. A space community, I guess they were.

And I just went nuts. First of all, I /claimed everything I could, from cool posters to neat looking display cabinets. I got awesome plushie dolls. I mean, LOOK AT THIS:

I have a good deal of money on this character, 100's of millions i believe, so I am going to spend it all on space ships and housing items. And you know that I have never once played a game that allows you to look at anything, absolutely ANYTHING in your inventory just so that you can pull it out as a real-world representation of how COOL YOU ARE. I mean, I thought to myself: "Hey man, a BIG JET ENGINE WOULD LOOK COOL HERE."

OK, let's see...hey cool look I have one in my inventory:

So let's see what happens when I just take it out....and...HOLY CRAP:

For the record, yes I knew that this would happen. I just performed a little skit for you to illustrate how neat it is to be able to do this. To be honest, I don't even WANT a jet engine thing in my living room. THAT type of item would go into the basement, stupid.

For all of the drama that many think happened around SWG ( didn't. The players ran off to play WoW, just like with every other MMO in the entire country at that time.)  the game still survives and holds more cool features than most MMOs that might be a quarter of it's age.

Not to mention the cool role-play disc item thingy I received upon logging in, the one that allows me to make my own missions to give to people (think Ryzom's Ring, 'cept spacier) or the briefly above mentioned appearance slot that has surely spelled doom for my space pocketbook. Not to mention (on top of that) the space stuff, the incredible space ships that allow GROUPS OF PLAYERS to fight together, in real twitchy time...(something that STO could not even get right) and the killer new Civil War thingy going on right now (think the American Civil War 'cept with laser guns and robots that killed me twice already. Jerks.)

Point being that SWG seems to be doing better than most MMOs. Take advantage of it or not. Hold a grudge against the game for something you think the developers did wrong. Whatever, more room for me and my soon-to-be droid army.