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Author: beauturkey

An update on the Fallen Earth silliness. (with instructions)

Posted by beauturkey Friday January 22 2010 at 2:02PM
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To make sure everyone is clear on what I am talking about, I am refering to the "Return to Fallen Earth for 10 days" thing.

You know, you get an email that asks you to check out the game again, free, for 10 days. LotRO is doing one right now. The problem with this was that in the email there was no mention of "you need to have an account that has been inactive for 60 days or you will not get the free 10 days.Here, look at the email and you can see for yourself. IN fact, it is surprisingly void of much information at all! (The email was dated in my inbox which is based on Central Time as Jan 21st 12:18 PM.)

I have been back and forth with the customer service department, and soon after my first few contacts they put a forum post up on the forum, explaining the promotion. I know, I know...they should have had this information IN THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. (The forum post was posted at 6:56 PM the same day. Not sure what time zone.)

After all this, they have indeed activated my original beta account with the non-existent characters for 10 days. My account that was last played probably over a month ago (before the release of the graphics upgrade) will not be re-activated.They shared the same email.

While I appreciate the promotion, I am hoping that they realize their mistake and don't do it again. While I will probably re-sub soon (I review and play  A LOT of games, I cannot stay subbed to all of them all the time) I would have returned even sooner if they stuck by what their email said.

Still, the game rules. The game is a blast and do not let this appear as some kind of slap at their customer service. The company seems to be on top of stuff pretty much always. It would just be nice to see them stick by what they have said, though.

Here is the last email I sent them: (a lil whiny? Yeh.)

From: Spouse Aggro []
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 10:34 AM
Subject: No play now button.

I have already discussed this with some of your customer service reps, and they have told me that (although it never said it in the email) that this only effects accounts that have not been active for more than 60 days.

I have mentioned it in my blog, and already have received many messages from players that noticed the same thing. It is also being discussed on many forums.

While I think that your game is fantastic and would gladly pay for another month (as a writer, I do not maintain subs for all my games all the time) the fact of the matter is that you send out an email promising one thing, while back-peddling with a post on the forums after it was starting to get attention.

Do not allow those players to return, I understand. But all I wanted to read was that a mistake had been made. That's what people have grown to expect from you guys.

Or not, it doesn't detract from your fantastic game.

Anyway, I appreciate the offer to look into it, and if you would still like to you can. My sign in name was ---------, and also -----------------------. Both were connected to one email ,, and thus the confusing email was sent. Of course,  how was I supposed to know which sign in your were sending it to?

For your reference, here is Turbines "return to LotRO" information page:

As you can see, they plainly put all the information out there. You did not. They might serve as an example to you.

Anyway, thank you for your offer but if you need to look it up to verify that I cannot participate, go for it. I still appreciate your offer for help.

Have a good day.

Beau Turkey

And their response: ( I do not post full emails to my other email address, the one I use for community contacts. Even if I hated a company with all the passion of a millions suns, I do not give out one-on-one emails from community reps or developers. Still, they wanted me to pass this part along:)

“If Fallen Earth fans have difficulty accessing the ten free days of gameplay offered in the email promotion on January 21 and feel that they are eligible to receive game time, they should contact customer support at”

So, there ya go.

Not a big deal, really, but still very interesting in seeing how a smaller company deals with customer service and plain ole' mistakes. Honestly, I have never had much of an issue with MMO customer service, and this is a good sign that the tradition continues.

Still, I want my damn 10 days!!! :)