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Key features

Posted by Anofalye Thursday February 7 2008 at 9:49PM
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- Solo gear = best stats in the whole game (example 25 hps)

- Group gear = stats varying with group size (example, 10 hps/group member)

- Raid gear = tiny stats/raid member + bonus (example 2 hps/raid member + 200% damage vs raid mob)

- PvP gear = stats vs players only (absorb 100 points of damage if damage source = player)

- 4 character sheets, one for solo gear only, one for group gear only, one for raid gear only and 1 for PvP

- Each zone is flagged Solo, Group, PvP or Raid.  You automatically uses the character sheet appropriated for this zone.

- Level cap on each and every zone, everyone above the level cap is brought at the level cap.

- Each zone has the best loot for 1 item.  You are in a level 5 zone, in here, the best helm in the game is part of an "epic quest" (not that epic in a level 5 zone get the meaning)...all "higher level items" are subject to a cap, but not lower level one (in the level 10 zone, the helm keep it full stats as well as the new item slot for that zone, but all other have a limit in stats that is very low, so the best in noob1 dungeon can be a level 5 who earn the best helm and crap everywhere else...he totally rules that dungeon...good for him.

- Last zone has an unlimited level, the deeper you go in, the higher level the mobs.

- Players choose 2 half a little as in CoH, but, they can pick any half they wishes.  A 3rd pool is automatically added based on their choice to balance thing out.  If you take HASTE-spells and can buff the whole group with all the best buffs for the mind and haste spell lines, you regen mana fast.  If you take HASTE-spells + NUKES, you regen mana quite fast, you can give the best haste buffs of the game to 1 person + you as well as deliver the best nukes (costing much mana).  If you take NUKES + NUKES, you double your choice of best nukes, you regen mana fast and they cost far less mana.  If you take NUKES + MELEE DMG, you regen almost no mana...but as long as you only do damage, it cost little mana to do so.  The 3rd line add either regen, damage bonus, healing, basic attacks and so on.  An hybrid has access to the BEST, but he get exhausted fast...alternatively, hybrid sets could offer weaker alternatives and been subpar but a good recovery.

- Lives per month, can only lose 1 per 2 hours played.   Slight debt penalty.  If you died more than once per 2 hours, the debt penalty is exponential.  Humans: 30 lifes, Elves 20 lives (more dex/agi, better wis/intel, faster movement, slightly less hps), gnomes 45 lives (more hps, less str, slight intel bonus, movement penalty), EPIC race 1 life (HUGE STATS bonus, neat abilitiies such as group TP and a group regen)  (To run out of lives, you need to play 60 hours as a human and died right most likely 70+ hours...which are not a casual)

- Specific servers, some server would have conventional death penalties but they would have a meanier XP curve, PD, open PvP and so on

- 1 expansion per year, but it is a MAJOR expansion, as big as the game itself.  Adding many "classes", zones and other things such as skills to buy with XP...or a side class which can be half the level of the original...more races...more gear...



That's pretty much sums the basics. 

FlyingSquid writes:

You have some good ideas here thats for sure, I like the idea of their being different gear for each nitch that is a plus depending on what player you are.  The different servers are a great edition as well, maybe one for perma death?  1 expansion a year is a good pace as long as updates and bug fixes are quick and painless and some content gets entered into the game every 1-2 months.

The ulimited level zone is pretty cool to gives you something to look forward too to see how far you can go.  Bit sketchy on the life system but its innovative and thats good.

Good Stuff.


Thu Feb 07 2008 10:07PM Report
Anofalye writes:

Yup, definitely room for a Permanent Death Server (could have a faster XP curve).


I would also enjoy instancing, is not a priority for me, so I rather not talk about these instancing.  I would live with, or without, them.  Obviously, instancing are more appropriate for a group zone, than for a PvP zone...but again, I shouldn't even be given the right of an opinion on the PvP zones and how they work inside, as long as they have no impact outside of these... :)


IMO, the lifes per month has most of the advantages of a PD server, without the disadvantages.  If you play 80 hours a sure would be carefull.  The amount of lifes are a suggestion, and would most likely be adjusted by peoples testing it. :)  What I like the most of it, you can choose to have a stronger race with less lives...or a weaker race with more lives...a casual see little risk in picking the stronger race...but someone with more time has to think about it twice... :P

Thu Feb 07 2008 10:20PM Report
neschria writes:

It sounds like your ideal game would be fun and interesting, even for people (like myself) who never raid, though I think that expansions should be more about new content than new zones. (Just a personal opinion, looking back on EQ after 13-14 expansions.)

Fri Feb 08 2008 7:50AM Report
Hexxeity writes:

It's not a game I would ever be interested in, but I'm sure there are some out there who would enjoy it.

Fri Feb 08 2008 10:46AM Report
Anofalye writes:

Well, 1 of the main advantage of such a design every "Powerplayer" can have 1 serious goal, no matter how skilled/unskilled he is.


He could rule a lowbie solo area, or rule in any other area, based on his time/skill/dedication.  The most casual player can rule totally a level 5 zone and be the best possible...all he needs is to acquire the levels to reach level cap (level 5) and the unique best item from this zone + whatever else in every other gear slot...and tadam, we have the king of the level 5 zone...and it get harder and more complex the deeper you go, in higher level zones...

Mon Feb 11 2008 1:04PM Report writes:
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