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Mmorpg mechanism reflexions

Reflexions about MMORPG games mechanism

Author: arkanev

Laying the base of the reflexion: MMORPG? RPG? MMO?

Posted by arkanev Tuesday April 10 2012 at 7:58PM
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If I start with the basic:

What's a MMORPG?

From Wikipedia :

"Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game"

Resume to: A massive persistant world where many people take part in this world.

What they do?

Well they play a game, the same one, all together... no at the same time. Yeah at the same time and they might have different role... hrmm let say approach to the game.


I'm stuck with the idea that they play together but mostly it's not the case. Why tag quest as being "group quest" when it's supposed to be an MMO where people play together?

Shouldn't the game be played all together?

I played a lot of WAR (Warhammer age of Reckoning) 2 years ago... Public quest were nice way to invite people to tag alone to do them. But then again when they were done, it was starting over. Restarting the same thing kinda killed a bit of the RPG side of the event.

Who would play over and over the name D&D night?


GM -Ok John what will you do today?

John - Well I'll start the same way as last week, since i know the path, i'll take the first corner left, then right keep going forward, turn left, roll for my search skill to find the key hidden to unlock the door,  sneak past the 2 guards, go to the basement and activate the portal, then kill the beast that get out with my bow and wait for the second one that killed me 5 weeks ago. Then save the princess.

GM - Huh ok...

John - Do you want me to write right away the 400 xp and the scepter it will give me?

GM - Hrmmmm what's going on?

John - Nothing just in a rush tonight so i got to go and i'll be there next week.

Doesn't it sound like a raid night in WoW or running an instance over and over? Do you consider that being fun? I know the chat through the raid could be entertaining, but wouldn't going out for a beer do the same?

For my part, I'm lucky, cause with my job, I have to work each day doing the same thing but since there's interaction with the public, it never goes the same way. But what about people bolting bolt in a factory, would they enjoy doing the same thing over and over after work?

In single player RPG, each people play their game at there house. It's an individual action but most people will do it once then turn to a new RPG.

Most of the MMORPG propose repetitiveness (read Grind) as the key of the gameplay. So the RPG side is kinda killed right away. It's more like a RPL : A role playing loop ... or could we call it work?


I know it's a lot of questions without answers written here. I'm just trying to figure out what's my persception toward MMORPG.


What about yours?




Back from ashes

Posted by arkanev Tuesday April 10 2012 at 7:29PM
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Ok, so a few years have passed since last entry in this blog.


So now here we are, 4 years later. Did much change in the MMO world? You decide...

On my side I don't play much MMORPG anymore. I think i spent too much time in front of a screen killing spiders, bees and weird monsters.

I still love MMORPG I just don't want to play them anymore.

If i think a little bit further it might be the fact that I like MMORPG but not the way they are done. Even worst now in 2012 where WoW seem to have set the standard for what is an MMORPG. (How a spell is cast, hotkey button  for skill, skill per level etc)

So I'm getting older too (yeah it been 4 years, I cant deny it) and my perspective on things might have changed.

So I'll try to keep my blog updated with reflexions about what's a MMORPG.


Hope you will enjoy. :)

Why should it be a end-game content in MMORPG? Continued

Posted by arkanev Thursday May 1 2008 at 3:49PM
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A follow up to :


I think having a end-game concept in a MMORPG create the fact that the rest of the game might be (in the long term) left out of the game progression.

For instance, I saw friend playing a mmorpg to reach maximum level and skill as fast as possible. For them the conception of where the game start was once they are max level. They might have been thinking why should I take time on these if It worthless in the end.

My persception of a good MMORPG would be to allow player at any "level" (taken as a reference only to illustrate the idea) to decide to settle down and enjoy the game as it is. Which mean you wouldn't need to first reach maximum level before being able to enjoy the game with others.

One of my friend used to say when he played WoW: "Man getting from 1 to 59 was way more fun than being level 60"

I think the conception of "level" has a deep impact on how it affect the known description of "End-game content"



Would you prefer to have free will and be able to "settle down" at any time in the game and feel you can still interact with other player without feeling the need to be "deeper" in the game?



Why should it be a end-game content in MMORPG?

Posted by arkanev Thursday May 1 2008 at 5:09AM
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I've seen so many players logging on games wondering what should they do today, wanting to play but nothing interesting in mind to do.

They reached the maximum level, they trained the biggest ship, they have the most powerful spell in the game... now what?


To me there shouldn't be end-game in MMORPG. If you look at the business model that are MMORPG they are based on the fact that players will pay the montly payment to keep playing. For sure the corporation behind the game need to ensure that the player will keep playing tho keeping giving them revenue.

But this is were it get tricky, the current form of MMORPG propose that the game is created with a certain amount of content made by the corp behind the game. Since content = time  and time = money they can't create an infinite game content. So they release a game with a certain amount of content, some with fewer content but updated frequently(patches), others with big chunk at the time with more distance between updates(expensions).

In both ways they need a decent (in size) team of devs.


(Lol since im tired, ill keep writing it tomorrow:))


User Made content.

Posted by arkanev Thursday May 1 2008 at 4:56AM
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Would you play a game where it would allow players to create new items, houses, design and other player submitted content?

Would it improve your overall gaming experience?


If you think about it, the best person to know what they want or need in there gaming session, is the gamer himself. No one Else will be a better judge to what is required for the player to enjoy his gaming session even more. Sure rules and laws must first be implemented to allow the player to be headed in the right direction. (Spoiling a good game with "cheat" or exploit normally turn off peoples very fast , even the exploiter)

But with an overall flexibility, the players will become the creator of there own game-destiny.

In my  gaming experience, I saw girls playing mmorpg only to decorate there houses. Players who would dedicate themself to be businessmen inside the game, other would spend hours trying to explore new places who seem impossible to reach.
As crazy as it seem, these players enjoyed the time they spent doing those actions. They didn't need the basic PVE or PVP experience that most MMORPG brandish as there main trait.

And if you look not so much deeper, googling you will find that  there is so many site and peoples dedicated to making new mods, maps and items for single players game. (Warcraft 3, Elder Scroll series, Half-life to name a few) Why not allowing that into a MMORPG?

Please consider that, like i said rules and laws to those user content should  made prior to allowing user content into a game.



Please leave your comment about your view on User Made content in MMORPG.