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Author: beauturkey

Mabinogi's New Patch...more free stuff?

Posted by beauturkey Thursday February 26 2009 at 8:34AM
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Today is patch day in the world of uhm..Aria (still learning all the "lore") and last night players were chomping at the bit. Not only are there two new races to play, the Elves and the Giants, and a new land to explore but some exciting news for poor people!

Free services!

Before, you could pay for a "re-birth" when you hit level 20 and re-roll your character as a child. Your skills stayed the same, but your level was reset. Essentially, it is a way to gain AP points (to "buy" new skills with) in that "Wow, I'm new and the AP points are coming at me like rain!" way. Players hit a slower climb at 20, rebirth themselves and gain the AP points faster.  That service, normally about 9 bucks or so, is now free, but you will still have to buy a premium card to change appearance.

Also, the extended services of larger inventory and battle field rezzes (by that jiggly Asian woman I told you about) will now be free, as well as all the other cool lil gifts that come with those services. Things like armor/clothes dye,potions, tons of things. Now free.

It doesn't take long (or many purchases of the Sims expansions) to know how these things work. They put out a great game and charge you for all this little, cool stuff.

That's why my argument has always been that they will never charge you for the best of the best coolest stuff, just the little stuff that helps you get there.

I raised 60k withing 3 nights by simply doing a part time job. A top-of-the-line outfit (chosen mostly because of looks, showing the difference between "younger" games like this and more "raider" type games like almost every pay to play MMO) would run me about 500k. Granted, I would never spend that, but 100k is considered a decent amount of cash. And I raised 60k happily while chopping down wheat and barley.

The game plan is brilliant, and I am hooked. My "wait to see" has worked, being that now I can re-birth myself and get all those coolest services for free. Also, that tells me that they will probably be putting some new stuff into the cash shop that is much more...tempting.

They know what they are doing.


Asellia writes:

I whole-heartedly agree with this post; I'm looking forward to this update too, now I wont need to purchase rebirths anymore as I like my hair and the similar now.


Personally though, I find a lot of the cheaper clothing to be a lot prettier. Though, I want to get the Frilled Dress in Bangor, but it's 300k. Currently I have a Gothic Laced Skirt.

Thu Feb 26 2009 10:51AM Report
Annwyn writes:

We slowly get the feeling that Nexon are becoming more and more intelligent and sees players not only as potential "cash shop users" but also as customers who have preferences and request.

Good to know they are starting the walk down the right path.

Thu Feb 26 2009 1:40PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I wouldn't know, the server has been down all day! hehe

 Looking forward to it, though. Luckily all day I have been updating my other games.




Thu Feb 26 2009 4:22PM Report
Juankis writes:

 I must point out that the Rezzing and Extra storage service are only free as long as your character is below 30 levels, acumulative across multiple rebirthings, and that the service wich gives you all those nifty  free potions and stuff is still subscription based only.

Thu Feb 26 2009 9:08PM Report
baream writes:

The rebirths were what almost made me not even wanna play this game, since, as you might notice, I avoid p2p or even itemshops like the plague... (Can I give myself the title "Cheapskate" in this game?)

Now if only the strange server maintainence were over!

Thu Feb 26 2009 9:08PM Report writes:
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