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Pink Power

another blog about Hello Kitty and the power of pink, cute and being nice

Author: bbegirl

Pink for Boys

Posted by bbegirl Wednesday August 6 2008 at 6:00PM
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Zymurgeist on my previous article pointed out research by Jean Heifetz about Pink for Boys, naturally I had to investigate this!

I came across this article in Color Matters, to quote:

The use of pink and blue emerged at the turn of the century, the rule being pink for boys, blue for girls. Since pink was a stronger color it was best suited for boys; blue was more delicate and dainty and best for girls. And in 1921, the Women's Institute for Domestic Science in Pennsylvania endorsed pink for boys, blue for girls.

As Zymurgeist quoted before, but what got me most was this quote:

Its symbolism is complex and its popularity is subject to so many influences AND

One could argue that contemporary color symbolism confirms these associations. Blue is considered a calm, passive color, hence feminine. Red (pink derived from red) is considered active hence masculine.

Indeed it is, and Pink is juts as much for Boys as it is for Girls being derived from red as is common place in games like wow and aoc and in reality you all really wanted it ;-), so there! Go Pink up your life!

Kyleran writes:

So when did things shift to the for girls, blue for boys?


Wed Aug 06 2008 6:46PM Report
PrinnySquad writes:

Exactly. Like the divide of most male/female issues, it's all cultural, and has nothing to do with actually being male or female.

There is nothing inherently "female" about the color pink other than what we've "made it."

Very interesting post, too, I didn't know that there was a switch like that. ^_^

The more you know! *---

Wed Aug 06 2008 8:24PM Report
Bakoryo writes:

I knew about the switch. Guys wore alot of Pink during the 1700's (what i recall) Then again, blue was there aswell.


Colors have nothing to do with genders.

Wed Aug 06 2008 9:34PM Report
Death1942 writes:

too bad i am colour blind.  nice blog though bbegirl

Thu Aug 07 2008 12:02AM Report
Zerofreeze2 writes:

Ever get bored of pink?

Thu Aug 07 2008 12:06AM Report
bbegirl writes:

nah never!

Fri Aug 08 2008 9:22AM Report
zymurgeist writes:

It changed just after WWII If I remeber correctly.

Fri Aug 08 2008 7:17PM Report writes:
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