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Avalon's musings

A blog about Lord of the Rings Online and other MMORPG's and life...

Author: avalon1000

Why I will never play another Asian MMO

Posted by avalon1000 Tuesday October 27 2009 at 7:59PM
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I want to like AION really I do.  I looked forward to it, even attended the launch party in Seattle.  But like every other Asian title mmo I have played it has been a letdown.  Spammers and bots run rampant.  The grind is still there (like every other Asian MMO).  Yes there are more quests, but not enough.  Coming from LOTRO I was amazed at the lack of customer service (although every Asian MMO I have ever played has had poor to very poor customer service).  When I filed a ticket for a GM in LOTRO I got a repsonse in 20 minutes....usually less.  In AION you will be lucky to EVER hear from a GM. 

Asian games I have played include Maple Story, Fiesta, and Perfect Wrold.  They weren't even close to the American games I have played such as LOTRO, Guild Wars, and WoW.  Arena Net (Guild Wars) is owned by NCSoft but still American made and ran. 

I am looking forward to SWToR, STO, and GW2  (and whatever secret project Turbine is working on...I may not like everything Turbine does, but at least they communicate with their player base).  I will still play AION for now and hope for better things down the road. 


Posted by avalon1000 Friday March 27 2009 at 3:42PM
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Invisible Horse


Lord of the Rings had a bug for a while that turned horses ridden by hobbits invisible (pic above). Made for some great laughs.




Why is it that game designers want to follow the lead of other successful game designers?  Can they not be original and creative?  Lord of the Rings copied WoW in the designing of gated RAIDS.  Now you have to do a series of six instances to get armour to do the big Lair RAID.  LOTRO uses the dread system and if you don't have the armour you cower and eventually die.  Okay that is all well and good BUT I am very very tired of running kinmates through these instances and want to move on in the game.  I don't want to go into Moria anymore (come on Devs the  fellowship passed though and were done with it).  It's dark and dreary and I spent enough time there with my 3 main chars.


Another thing is that Turbine basically trashed the crafting system with this update (all good armour and jewelry comes from instances, and pots can be had easily as drops and quest rewards).  I see a trend here and it troubles me....they had a good game with SoA...a solid game and now they are heading down a road that leads to...well....less profit for them.  This fall they will have to deal with new MMO's like AION, Star Trek Online, and maybe just maybe Guild Wars 2.  That's some pretty heavy competition.  I know that I am interested in all three (ahh..where to find the time). 


What I am saying here is when you have a good product don't go and muck it up...this is another human failure (just like the over nerfing)....instead expand on it ..refine it...don't change it.


Nerf Me!

Posted by avalon1000 Thursday March 26 2009 at 12:28AM
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The Nerf


Ok so your really happy with your character.  It does decent damage and you know how to play the class.  Then your game goes through a patch and've been nerfed!  I would not mind but why oh why do Devs hit so heavy handed.  They always seem to over nerf and then after screams from their customers bring back the class (sometimes overpowering them leading to another nerf).  Look Devs it's like steering a's easy to overcorrect and then you have to correct going the opposite way.  I would suggest smaller changes to correct overpower and fine tune until you get there (you will have a LOT less angry customers). 




Ok I am really looking forward to this MMO (and no I am not illegally gonna play on a Korean server).  The weird thing is the devs said the release will be fall of this year and Amazon (and other sites) still list release for May 26th.  It would have been smart to release in the early summer as people are getting out of school and are also getting bored with their current MMO's by that time.  Now with the fall release they will be fighting every other major MMO's yearly big expansion (and I know I won't want to change over at that time). 



Perfect World and an almost perfect world

Posted by avalon1000 Wednesday March 25 2009 at 1:01AM
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The Game

I have tried a few "free" online games and Perfect World is a really enjoyable game for the first 40 levels.  After that you will have to spend more money than a subscription game to advance your character.  As an example someone I know in LOTRO played the Vietnam version of the game and spent almost $2k to get to hero.  The female characters in the game look kinda like hookers unless you spring for a cash shop outfit that is less revealing.  By the way if a girl in the game is big chested it's probably not played by a girl. But I had a good time with this game...although it cost me much more to play than the far superior LOTRO when using the cash shop.  Why do these "cash shop" games feel like such a rip off.  If your looking for a fun and dynamic game up to level 40 or so I recommend PW.  Just be aware that higher levels could cost a bit to achieve.




How many gamers play with their sound off?  I do...I get so tired of hearing the same phrase over and over "Prepare for the Warbrand Manouver" ...hey it's great at first but after a few times through it's just annoying.  Speaking of a few times through...look developers quit making fellowship/party instances that give the games best gets very old having to run Kin/Guild mates through time after time and soon you just dread it.  Instead  create good solo quests that are difficult but not over the top. 




My thoughts

Posted by avalon1000 Monday March 23 2009 at 11:12PM
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 The Casual Gamer

Not all of us are hard core gamers...some of us just want to relax after a hard day at work and escape.  This blog is for that kind of person.  I will comment on Lord of the Rings and other MMORPG's that I have tried or am playing.  

I started LOTRO about a year ago and have yet to find a better MMORPG for the casual gamer (not to say it has it's hardcore side as well).  I don't do RAIDS (have no interest in them at all) and skip some of the over the top material (like instances in which you wipe many times to succeed).  One of the best parts of this game (and any other) is learning a new character and exploring  with them.  I am hoping Turbine adds more beginning and mid content to their game as time goes by.  


The Anti-Exploit bug

For those who have not tried Lord of the Rings Online I would encourage you to wait to try it as there is a serious problem with the game that is getting worse.   Some mobs that you range or approach go into anti-exploit mode (you cannot attack them...they don't attack you and have little swirly icons over their heads).  This has gotten progressively worse over the past few months with each update.  Now here's the good thinking that nothing is gonna happen you walk away from the mob and all of a sudden have three angry mobs coming after your back (maybe a new top secret AI mode?).  Ok for some of you this might be an added bonus (kinda like Clouseau's sidekick Cato in The Pink Panther who attacked him at random), but for most of us it is not fun.  I will keep you updated in this blog about Turbine's actions (if any) to remedy this problem.  


Next blog I will review Perfect World (a "free" to play MMORPG).