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Austin Game Developers Conference 2007

Our coverage of Austin Game Developers Conference 2007... in Austin!

Author: austingdc

Contributors: skywisenight,Taera,Stradden_bak,Szark,

Community Community Community

Posted by Taera Wednesday September 5 2007 at 8:39PM
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Wow, long day!  Starting with a HIKE from the hotel to the con - yeah Stradden, great idea, let's park far away and walk! *looks at the empty parking all next to AGC* but it was well worth it.

Today I attended three community related panels: Building Bridges: How to Develop Social Networks as Part of COmmunityt Management, Community Management 101: Design, Maitenance, and Growth, and Identifying, Engaging and Empowering Community Influencers.  Long names, I know, but they were hugely fun and conveyed a lot of great information.

I guess it's a sign that our industry has good taste in CMs, I didn't meet a single person today that I didn't like, and many that I did.  Everyone had a great sense of humor - I think my favorite "joke" of the day was Alan Crosby (SOE)'s introduction: all the panelists introduced themselves and said why they were there, i.e. what interest they had in the topic at hand.  Alan's introduction was "Hello, I'm Alan Crosby from Sony Online Entertainment, and I'm here today because I didn't want to be there for the launch of Legends of Norrath."

I also had my first video interview with EVE Online, and it will be uploaded soon - it was hard not to laugh as skywisenight waved a sign with a giant "2" on it from behind the camera.  What does 2 mean?! 2 minutes left, apparently.

I've been trying all day to convince skywisenight to put a lightning bolt in the AGDC banner.  Someday, I'll win!

It's raining coworkers!

Posted by Taera Wednesday September 5 2007 at 12:18PM
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The convention is off to a great start!  After the keynote, I attended "Building Bridges: How to Develop Social Networks as Part of Community Management" which was an interesting panel about the future of community in our industry (more to come in an article!)

Skywisenight skipped over the fun of yesterday - as an Austin local, I got to pick up the team as they descending on my city.  Valuable lessons that they learned: Texans have lots of large American flags, Texas is hot, and we have the best movie theaters here in the world!

I've seen a few familiar faces wandering around the convention, but every year AGC (pardon me, AGDC - I hope I'm not the only one wishing skywise put a lightning bolt in the header) seems to grow much bigger.  Heading back to the floor, now!


It's off to a good start

Posted by skywisenight Wednesday September 5 2007 at 10:58AM
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Well, I'm here sitting in the press room, about to process though some pictures I took during the keynote presentation by Blizzard co-founder Michael Morhaime : "How to Rule the World: Ten Lessons".  Michael talked about the history of Blizzard and how they managed WoW since it's release and covered some mistakes they made and solutions.

One of the things I love hearing, that Michael mentioned, is not to ever release a game until it's ready no matter who is pressuring you.  I couldn't agree more myself.

Anyway, I'm going to get some pictures up and head out again.  Expect a feature article about the keynote address at some point with in the next day.