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Oooh! I Want My Opinion To Matter Too!

My first foray into the Blog-sphere; please be gentle!

Author: bartoni33

So a N00b walks into an EQ2 Broker House...

Posted by bartoni33 Tuesday August 28 2007 at 2:22AM
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with a Fabled "Master I" I looted in WC looking to sell this baby because of course it isn't for my class(loot drops never are); but for some reason I cant sell it. Odd!  Oh well I guess I'll trek across Norrath to my hovel (I'm a Troll ya know) and use the board you get when you first create a character. WTF! Still cant sell it! Why does $OE hate me! So I go to my last resort; asking for help over the OOC channels! Usually that can be painful at best; but nobody got angry that I didn't know that you had to have a BAG to put whatever you want to sell in! I guess the Broker doesn't want to get his fingerprints on my ill-gotten gains ( I swear that Shin Ree started it)!

EQ2 has the best community I have seen in an MMO. Other MMO's I've played if you ask a question people act like they have to walk across broken glass to get the answer for you. Not to mention all the derogatory comments on your intelligence and parentage! It might be because I'm on a RP server but everybody is helpful and funny as hell too. The night I brought up Chris Benoit was HOURS of fun! That conversation went everywhere! Best fun I've had since SWG heyday. To me community is VERY important in a game; even though I solo alot. I get just as much enjoyment chatting about stoopid things as I do questing if their is good conversation involved.

Am I the only one that feels the same way? Is community and the chatting aspect of it important to you too? If so what MMO do you think has the best community; I would be willing to try it out.

Hello All!

Posted by bartoni33 Sunday August 26 2007 at 3:28PM
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I find myself bored before work so I thought I would crank out a Blog! Been gaming since the Intellivision system came out in the 80's but a newcomer to MMO's. My first MMo was SWG until $OE/LA destroyed it (yes I'm one of THEM). After playing ALOT of MoH/CoD/BF1942 FPS to burn of my frustration at $OE/LA (just kidding...sort of) I found My Savior..DDO! OB'd and pre-launch and played for about 6 months before the hassle of LFM for 2+ hours got to me. Was REALLY excited about it because I was a big D&D fan as a teen. But I'm not a fan of forced grouping. I'm more the Solo type. So I picked up GW and really dug the PvP aspect of it, and GW is super-easy to solo if you have Nightfall. Then my lucky day came!

I was browsing EBay looking for some cheap FPS when I came across a Sony Station Pass Box Set for $10. Couldn't pass that up. Never played any of them except for EQ which I didnt get into. Thought I would try EQ2 because I heard that it is as close as you can get to the old SWG without having to strangle Smed and company to create Classic Servers! So far I'm having a blast! I'm on AB Server and everybody is very helpful and fun to chat with. 

Their are 2 other games that come with the Station Pass box that I havent tried yet, Planetside and The Matrix. Dont know much about them but prolly will try in the future.

Speaking of the future; been Beta-ing Gods and Heroes and it looks promising. Cant really say much about it (NDA's got my tongue) but I cant wait!

OK that killed a few minutes; guess I'll get ready to go to work.

That was my two coppers worth of opinion; time to release these bits and bytes free!