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Pink Power

another blog about Hello Kitty and the power of pink, cute and being nice

Author: bbegirl

Toontown vs. HKO? We're Girls and Women, not Children!

Posted by bbegirl Thursday July 17 2008 at 12:47AM
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So I came across this article:

an interesting comment:

So while most of the MMORPG world is watching and waiting for a WoW KO of Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, my eyes are on the gritty powerstruggle that will ensue between Disney's Toontown Online and Sanrio's Hello Kitty Online.

Just from the pure
gayness and pop-culture that surrounds Hello Kitty, my money is riding on Hello Kitty.

Well it's great that you like Hello Kitty Online, but in keeping with some of the other posts I've seen, why do you all think Hello Kitty Online is for children first and then for older people later on? I'm not a child (at least age wise), and mosf of the beta players are not children either, infact I did not find any kids there at all, but maybe I chose not to meet them.

My point is, do away with the stereotype that pink and cute must mean it's for kids, it's not Club Penguin, it's not Neo Pets. If you must know, Hello Kitty lovers go for this! And we think ourselves more as the below than as little kids.


Gishgeron writes:

The trouble is....

When people SEE that, they think of little kids.

No hard feelings, just saying.  Its the equivalent of seeing a grown man with a full beard running around still packing his transformers lunchbox.  Yeah, some of us super-nerds (like myself) might "get it"...but the vast majority of people are just gonna start teh choir of "grow up".

By the by, my money would ride on Hello Kitty too.  It professes to have farming, and I've always had a wood for Harvest Moon.  Really stupid games make me happy all over.  I played Animal Crossing for more hours than any FInal Fantasy game...and thats saying something.

Thu Jul 17 2008 1:32AM Report
ilovehko writes:

I think it's a culture thing. Hello Kitty in Asia is not a little girl's thing, it's really a pop-culture thing, and is in fact very popular among the OL demographic (office ladies).

In the US, for instance, they may have a different perception of Hello Kitty, perhaps because the only Hello Kitty things that many people (especially men) see there are hairclips, bags, coinpurses, etc. While in Asia you have things like expensive jewellry and gadgets, designer clothes, all designed after Hello Kitty.

Just what I think. :]

Thu Jul 17 2008 1:56AM Report
Gishgeron writes:

Japanese culture has always had that kind of flow to it though.  A lot of their pop culture revolves both around video games and anime.  Anime, firstly, is a fairly recent addition to the western world anyway.  Not only that, but its a newcomer in a field that is pretty much only for kids.  Its animation....its a cartoon.  All other examples of such things are made entirely for kids on this side of the globe.

So, even among its closest relative in the US (a saturday morning cartoon)...its still a new, and not terribly favored, ideal.  IT doesn't help that the anime in question WAS written and constructed with a really young demographic in mind.  Its nothing like Berserk, for instance.  There is little mature (NOTE:  Mature does not mean boobies...BAD AoC fans, BAD!) material in it.

Thu Jul 17 2008 2:20AM Report
yeecks writes:

lol, hello kitty is back ONLINE to make everyone CRAZY. I was wondering, any guys played yet? o.O"

Thu Jul 17 2008 4:14AM Report
Hrothmund writes:

'We're girls and women not children.'

Yet I fail to see how HKO is any less infantile that Toontown online.

Thu Jul 17 2008 4:41AM Report
markoraos writes:

It's infantile.

Just like Conan and Warhammer IP's are infantile.

Face the reality folks, this is us grown men and women playing kids games... That's just the way of the world these days. A bit older generation that has seen what real "real" world is like finds our amusements totally infantile.

Today's pop culture and easy living (not many of us ever had to worry if our family is going to starve to death) made us a bunch of overgrown spoiled brats.

That's nothing to do with women being any more infantile than men - "Sticks and snails & puppy-dogs tails" vs "Sugar & spice and everything nice".

Thu Jul 17 2008 5:54AM Report
Kyleran writes:

I'm old and out of touch. I've done no research on HKO.  I know virtually nothing about Hello Kitty and my first perception of the IP/game is its for children.

If that is not the case, if I'm going to be able to decapitate some dog and make him cry, they should do a better job of marketing it to an older (didn't say mature) audience.

While I have no problem playing MMO's along side teenagers in MMO's I would be uncomfortable finding out that 50% of the player base was under 10 years old.

Sure, you don't see many children in many parents besides hardcore MMO'ers would sign their kids up for it.  But once it goes live, depending on the games content and marketing focus, I suspect it will be full of children. 

If so, I won't be there. 

BTW, I despise the color pink, my daughters despise the color pink, my wife despises the color pink.

But my son thinks a dash of it is sort of cool, goes with with his basic black goth wear.  :)


Thu Jul 17 2008 6:02AM Report
Hugolin writes:

I would be uncomfortable finding out that 50% of the player base was under 10 years old. <<< stay away from wow...

i dont care the age of the people that play the game, 10 years old kids are way more cool to play with than 15 years old kids saying all the time: i 0wn u n00b

and dancing over my dead body


Thu Jul 17 2008 6:50AM Report
streea writes:

I agree with Gishgeron... some people just don't get it.

It's not about being childish. It's about bringing things that we enjoyed as children into a genre that we enjoy today. Games are not meant just for children... if they were, then you wouldn't see adults acting the way they do over sports (which are still games).

The Lego MMO is no different from HKO. While there will obviously be a lot of kids, there will also be just as many adults who enjoy it, and they're not "immature" for liking it either.

Thu Jul 17 2008 9:07AM Report
Elowyn writes:

 Where Im from looks childish. But in no way does my opinion matter. The only thing that matters is if you enjoy it or not.

Thu Jul 17 2008 2:17PM Report
Elowyn writes:

Hong Kong ... , just cultural differences :p .

Thu Jul 17 2008 2:19PM Report
havel writes:

That doesn't look half bad ;-) seriously, Toontown is no comparison, it's an ugly game sketched as it was done by little kids themselves, it's not nearly as beautiful.

Thu Jul 17 2008 9:27PM Report
hkfood writes:

rofl, lmao

Thu Jul 17 2008 9:35PM Report
ripplecloud writes:

To be objective, I do think that there would probably be more tweens in the game as it gets more mature and as Sanrio rolls out more publicity for it. However, I think the game was off to a great start in CB in terms of growing a friendly community. Sure I did encounter 1 or 2 cases of immature behaviour (like hallo, I am playing a game for fun and not going to put up with temper tantrums), but these did little to impact my overall experience of the game. Like BBE pointed out, choose your companions and play the game the way you want to. ;) (Or don't play it if it really is not up your alley)

Great job BBE for keeping the healthy discussion rolling :)

Sat Jul 19 2008 7:49AM Report
Soara writes:

When I see that picture, I think of that model naked...

Fri Jul 25 2008 1:32AM Report writes:
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