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Your Sacred Cows' Mad Disease

Challenging the Tired and Used assumptions in MMO's - and gaming in general.

Author: badgerbadger

Wolves; Sheep; and Sheepdogs...

Posted by badgerbadger Monday March 24 2008 at 9:04AM
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(from myspace)

Someone - I always get a different answer on WHOM - said

"99% of people are sheep.  The other 1% are split between wolves - and sheepdogs."

  How does one tell the differenceIn a Judaeo-Christian culture, anything BUT martyr-like passivity is perceived as negative - despite that in the Old Testament; nothing was more violent than the righteous fury of God’s angels.

  Someone said something that i found fascinating in its simplicity: perhaps the difference is as simple as :  sheepdogs like a challenge - they want the wolves. Wolves don’t want a challenge - they want a victim.  So they target sheep.

  Elegant? And perhaps revealing...

  I have written considerably about how - even in games - one can tell a difference in personality types - how this creates a playstyle.  How some players want "guide books" and cheat codes and walk-throughs... and some react to that as they would someone revealing the end of a movie.

Games can be revealing - the types of players and the games they gravitate to closely echoes discussions I’ve had with others about the impact of shared goals and hardship on Camaraderie in social groups.

 Perhaps most interestingly; was when I found out that in an online game;  our w "guild" of players - which was an avowedly "no cheating; no spoilers - all teamwork" guild; turned out to consist almost entirely of Professional "SheepDogs" - police; soldiers; firemen; - and a vigilante.

JB47394 writes:

badgerbadger: " In a Judaeo-Christian culture, anything BUT martyr-like passivity is perceived as negative"

First, martyrs are rarely passive.  They usually get killed because they weren't passive.  The ones who survive are passive.  They keep their mouths shut and try hard not to offend anyone.

Second, in a Judeo-Christian culture, action is the rule.  That's why martyrs get into the predicaments that they do; they are truly Christians.

You don' t happen to live in a Judeo-Christian culture.  You live in one that has been heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian values.

As for the rest of the article, I think I'd really enjoy playing in a guild of fire fighters, police officers and military.

Mon Mar 24 2008 5:47PM Report
DunkelKid writes:

27 March was a long time ago.. just saying.

Wed Dec 10 2008 12:17PM Report
badgersbones writes:

I'd never so much noticed the camaradie you mentioned (in RPG groups) until I participated in a LARP (Live Action Role Playing).

FYI: This was a White Wolf Vampire LARP.

The style of RPG's that I grew up with is referred to by LARP'ers as 'tabletop' because the game is played around a table, usually used for the tactical map to be laid upon during combat (or times when the lay of the land is essential). I'm sure most of the readers know the genre: One person runs the game, tells the players what they see, and runs the NPC's. The players are usually a group working together to accomplish a goal, be it a mission, dungeon crawl, or survival. Betrayal of the group is a big NO. I've seen such betrayal actually sever friendships in real life!

LARP is different. Markedly. The game-master is reduced to the role of referee, and plays maybe one or two NPC's a night. The players plot against each other, and run 'scenes' without a referee necessary unless combat or disagreements arise. Betrayal is actively cultivated and counting coupe is expected. After game, they go back to being friends (although not quite as close as tabletoppers, I believe).

Sun May 23 2010 1:33AM Report writes:
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