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Author: beauturkey

I like to play dolls. With Champions Online.

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday January 6 2010 at 8:36PM
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I knew right away that my super hero in Champions Online needed to be pretty ordinary. I have had this character of mine, drawing him in comic form for near 20 years now, so I wanted to get him right. I decided, though, that a more modern update would be nice so I made him more like me (instead of an alternate reality me as in the comic. This post explains more.)

So, he would use his powers (he controls the "Checks", a form of energy) to not only protect himself, but to keep away nasty allergens that cause him grief like asthma, runny nose and sneezing. In reality, my asthma is not near the level that it is for some, hospitalizing them or even causing death. I have been lucky to find a good doctor that prescribed some medicine that essentially stops my allergic reactions, thus stopping my asthma.

I have had to get used to wearing a face-mask when I mow the lawn or when I clean out my furry animals at work. (I work at a pet store part time when I am not reviewing video games. Yes, seriously.) So, if the energy shields failed when my hero was sleeping or dazed, the mask would provide a back-up. Like me, he has become something of a germ-o-phobe, and uses enough hand sanitizer to kill a horse. Forget arch enemies, my hero would just like to rid the world of people that lick their fingers to count out money. (Eeeeeww!)

Champions allows me the creative outlet that so many games do not. While I generally enjoy most games, I always get stuck in a rut of playing the same role as everyone else in my class or profession, and I end up losing that feeling of uniqueness that I want in a fantasy world.

I love to write and draw, and Champions makes me feel like I am that teenager again, filling my time with non-stop art. (I do not draw as much anymore, being that I have wrist pain from years of drumming and art, and cannot sit still like I used to.) Champions makes me feel, in a word, giddy.

As you can see, I got most of the outfit right. I need to get the colors to be more accurate, but I am not sure that would work. Also, I need to get some fingerless gloves (the wife would get mad if I cut up my only pair.) The longer hair in game doesn't work very well with certain outfits, but I LOVE the hoodie.

This is an old picture I drew of my hero back in Junior High.

I'll work on it. I have never been someone to dress up, but I couldn't resist! Now, I just need to make a winter outfit for Canada, a summer one for the desert, an underwater one for.... get the picture.