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We are an experienced group of internet sellers, offer a wide range of quality laptop accessories for most major brands including Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, Apple, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu etc.

Author: batterylife

How to care for your dell laptop battery

Posted by batterylife Tuesday December 4 2012 at 8:58PM
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2012-12-5 10:00

Laptop battery maintenance is difficult to consumption goods, unlimited life, most manufacturers of laptop battery warranty period for three months to one year, dell follow the industry standard for the supply of one year unlimited warranty. For batteries, use of style and accurate storage, can perhaps significantly delay the use of laptop battery life.

First, the batteries use a few hopes points.
A. Why is the use of external current, you can perhaps does not need to win the Dell XPS M1530 Battery ?
(1) Defense line charge of the chip from the board. , Charge the temperance chip (feet) will stop the line to charge the battery when the battery is fully charged to 100%. We worry about the damage the battery.
(2) Adjacent to the battery to avoid bios movement lost.
(3) Anti-line Russian natural power data is lost.

Second. Anti-line exposure, anti-line moisture, anti-line chemical liquid erosion, to avoid the battery contacts of metal in contact to the occurrence of a short circuit situation.

Third, lasting no notebook, Rue to conserve battery? We will be chatting away to a period of time do not use notebook battery which should be fully charged reserves still need to put off the electricity reservation? Reserves the batteries will get, so that the control circuit asylum self-locking re-use, fully charged, persistent reservations will bring peace is now suffering from the reservation style is ideal to take advantage of the power 40% Zhou then put photoelectric lasting Paul with the sun cool and dry premises, about 20 degrees Celsius Zhou is ideal to retain temperature. Of course, the best month to take the battery out with time, can guarantee the reservation form of the inferior battery show, they will not let the Dell XPS M1330 Battery completely run off and damage the battery. Rue view dell battery power? (D610 battery, for example) to remove the battery, battery identification flag table in mind, we can perhaps see five cell morphology light. Sustained two bright, representing 40% of electricity. On behalf of all light power is very filling feet, if the 135 bright, that is, the battery is damaged.

Rue possible to delay the work of the laptop battery time?
(1) Reduce the screen brightness. Rue zero using battery laptop brightness, boot by f2, into the bios redeployment of zero video and brightness. Or the FN + down / up key combination to quickly zero brightness. Earlier versions of the bios specifically refer to:
(2) Open cpuspeedstep function, you can perhaps significantly delay the work of the battery time; outside of the cup speed step function bios is enabled by default. When using the battery, cup will automatically drop frequency of use in order to achieve energy efficiency goals. If not enabled, please boot into the bios, press f2, procure Performance, set to release speedstepenable as enabled. (Old bios alt + p to the sixth page deleted intelspeedstep)
(3) Use of standby, sleep and other functions. When a long time without a computer, perhaps notebook standby or hibernate, saving power and delay the use of computer life. (Tip: Make sure the graphics card driver demolition success, the current handling options in order to put the set.) Are the windows outside of the current to handle the French release set, we generally can perhaps set the release for the "Portable / Laptop" ( the portable / laptop). The recommended master the use of the  Dell Latitude E5500 Battery, the blockade monitor to look forward to the time set put for five minutes, so do not speak when we are some time to do the notebook, it will indirectly black shape, like running than to other screensavers French even more power saving.
(4) are taking advantage of the battery, try to block the wireless, Bluetooth and infrared port. Removed without the use of peripherals and avoid enable large 3d French, visiting the theater, to reduce unnecessary battery depletion. Hibernation instead of standby "TITLE =" [] Dell notebook maintenance laptop battery:

Dell notebook maintenance of the discharge process of the first three are bound to do it automatically shut down for the line, and then charge 12 hours (hope not sufficient enough time not to use, it is best perhaps to ensure a one-time charge enough time) several times before charging lack of time, the battery will show sufficient dissatisfaction with the phenomenon; several times before discharge to ensure to put the automatic shutdown, or will show no power to put out. Usually use, it is best not pull out the battery, if the external current is not constant, can perhaps continue to supply power from the battery, perhaps asylum floppy disk and from the board! And on schedule to enrich the discharge and fully charged battery, so you can perhaps delay the use of battery life. Use battery 3% or 10% when set to put the current handling, charging to 98%, and then used standby or shutdown.

A long time without use of one hours of electricity to the battery red and then put the sun cool, dry place, often need to use it is recommended to unplug the battery using an external current (provided that the local supply unchanged frequent power cuts) notebook. The computer is just you put the battery regardless of the possibility of an external current first use of the battery so if you are an external current use of the battery, then battery inexhaustible are charge-discharge form very tolerance difficult aging it is recommended to use the current to unplug the battery and the  dell studio 1555 battery is not appropriate to charge too long. The time is full of pull is not suitable for use to zero power which should take advantage of 30% beginning charge that lithium from the characteristics of the female cell battery is another matter less to agree sib-Magister thirteen to say right laptop battery defense line charge and the core but he did not take into account your plug off the battery notebook battery inexhaustible being discharge if your sub-error notebook charging form is set to put the general default is 40% beginning charge your notebook is frequently charged The discharge process is to say your battery is no rest! That the battery is not longevity! Other much how many friends that bought the battery to three charges and the tripartite full of how many hours out of touch do not listen to the argument of the past?

The kind of style is for the nickel-metal hydride from the female battery because the nickel-metal hydride from women with strong memories, if hold dry full of electricity use, or the sky will greatly reduce the battery life, and nickel-metal hydride battery factory is not excited, so users three charge three to put the shock, what is the nickel-metal hydride battery is we are now still use the V rechargeable battery NiMH battery but is now, the lithium from the female battery times have do not need to charge three put when the factory because the factory had stimulated other lithium from the female battery, not reminiscence, but the fear of lithium from the female battery power complete charge and discharge lithium female battery is more suitable for 30% of electricity to recharge full of that suddenly pull the current is not being charged! It seems, then alone seems to Li-ion the Women battery for inexhaustible inserted to eliminate the use of but any battery can not afford to frequent continuous charge and discharge, if the  Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery is inexhaustible is charging the form and use patterns, the battery life quickly comes to an end.