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Oooh! I Want My Opinion To Matter Too!

My first foray into the Blog-sphere; please be gentle!

Author: bartoni33

"Ich bin ein Gamers!" or "Mr.Developers; tear down this wall!"

Posted by bartoni33 Friday September 7 2007 at 1:17AM
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In the comments from my last blog (you DID read my last blog, right?) boo2319 brings up the "Berlin Wall" of MMO's:

One side that values the "experience" of putting together a group and fighting other groups for the same goal. For them it makes for a more realistic game. Their assumption , and I'm sure boo2319 will back me up, is that if a Named is so important then more than one group would want to kill him (I am speaking as if the characters were REALLY in the game; and that the "game" is REAL) so there would be no problem with other people KS'ing you. All's fair in love and war right? Or to put it another way; the journey is as important as the destination.

The other side feels that the destination is more important than the journey. If you slog alll the way across Mount Pixel and through the Dungeon of Many Dead Ends when you get to Chief Aggrolot he better damn well be there and ready to fight! And if he goes down to another group then his Deity of Choice had better be quick with the Ressurect! They feel that since the quest was given to them by NPC then he wouldnt give it to anybody else since they already sent you to do the job (again speaking as if you were in the…game and said game is REAL) so their shouldn't be anybody else there. Plus you usually get great loot from Named not from the dozens of minions you have to kill to get to him. Thats why I farm Named's.

So my fellow MMORPG'ers, who out there can and will tear down this wall? We all live in this crazy world of MMO's; will there ever be peace?

C'mon and Spawn Aready!

Posted by bartoni33 Thursday September 6 2007 at 2:00AM
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Before I get started a disclaimer: I am NOT Pro-Instancing!

Has this happened to you in your game? I was bored last night and thought "I'm close to next level up; I'll go somewhere and grind for a bit and kill a Named for a (hopefully) Exquisite Chest!" So off to Wailing Caves (EQ2) I go. Heard that Chef Wassname? dropped good chests sometimes. So I get to his room and find 2 people already there. Oh well; their's another room over here that has 2 ^^^ 16's I can fight till there done. No prob. Well they stood around; then killed the 3 guards that spawn there; then stood around some more. Rinse and Repeat! I finally asked them if they were there to kill Name. They said yes but hasn't spawned yet. (BTW if your wondering why I dont join up with them I am mostly a solo'er; I'll explain why next blog :)) Still no prob; I'll go exploring a bit. About 5 minutes later I get a /tell from one of them saying that he spawned and is dead and they had to wait about 45 minutes before he did spawn. So I said to myself "Ill take a quick trip to E Freeport and see how my Broker is doing and get some repairs. I got the time."

Well guess what? Took me about 20 minutes tops to do all that and when I got back to WC I'll be dipped in shite if their wasent 3 people there that were killing My named! WTF! Are the spawn times random in this game?

After I calmed down I went off to grind those ^^^16's again and after about 30 minutes he spawned. Rough battle but I got em. He dropped "Soup Soaked Gloves" or somthing to that effect that I cant wear but he did drop a chest that had a Adept3 and Woodworking 21 that can be sold for a tidy profit.

The point of my rant (I guess) is that in games where there is no instancing it makes Named farming a bitch! I wish their were Named Spawn Timers like there are Zone Timers that are specific to each character. Like a trigger that when you cross it the Named will spawn. Heres how it would work in my case:

When I arived at WC to find people already in the Named spawn room I would wait until there done. When they leave the room and I enter it; because I havent batteled Named in ?? amount of minutes he would spawn for me (or my group if I was in one). Afer I/we killed Named we go on a timer before we can fight him again.

Does that sound plausible? I only have a certain amnount of time each day to play. Dont want to spend it waiting for spawns. C'mon and Spawn Already!