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Avalon's musings

A blog about Lord of the Rings Online and other MMORPG's and life...

Author: avalon1000


Posted by avalon1000 Friday March 27 2009 at 2:42PM
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Invisible Horse


Lord of the Rings had a bug for a while that turned horses ridden by hobbits invisible (pic above). Made for some great laughs.




Why is it that game designers want to follow the lead of other successful game designers?  Can they not be original and creative?  Lord of the Rings copied WoW in the designing of gated RAIDS.  Now you have to do a series of six instances to get armour to do the big Lair RAID.  LOTRO uses the dread system and if you don't have the armour you cower and eventually die.  Okay that is all well and good BUT I am very very tired of running kinmates through these instances and want to move on in the game.  I don't want to go into Moria anymore (come on Devs the  fellowship passed though and were done with it).  It's dark and dreary and I spent enough time there with my 3 main chars.


Another thing is that Turbine basically trashed the crafting system with this update (all good armour and jewelry comes from instances, and pots can be had easily as drops and quest rewards).  I see a trend here and it troubles me....they had a good game with SoA...a solid game and now they are heading down a road that leads to...well....less profit for them.  This fall they will have to deal with new MMO's like AION, Star Trek Online, and maybe just maybe Guild Wars 2.  That's some pretty heavy competition.  I know that I am interested in all three (ahh..where to find the time). 


What I am saying here is when you have a good product don't go and muck it up...this is another human failure (just like the over nerfing)....instead expand on it ..refine it...don't change it.